• TrojaninDC

    USC Girl Fight Club – Sophia Bush versus Lily Collins?

  • Bannedbutnotforgotten

    Who is your pick to win the World Cup and who is your dark horse pick?

  • I DIg Go Go Girls

    I asked this question in the last forum but I think you misunderstood what I was asking.

    Will the coaches go after one or more JC offensive lineman in the 2011 recruiting class, I know they have been looking this spring.

  • jon matrix

    Any thoughts on the Duke/Notre Dame NCAA Division I Lacrosse National Championship Game today?

  • Peter Parker

    What are your predictions on the sanctions for USC football and basketball teams? Give a prediction for each please. Please predict if how many scholarships will be reduced, if wins from any season will be taken away, probation, postseason ban, removal of BCS Championship,and television bans? Explain. Thank you.

  • tom_floyd

    Was Caesar behind both the acquisition and subsequent release of LenDale White? Please elaborate. There is something amiss in Seattle.


    Mr. Wolf,

    There are reports that many recruits unofficially visited USC this weekend. Which recruits visited USC this weekend and were there any commitments ( verbal or slient)? Please list the recrutis who visted and USC chances with them. Thank you.

  • The Coach

    Last forum I asked a question about freshmen jersey numbers you said to let you know what freshmen I wished to know about. What numbers will Jesse Scroggins, Nickell Robey, and Anthony Brown wear? If you have time can you please answer this question too, besides T.J. Bryant, Devon Flourney, and Ronald Johnson changing jersey numbers will any other players change numbers?

  • ChelseaSW6

    Assuming that ESPN is correct and the NCAA’s long-awaited decision in the case against USC is actually coming this Friday, is there any information that you are privy to that would cause you to believe that they are looking at anything beyond the widely-reported Mayo, Bush and–possibly–McKnight transgressions?


    Would you agree…if there are any sanctions by the NCAA because of the actions of the Bush family, Reggie will be as welcome in the Coliseum as OJ Simpson?

  • USCHusker

    Where would you rank USC’s backfield unit (QBs+FBs+RBs) among the Pac 10? Which team(s) have a better backfield than USC?

  • Trojans Rule

    Were the practices in the Spring as fast and hard as they were under PC? Sincere thanks. PS Hopefully related enough, was the soft pass coverage that PC used dropped? Thanks again.

  • TrojanChamp

    Lane Kiffn almost beat Alabama last year but lost when he decided to play conservative and not move closer to kick a field goal which was blocked at the end of the game. Do you think the lack of coaching experience will hurt Lane Kiffin when faced with tough decisions like going for it on fourth down or kicking a field goal or punting or other tough decisions?

  • YogiBear

    Who would you have have chosen Lane Kiffin or Steve Sarkisain to replace Pete Carroll, assume Monte Kiffin, Nick Holt, Ed Orgeron, and other coaches can not come with either of them. Based on coaching, personality, recruiting, and other qualifications who is the best choice.Assume both will be take the same salary and contract. Strictly between the the two of them who is the best coach and best to take over USC. Please explain.


    I liked your two deep, Scott, but has Baxter moved into second in Kiff’s eyes as well, you think, and I saw you were using only current players except for Henderson, but, if you put him in, don’t you have to put Woods in at WR too? Thanx.

  • gilligan

    Mr. Wolf, I forgot to mention this question during USC’s football coaching search, you reported that USC faxed Coach Del Rio a contract for the football head coaching job but ESPN reported the contrary. Who was right? Is it possible that both of you were given different answers from USC and Jaguar sources? Thank you in advance

  • torpedoman

    Wolf, are you going to open up a whining and crying discussion thread for the many sicko bRUIN trolls that have relatively destroyed your blog, after the ncaa merely slaps USC’s wrist?

  • NJ Trojan

    According to Scout and Rivals, there are some pretty talented guys in Southern California who haven’t gotten offers yet: DTs Todd Barr & Christian Heyward, DEs Devonte Wilson & Ian Seau, S Marqise Lee. Can you offer any insight why each of these five guys haven’t been offered by USC?

  • dtksr1

    Scott, I know you will get many NCAA questions this week since we are told Friday will be nuclear landing(sic) day. I just keep thinking the NCAA’s last hope to get some extra dirt, went down the drain when Reggie settled with his last plaintiffs a few weeks back. Thus the NCAA may feel they do not have enough amo to really strike at USC with some major throwdowns. IN fact, they may have been in negotiating with USC during these past few weeks to see what the school will accept or recommend. If USC does not plan to appeal whatever comes out Friday, I think this proves my theory. What are your views on this? Thank you

  • scinsc5

    Last I heard USC didn’t have a softball team. Why doesn’t USC have a women’s softball team and do you know of any plans to add one? It seems like a revenue sport now and there are so many great players from soCal.

  • Pop Goes The Weasel

    Scott, a while back, someone asked about the Trojans new wildcat formation. You said something like there will be seven men on the line, but you couldn’t say anything more because it would be giving away secret information, including even the formation. I don’t mean this in any bad way, Scott, but I couldn’t tell if you were being honest or funny. If I haven’t quoted you right, then I’m sorry. My question is: In this day and age, I could see how plays could be kept under wraps, but formations? Could you talk a little about this? Thanx.

  • Ryan


    Is Seantrel Henderson going to come in and immediately displace another highly recruited player in Matt Kalil, just based on the fact that he has hype? In your opinion who will start the first game of the year at left tackle?

  • Chitown Trojan

    Does the Fat Booster have an alma mater of his own? If so, what is it?

  • other-wolff

    It was unfortunate that Joe McKnight was continuously compared to Reggie Bush; instead lets compare Dillon Baxter to Joe McKnight. What are your thoughts based on what you have seen so far from Baxter? Thank You

  • gotroy22

    Regarding Reggie Bush’s parents coming to all of the road games, traveling 1st class and staying in expensive hotels –did you notice it when you covered the team back then?

  • USCfan

    I keep reading articles online that say USC would have to forfeit victories from 2003-2005. Why is 2003 being mentioned if the reports say that Reggie Bush didn’t start receiving gifts and cash in November 2004. So why would 2003 wins have to be vacated?

  • Any1418

    Not sure if this has been asked yet but from what I’ve read, Sentral Henderson’s been offered the #77 off Kevin Graf’s back. If the story is true, is Graf on board with this decision?

  • USCfan

    What do you think about making an app for this blog? Something quick and easy for readers to access. Android and iPhone apps?

    p.s. both OS platforms and not just iphone, because Android is just as big on the market as is the iPhone.

    Thanks for the forum Scott!

  • Champion

    Can you confirm rumors Jarvis Jones is transferring and why is transferring if he is not cleared to play? Please look at the link:


  • Champion

    Sorry, the question I posted above about Jarvis Jones was answered in a post by you. I will ask a different question. When will freshmen start to able to informally workout with the team?

  • Was Fankie Telfort a part of Spring Practice (what exactly did/does he do)? And, is this a coaching career path for him or just a way to stay involved in something he loves?


    I think our need for linemen and linebackers is not only urgent, but desperate. Does Kiff share my desperate feeling and realize how critical our situation is, in your opinion? Also, how do you personally feel about it? Thanks, Scott.