Quote Of the Day

According to ESPN.com, this is what athletic director Mike Garrett told boosters in San Francisco last night:
“As I read the decision by the NCAA, all I could get out of all of this was … I read between the lines and there was nothing but a lot of envy, and they wish they all were Trojans.”
This does not sound like a comment that will generate sympathy from the appeals committee that will determine if USC’s penalties were justified.

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  • Harry Ballsogna

    Can we circulate a petition to get rid of him on grounds that he’s asinine, pompous, and has no clue what he’s doing? If it needs to be worded politely we can just call it behavior detrimental to the University.

  • Trojan Conquest

    I can’t believe this guy is still employed by SC. He is an embarrassment.

  • “Count” Smackula

    Really, Mike? That’s all you could get out of it? They just wish that they could all be you?

    Okay, there is Denial, as a clinician, I expect some of that. But this is bodering on self-destructive behavior. Is Todd McNair going to drive Garrett around LA in a Bronco now?

  • Trojsteve5

    The first thing to do is show institutional control by firing the AD Mike (knows nothing) Garrett. It is time for a change which actually is long overdue. One man can take down the big three in sports is to his credit.

  • Trojan Conquest

    Public Enemy #1 Reggie Bush
    Public Enemy #2 Mike Garrett

  • mg’slobotomist

    Are there any adults in the Athletic Department? Could you imagine any other AD in the Pac 10–or anywhere else– saying something like this? Just incredible.

  • Mike

    While I think the sanctions handed out were largely unwarranted, I believe there were violations in the 2 big sports, which ultimately falls on the AD. His comments demonstrate a remarkable lack of understanding of the big picture here.

    I’m not sure how firing him would appear in light of the appeal. I think the best case is he resigns, but I don’t see that happening.

  • Chiete76

    I really can’t add to the above comments, but I want to! What an egocentric idiot! If he had ANY class, he would resign. Otherwise, his new boss must get rid of him.

  • SoCalMAB

    Unbelievably ignorant of reality. There is no “spin” MG can put on this one. Really, trying to paint these sanctions as jealousy is detrimental to the university, and the program, and shows that MG is incapable of taking even the most horrible circumstances seriously. Clearly the attitude of a spoiled brat thinking his wealthy parents will bail him out. This is an embarrassment. There is no response, or solution to this behavior except one: FIRE HIS A–, for the same reasons the heads of British Petroleum should be fired, if for no other reason than to prove that the University is taking this thing SERIOUSLY. Fight On.

  • Tony G

    Garrett, you have epitomized the overall arrogance and smugness of U$C. Way to take responsibility ole Mikey. Something you will never do.

  • LanceKiffin

    My recommended firings (in order): 1) Todd McNair 2) Chad Kreuter (don’t forget him) 3) Mike Garrett

  • spedjones

    this is really the quote of the decade. But, I have a feeling tomorrow’s quote will come close to topping it: “I’m not going to SC” – S. Henderson.


  • TrojanRick

    “This does not sound like a comment that will generate sympathy from the appeals committee that will determine if USC’s penalties were justified.”
    Wolfie, he won’t have a job when the appeal hearing takes place.
    President Max needs to make a move, and very fast for damage control. Comments like Garrett’s give the school two chances for possbile success – slim and none, and with him around, they just shot slim.

    LanceKiffin – your top three are correct, but MG belongs at the front of the list, then I will accept your suggestions.

  • Cafe 84 Pizza

    What embarrassing nonsense. Was Garrett drunk when he addressed those boosters?

    I’ve seen these same remarks reported in various places, but one thing I have not seen is any report as to how the room full of boosters reacted. I can’t imagine that they were all satisfied with an explanation like that — even if they are all boosters. If anyone out there was at that meeting, or knows anyone who was, I would very much like to know what kind of reception Garrett got.

    Does he think he’s rallying the troops? No one is in the mood for such baloney. Even if most USC fans feel the sanctions were in certain ways too harsh, nobody with any credibility is claiming that this situation is all smoke and no fire. Hell, even if USC was totally innocent, this “envy” stuff would still sound lame as hell. The only words most of us want to hear from him are “I hereby tender my resignation…”

    After that, he can give us a petulant, Nixonian “You won’t have Mike Garrett to kick around anymore.”

