• USCfan

    I will believe this date when it’s actually announced…

  • uscmike

    Cue the baby blue and gold vultures.

  • Ghost of Charlie Bucket

    oh the chickens are coming home to roost at long last!!!

    Southern Cal has a lot to answer for. and all the bad karma built up by the cyber bullies who picked on Charlie Bucket won’t help, that’s for sure.

    the article points out that if Bush’s transgressions are deemed major, that is a repeat offense…? translation: the Death Penalty is back on the table!!!



    I’m not going to hold my breath. The way the NCAA handles Southern Cal, they’ll end up getting 95 scholarships instead of the usual 85.

  • Gnossos


  • Well, it’s about freakin’ time…after making us wait this long, it better be good. Licking my chops :p

  • John Wooden – The Shame of Westwood High

    I’m hoping it won’t be more that a slap on the wrist, like the one ucla was given for all the basketball championships that Papa Sam bought.

    btw: “chops” is the nickname ARTICULATE ROB has for Charlie Bucket’s testicles.

    Keep it classy baby blue.


    What if there was only one school, USC?– How much would you appreciate it?

    The fact there are other schools to choose from aids in appreciating USC all the more

    Now, back to the sanctions. Bring it on! SC is a year away (maybe two) from competing for the National title, so if they are penalized this year so be it. And if they strip a national title, then the Trojans will “only” have 10 instead of 11.

    So what!

  • Yoda

    waited too long we have, hmmm?

    justice delayed, is justice denied, i sense.

    submitted our report, the Jedi Council has.

    due to probation violation, the death penalty we gave.

    much fear i sense in the trOJans.

    fear, to anger leads.

    anger, to the Dark Side leads.

    meditate on this i will.

    herh herh herh.

    herh herh herh.

  • “Count” Smackula

    Oh you are wise, little green Jedi!!

    You are right on point, since Mr Reggie and posse started taking $$ in Nov ’04, that is well within the 5 year probation that started in ’01!!

    And with multiple major violations, it ain’t gonna be pretty. Especially after ChuckerBucker ticked off the female Domer on the infractions committee. Chuckie, when I grow up, I want to be you.

    I don’t even think OJ’s dream team could get Southern Cal out of this find mess!

  • NOBS

    LJ, not really. We’d still have 11. AP won’t strip it.

  • “Count” Smackula

    sorry guys, but you are starting to sound pathetic…LJ is right, as many other trOJans are starting to concede, the one legit BCS title under Chetey is as good as gone.

    so after all the hoopla, all the All Americans number one recruiting classes, all the 1st round (bust) draft picks…after all of that, the great Cheatey will have a total haul of one Paper Championship that no one recognizes anymore. since you guys seem to have missed it, beginning in the 20th Century (1998) there has one Natl Title in football recognized by the NCAA and all Div I schools who are part of the NCAA. it is called the BCS (Bowl Championship Series) title and Southern Cal will have one none of these.

    oh of course Yesterday U still delights in counting all the illegitimate Paper Championships they won (some were retroactively awarded decades later by kangaroo committees!) how embarrassing a school would bellow about being awarded a “Natl Title” from some magazine like the Field and Stream Natl Title.

    in 1939, Southern Cal claimed the Natl Title based on one screwy calculation called the “Dickman System” which awarded the mythical title to SoCA despite the fact that the 14 other kooky voting systems all voted for Cornell and Texas A&M, both of whom had perfect seasons, while SoCA failed to win two of their games that year!!! and this is the kind of garbage Southern Cal proudly claims are “Natl Titles??”

    geez Louise! Princeton has won twice as many Paper Championships (23) as Southern Cal has, you don’t hear them crowing about these trivial trifles!!!

  • NOBS

    Should be interesting for football. Since the head coach was not involved or the Athletic Dept, if the sanctions are serious…..look out MICHIGAN. Don’t think it will happen. Same goes for UConn.

  • “Count” Smackula

    oh Friday, why are you taking so long to get here?? šŸ™

  • Cheatthesystem

    Speaking of “Paper” Championships….I don’t think the AP will retroactively revote the championship from that year…So in essence…there will be no national champion for 2004, but the AP will still have their vote.

    The Dickinson system was a recognized National Championship. Check Alabama’s championships and Notre Dame’s, you’ll see that they claim them as well.

    Yale and Princeton were football powerhouses back in the day, but the reason they do not count them is 1) players were paid back then, many did not even attend the schools that they played for ever! and 2)The “Modern” era of CFB begins somewhere around 1920…when teams started to adopt college only opponents…I’d say the 40’s were suspect as many teams played military base teams…

  • CuervoDL

    “There is no organization as bad as the NCAA,” Tarkanian said. “It’s the crookedest [sic] organization in this country. I’ve said many times, it’s worse than the Mafia. At least the Mafia will treat you fairly.”

    Jerry Tarkanian.

  • John Wooden – The Shame of Westwood High

    You’ve put so much work into developing that cute championship theory, it’s amazing how pathetic it is. Call Maze, ARTICULATE ROB and spedjones down to your mom’s basement tonight and try and put something else together. I’m sure with the help of that lot of trolls you can manage a few brain cells to rub together.
    Or just go back to that classy bruinsnation website, from what I’ve heard they’re just rich with theories you can claim are your own.

    After that I’ll allow you to try again, maybe you’ll be able to win the respect or at least get the attention you crave from the Trojans on this site.

    Good luck to you, little bruin troll.

  • Ghost of Charlie Bucket

    oh Count, you nailed that one, you bloodsucking devil, you!!! yup all there will be left of the Cheatey era will be one paper championship (maybe) and an extremely flamboyant new horse statue!!!

    oh sweeeeet justice, how sugary sweeeeeet will you be??? or wilt thou be sour like that look permanently etched on Garrett’s mug??

    Friday! Partay!!!!