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This excerpt of the NCAA report concerns assistant coach Todd McNair.
“At least by January 8, 2006, the assistant football coach had knowledge that student-athlete 1 and agency partners A and B likely were engaged in NCAA violations. At 1:34 a.m. he had a telephone conversation for two minutes and 23 seconds with agency partner A during which agency partner A attempted to get the assistant football coach to convince student-athlete 1 either to adhere to the agency agreement or reimburse agency partners A and B for money provided to student-athlete 1 and his family. Further, during his September 19, 2006, and February 15, 2008, interviews with the enforcement staff, the assistant football coach violated NCAA ethical conduct legislation by providing false and misleading information regarding his knowledge of this telephone call and the NCAA violations associated with it. The assistant football coach failed to alert the institution’s compliance staff of this information and later attested falsely, through his signature on a certifying statement, that he had no knowledge of NCAA violations.”

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  1. This is where Reggies screws himself and us:

    <<< Student-athlete 1 consented to an interview with the enforcement staff in late April 2009. Although he denied entering into any type of agreement with agency partners A and B, or anyone else associated with their attempts to form a sport agency, he conceded that he knew agency partners A and B, and he communicated regularly with agency partner A via telephone and text messaging. Student-athlete 1 reported that he socialized with agency partner A at area clubs and at his (student-athlete 1's) parents' home. He admitted that some of the conversations between him and agency partner A were about the formation of a sports agency. He also admitted that, with agency partner A, he attended a party that was given annually in San Diego for a former NFL player. [See: Findings 1- a-(5) and 1-a-(6).] He said it was "possible" that he helped agency partner A get into the USC locker room after a football game and that it was also "possible" that agency partner B was there too. >>>

  2. Between this and the dog fighting issue from a few years ago, how does this guy still have a job?

  3. i am a diehard sc fan. after what i just read usc got off light. this years recruits can redshirt and miss one bowl year and next years can do the same and miss none. very few schools use all their scholarships anyways and we all know who won the nc in 04.

  4. Screw Todd McNair. I know for a fact that as of around that same time he was also regularly sleeping with more than one undergraduate. Scumbag.

  5. This is despicable. This shows – obviously – that Petey knew about this. What a scum.

  6. Golgothan — The report actually does suggest multiple female companions of Todd McNair.

  7. Fight on!
    For old SC
    And whores and cars,
    And jewelry.

    Pay cash,
    For victory.
    Then just clam up,
    No perjury!

    For old SC,
    For victory,
    Just lie!

    Re Bush,
    The proof won’t fit
    As with OJ,
    You must acquit.

    His house?
    Somebody paid.
    And kept the books,
    While he got laid.

    For old SC,
    Don’t talk!
    Just wait and see,
    We’ll walk!

    Juice up!
    For old SC.
    He took some roids,
    Did Brian C.

    The price,
    of victory?
    His balls look like,
    A castrati’s.

    For old SC,
    Get jacked!
    His mammories,
    Are whacked!

    A school,
    Thats how we pose.
    The alphabet?
    No player knows.

    We’re such,
    Snoop Dog is on,
    Our faculty.

    For old SC,
    Learn on!
    Our future jobs?
    Mow lawns!

    And Pete
    He hugged and jumped
    If he got near,
    Your leg hed hump

    A man
    Of fifty-eight
    Acting like that
    Does not equate

    Male menopause
    And fake spray tan
    Just rocks!

    Jump ship!
    Thats what Pete did,
    Once all his crimes,
    Could not be hid.

    But Pete,
    Has seen his day.
    In his new league,
    All teams can pay.

    To the Seahawks,
    He fled.
    Now USC,
    Gets bled.

    Cold chill!
    The jig is up.
    Says drink this cup.

    The moral,
    Some would say,
    You did the crime,
    Now do the time.

    For old SC,
    Take blame.
    After eight years,
    Just shame.

  8. This just makes me sick to my stomach. I sure hope Reggie is happy today, killing the program like this for some cash he would have had in a couple years anyway. Thanks a lot.

    And way to go, McNair. It’s one thing to call Reggie immature given that he was still young, but McNair should be run out of LA this afternoon and sent out to live somewhere in shame.

    Sad day for the Trojans.

  9. So now we know.

    I thought Joe McKnight might get a mention in the report.

  10. Wait a second…while that paragraph screams certain violations against McNair….look at the date of the first telephone conversation. January 8 2006!!! That is AFTER the January 4, 2006 BCS Championship Game with Texas and after Bush played his last game for USC. So perhaps this might have been a heads’ up on what was to come…but it does not show any knowledge about anything while Bush was participating as a “student” athlete for USC.

  11. Was the Joe McKnight situation even apart of the investigation and sanctions?

    It is one thing for a “young immature student athlete” to cheat and lie, but I find it appalling when coaches, administrators and/or the leadership of an institution of higher learning sets the bar this way…

    I am no USC fan, but I don’t wish USC any harm either… Coach McNair is despicable and I sincerely hope he reaps what he deserves for his role in this.

    In my opinion, not matter what… Coach Carroll & AD Mike Garrett needs to be held accountable. I sincerely admire and look up to Steve Sample, President of USC, but in this case even he should also consider what has happened under his watch.

  12. This just goes to show that the Coaches at SUC are just as STUPID as the players.

  13. I noticed the timing discrepancy as well. The NCAA used the telephone conversation date (1/08/06) as proof that McNair (USC)knew but then, they “assumed” he knew all along before that without any additional facts to back up their assumption.

    How could the administration have controlled the situation while Bush was still playing on the team when McNair had his telephone conversation on 1/08/06 which was after Bush’s last game. They assumed McNair knew about it in Dec. 2004. That may be when Bush took the money but, if USC (McNair)didn’t know about it until “at least 1/08/06” why is the school being penalized for “two” bowl games?

  14. Just think BF, if they take away our NCs, we’ll have the same number in the last 10 years that Fucla’s had in 55 year: ZERO.

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