• Ghost of Charlie Bucket

    the Ghost of ChuckerBucker cares about baseball yes!!!

    baseball is one of the “big three” sports!! no legit school would not care about one of the “big three” sports, right???

    it is so SUGARY SWEEEEEEEEET that UCLA has made it to postseason play in all 3 of the “big three” sports this year!!!

    i know that Southern Cal is a legit school, so of course they must care about the “big three” sports. it must really be lemony sour to only make it to post season play in one of the “big three” sports….ouch and double ouch!!

    well on the bright side, Southern Cal will be getting the NCAA Death Penalty on Friday so it won’t have to worry about post-season anything anymore!!


  • fartnuggets00

    “UCLA has made it to postseason play in all 3 of the “big three” sports this year!!!”

    You measure success by postseason play? Didn’t you say that you only measure success by National Championships? Hypocrisy is still the name of the game in Westwood.

  • fartnuggets00

    Speaking of hypocrisy, how funny is it to hear someone, who claims to have been arrested for robbery, calling USC out when one of its former players gets arrested.

  • SC for SC

    Now I know how bRuins fans must feel after they lose to us in basketball and see us higher ranked. Also reminds me of what PC told the team after the Carson Palmer Orange Bowl. “Remember that sick feeling a year ago [referring to the Vegas Bowl loss]? Well, we don’t know that feeling anymore!” Who can deliver us from this sick feeling?