Baxter Update

Oregon, Alabama, Florida and Washington all denied making contact with Dillon Baxter.

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  • Sam Gilbert

    Rick Neuheisel is on his way back from Vegas with a big bag of cash to try and bribe Baxter with. Slick Rick made a killing putting UCLA’s adidas money down on the Celtics.

  • Win Forever (or until they are vacated)

    USC gets sanctioned for having their two highest profile athletes getting paid and blatantly covering it up, but this poster makes a joke in an attempt to deflect about UCLA trying to pay off a player? This is irony and high comedy at its finest.

  • Stu

    Who should I believe?

    SC or the rest of the world? I think I’ll go with the rest of the world.

  • RodneyGuillory

    Now Baxter says he lost his phone. Only at USC.

    USC should pull Baxter’s phone records and check the numbers that called him. I call BS. They know better than to say it was UCLA…CRN would say pull the records, boy!! Prove it!

  • spedjones

    yeah, classic stuff over at SC right now. Lost his phone? The real story is that Baxter’s “people” are contacting schools to see where he can go and how soon he can get there. Report on that, Wolfie.

  • mike

    let’s seewaht each school has in common.

    Ala and Fl played and beat on Tenn and their coaches made fun of Lame

    Oregon and Wash are USC’s rivals

    Freson St. Where Lame was a backup QB and tried to get a job as an unpaid assitant coach and was turned down.

    This is Lame’s lame brained concoction. What a dope he is

  • SECTION 12 ROW 52

    What did you expect them to do, admit it?

  • spedjones

    BTW, I love the trogans who are resorting to sam gilbert references at this point. Welcome to 1970…surely a better place to live than the here and now if you’re a trogan.

  • Baxter??? RN would has ZERO interest in Baxter, that guy can’t even spell trojan correctly, how in the hell is going to be able to go to UCLA? only in his frggin dreams…hey trogans how is that ‘ole butt feeling today? hahahahaha

  • dolphyfan1

    BruinRob, I believe that was Markeith Ambles. Dillon though believed Lame thinking there were not going to be sanctions, so he’s just as dumb to me.

  • NOBS

    hey bRuinbob….ed mon sun. eh?

  • datrout

    News flash I know Dillon. Saw him yeaterday as a matter of fact at his little brothers spring football game. Dillon is not interested in going anywhere but USC. Why would he? A degree from USC is worth MUCH more than a degree (do they have those) from UCLA! Are you serious! UCLA! UCLA was NEVER even a consideration for DB to begin with. Again, why would it be! Their football program is a JOKE, their coach IS a proven cheater (Colorado & Wash)and their APR scores for their football team are pathetic (948). UCLA is closer to losing scolarships due to their APR’s continued decline than they are to winning ANYTHING of inmportance in football.

    Also, DB enrolled at SC in January because he graduated early from Mission Bay HS. Carried a good load of courses, passed them all, is attending summer school to get even more credits under his belt and will be on thei firle when SC whips UCLA’s azzez up and down the field this fall.

    Also, DB’s going to USC for 2 main reasons- 1)to get a great degree 2)to get ready for the NFL.

    Neither of these are reasons any player would go to UCLA.

  • spedjones

    it’ll be classic watching him get ready for the NFL during spring practices with only 35 guys in a few years. That’s the kind of competition that makes great players for sure! BTW, did you ask him where his phone was? BWAHAHAHA. Signed, Lane “17 Secondary Violations in less than a year at UT” Kiffin.