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Here’;s some more from Lane Kiffin:
“I cannot say very many things about the investigation or the decision, but I can say this: in our minds, and in our fans and everyone involved in the USC program, that USC is an extremely powerful place, an extremely powerful university, an extremely powerful football program. Usc has gone through a lot before.
“As you look over the history of things that have happened here before, go back to 1980, USC over a four-year span had a three-year postseason ban. After that, the next season USC went on to win the Pac-10 and Rose Bowl, four of the next six years. USC has been through a lot before. We will continue to play championship football. We’ll continue to recruit the best players in America.”

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  1. The coach’s point being that SC has a long history of cheating, and that this is nothing new?

    Brilliant argument. Leisure management at its finest.

  2. The point being that recruits should still come on down. People screw up, but you can’t keep USC down.

  3. w/e the ncaa does, we still won that national championship.


    usc is still gonna rape ucla this year w/ or w/o a post-season šŸ™‚

  4. no, no… what he’s saying is that SC’s been busted for cheating and then come back to cheat again. I think he’s stressing to SC’s fans (i.e., bandwaggon fans and Raider cast-offs) that he was at SC during CPC’s cheating times, that he himself was caught cheating at UT on several occasions during his short stay, and that he’ll definitely know how to start cheating again when the school is off probation.

  5. Powerful school? powerful program? powerful place? yeah, Lame…you do own the L.A.P.D. I guess that makes you powerful…Yeah Lame, USC made a good comeback after probation back then, BUT they had a good coach back then in John Robinson, and they also had one of the best running backs ever in Marcus Allen…the coach that USC now has sucks, even Al Davis knows that.

  6. Whatever, sped. I’m sure Wooden and Papa G are up in heaven chillin like villains.

  7. The bottom line: USC has had more national championships in football taken away by the NCAA, than UCLA has ever won, or will ever win.

    Ugly little bruins can gloat today and tomorrow. Come football season, USC’s bowl game will be another lopsided victory over the gutless, classless, over-the-hill gang from Westweird!

  8. This is great. Perfect time to be arrogant. I honestly don’t think this dude will make it through 4 years of probation….I think the NCAAs plan is to bust him even more in the future!! There are still more investigations to be had sir Kiffin!!

    Pete Carrol is looking smarter and smarter I must say!!

  9. CONTINUE to play championship football ? Lame doesn’t get it, there will be no championships and there haven’t been any in 30 years. That is like saying I am going to win the Indy 500, even though i don’t have a drivers license! Lame is delusional.

  10. Snakeoiler, you’re an idiot. Any reason USC can’t win the regular season conference championship? You moron.

  11. what he is really saying…

    “usc was really good and kicking everyone’s butt by using a player that was paid under the table about the same time I was failing miserably with the raiders and getting bitch-slapped by al davis”

    what that really means…

    its put or shut time for the weasil … and…
    al davis is not quite a manican-yet

  12. Maybe Kiffin wasn’t really thinking when he said what he said. Maybe it was just something that came off the top of his head when he was asked a question. It looks like a defense of it being OK to go on probation now and then since it’s not going to stop you from winning championships anyway. The SIDs will need to keep a close watch on him.

  13. I think what Kiffin is trying to say is that USC is going to lay the groundwork to bolt the NCAA and take the PAC-32 with them. The remaining NCAA can hold an annual BCS championship game between Rutgers and a Tebow-less Florida.

  14. not that I’m trying to be a troll, but I just don’t understand why there are still trojans out there clinging to and proud of championships that are tainted with paid players and other rule violating activities.

  15. After seeing what Garrett said last night, I take back what I said earlier. I guess the SIDs don’t know need to keep a close watch on Kiffin:


    Apparently, the AD on down are taking a publicly defiant approach.

  16. cschow said:

    “not that I’m trying to be a troll, but I just don’t understand why there are still trojans out there clinging to and proud of championships that are tainted with paid players and other rule violating activities.”

    Well, no troll cschow, answer this, what are the reasons UCLA clowns cling to and are proud of the tainted Wooden era?

    Paid players? Where did this come from? So you are saying money went directly to a player? Which one, by whom? Is UCLA so clean of an athletic program they can hold their heads high, never had a problem with the NCAA or LAPD? How about Slick Rick, never had a problem? Pot meet Kettle.

    A better question is, why are there so many non-USC fans on an ‘SC blog?

  17. cschow, IF IF IF reggie would have went to usc anyway without the handouts, then the victories were earned

    if he would not have attended USC without the bribes, then some of those Ws could be questioned because he was such an important player for them

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