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USC is selling customized pictures of locker stalls to fans. But do fans need Lane Kiffin’s permission to wear the suddenly vaunted No. 1?

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  • NOBS

    Great! Now T5 & la la crappy will have a stall to hang the jocks they sniff.

  • RodneyGuillory

    I’ve got locker room access for Football too, fellas! I even know how to spell Trogans!

  • BoscoH

    They could make a lot more money selling customized “Bush Push” photos with fans photoshopped into the background next to Scott Wolf.

  • Sam Gilbert

    Yeah Rodney but you didn’t quite get what your wanted out of Reggie’s step-dad. How that career as a sports agent coming?

    You should have followed my career a little closer, that’s why Sammy G. here is the TRUE wizard of westwood. I negotiated the contracts of most of my boys. Even after the NCAA banned me from your campus, Papa Sam was always there.

  • The Don Key

    The Donkey thinks it’s a better option than ucla’s uniform with name promotion Pizza Uniform/nwdeb/MyTribe/Ehalloween07.jpg

    The Donkey says no RN permission required.

  • Keith15

    Leave the #1 thing alone. It was a stunt by Kiffin, that’s all. I don’t care what numbers these kids wear as long as they perform and win some freakin games.

  • Gnossos

    As always, just like the Shadow, The Donkey knows…..