Money Matters

Does the future of baseball coach Chad Kreuter rest on financial concerns? USC is currently paying former assistant football coaches Pat Ruel and Brennan Carroll for another year as well as whatever fee it paid to buy out Lane Kiffin’s contract. On top of that, there were the hefty salaries paid to Kififn’s coaching staff, such as Monte Kiffin and Ed Orgeron.
So is there a lack of will to find the money to pay off Kreuter?

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  • Pasotrojan

    Let’s see. It’s a slow news day so I think I’ll just make something up. Another quality post Mr. Wolf. Excellent journalism. A Pulitzer Prize is in your future. You just know it is.

  • twenty-twenty

    Money is a weak, trumped up strawman excuse. SC can find the money. And, for that matter how much do you really think SC pays baseball coaches these days?
    Has anyone examined the costs of retaining Kreuter? Our baseball program has been decimated in four seasons under Kreuter. SC has not been to a regional in seven of the last eight years. Four lousy seasons under Kreuter. What do we have to show for it? A last place team. No fans, no interest, no hope for the future. Next year under this regime are we hoping to maybe somehow scratch out a 7th place finish? Terrific.
    SC baseball has the tradition and championships. What it needs is athletic department support, financial and otherwise. And it needs it now, and it needed it four years ago. The players, the team, the tradition need a national coaching search initiated immediately.
    SC does not want to take any action because they want to defend the ludicrous hiring and extending of Kreuter. Too much is at stake here. If people are not willing to admit a mistake, they should step aside.

  • kptrojan

    So if cash is truly the biggest concern on being able to hire a quality skipper, then it’s time to either hit the big fast boosters hard, or perhaps look at what is a “true quality skipper”. If the latter is the case, then one guy that is already helping a program rebound and may not cost to much is LMU’s Jason Gill. If they can’t break him away from the Lion’s den, then perhaps a guy that is possible skipper in waiting, is down the 57 Freeway at that baseball powerhouse, CSUF. And that guy is Sergio Brown, who is also one heck of a recruiter. Whatever the case may be, it’s time for AD Garrett to get this program turn around. He did it with the gridiron by bringing in Pete, so it’s time to hit another home run. Bring the Trojan diamond back to prominence. Fight On!

  • Trojan Rewind

    it’s not made up Pasotrojan but then again we know you are part of the herd that only gets your news from Pete Carroll tweets….

    too bad Scott knows more than you

  • Twenty Twenty said it all and said it best.
    Truly, if this dismal season, after a consistent record of mediocrity doesn’t spur a change, nothing will.
    I still think the administration will make the move, I sure hope so.

  • Trojan 70

    USC has a very proud baseball tradtion as we all know. Dedeaux coached for $1 a year. this program had a national reputation prior to Kreuter arriving. This man clearly does not have what it takes. He was Gillespie’s son in law so that is how he got the job when he left. Garrett made a mistake, it is time to move on and replace Kreuter ASAP. There are young, qualified, excellent coaches that would jump to come to USC and it wouldn’t require a whole bunch of $. Let’s move on quickly…

  • Trojsteve5

    A simple solution at hand. Let Mike Garrett give up some of his reported $800K salary to help buyout Kreuter’s one yr. contract. A change is needed now!

  • Pasotrojan

    Trojan Rewind. I’m not going to debate the subtleties of my post which were obviously too deep for you. That said, Mr. Wolf does provide decent analysis most of the time. He gets justifiable criticism from myself and others when he creates a controversy that doesn’t exist.

    He has no factual basis for saying it’s a money decision not to hire a new baseball coach by alluding to the salaries of other coaches past and present.

  • Keith15

    Krueter has to go, it’s that simple. This would never be allowed in basketball, let alone football.

  • I DIg Go Go Girls

    Maybe Wolf should do some investigative reporting to see what Garrett does to deserve $800K a year.

  • Trojan Rewind

    I love debating with guys like you Paso because you act like you know more than you really do…since that’s too deep for you.

    Maybe you should do some homework before you decide to post again.