  • UB (Ultimate Bruin)

    I actually dig MG’s quote . . . It proves my oft-stated contention that he is an arrogant, ignorant miscreant and is emblematic of the immoral win at all costs attitude that defines most SCum. Plus, he digs the hole for SC even deeper. Fight On, Mike. Your big mouth can only help the rest of the P10.
    And isn’t it amazing that all of the SCum that said there was no proof and that SCum would never be sanctioned, are now throwing your beloved Reggie and Mike under the bus. I have read the entire 67 page report. Once you do, the conclusion is inescabable that SCum lacked institutional control. Moreover, the athletic department, starting at the top, intentionally turned a blind eye to the issues. At least UCLA, John R. Wooden and San Gilbert were smart enough not to get caught. Suc (sic) in se malum est!

  • troganfan

    why are all you guys angry? this is nothing new. he’s the perfect AD for sc. just like kiff is the perfect HC for sc.

  • ThaiMex

    “The Fish stinks from the head”…and yes….The Entire Fish must be thrown out…

  • NOBS

    T5, even if MG goes, you will NEVER be welcomed back to SC Athletics. And you know it.

    BTW, Garrett was right last night.

  • ReelBruin2

    An apt analogy here seems to be that mike is the Tony heyward of college football.


    The written word can often be misinterpreted. When Garrett made his comments I bet he was trying to be funny, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t get a few laughs from his audience.

    And I am glad the ol’ ugly bruin, UB, brought up the Sam Gilbert and Wooden marriage. Can you imagine what would have happened to Wooden if the NCAA had conducted a 4-year investigation and interviewed 100 witnesses (as they did with Bushgate)regarding what he knew about Gilbert? The co-signing for auto purchases, the “loaning” of money, the paid abortions (yes, plural)etc etc for Wooden’s boys. Why Wooden would be up there with Bush in infamy.

    Now I know the ucla hypocrites cannot stand to hear this truth but it is true. (P.S. I do respect Wooden for his personal life, but not for his professional one).

  • Stanford 91


    Citing the “repeat violator” status of the University of Southern California based upon prior major infractions, the NCAA, after finding new violations within the football program, has issued an order terminating the USC football program for a period of three years. The NCAA noted that under current NCAA legislation, the new violations did not have to be found in the football program but in any athletic program within the university.

    Trojan Head Football Coach Lane Kiffin stated that “We are not concerned about the termination of the football program for three years. We are an extremely powerful place, an extremely powerful university and an extremely powerful football program,on all kinds of championships with sanctions over our heads, we will continue to win championships during these three years and the recruits out there love USC and will come to us no matter what our university stands for, no matter what we do, no matter what the NCAA or anyone else thinks because they and their parents are indeed that stupid.”

    Athletic Director Mike Garrett was quoted as saying “This is obviously not my fault. While I have been in a senior retirement home for the last three years, the university has still allowed me to run the athletic department and we are a powerful university and the NCAA just wants to be trojans.”

    Former Head Football Coach Pete Carroll said “I am shocked and astounded. We knew nothing. No one knew anything. I especially knew nothing. I will never, ever know anything. The sanctions do not fit the crime.”

    Finally, disgraced running back Reggie Bush was quoted as saying “I will continue to cooperate with the NCAA (even though I refused to speak with them or have anything to do with them) so that everyone will know I did nothing wrong. I love USC (even though I did my best to turn a fine university into a laughing stock.”

    Tag: Associated Press: USC Clowns

  • Cheat_On

    Paralegal John,

    Uh, the difference between Wooden/Gilbert and the University of South Central football program of today is that the NCAA refused to penalize UCLA for anything that allegedly happened under Wooden.

    And what did the NCAA just do to SUC? 2 year bowl ban plus 30 scholarships gone in three years.

    No hard feelings though, bro. Everyone admires McNair, Garrett, Bush and Mayo as people too. šŸ˜‰

  • ReelBruin2

    LJ – A fine representative of USC you are, pissing on JRW after his death. You could only DREAM that your university had coaches of his integrity and sincerity. I don’t see Garrett, Floyd or Carroll, or that dog-fighting puke McNair getting any Presidential awards anytime soon.

    You and USC deserve each other.

  • ThaiMex

    Dear paralegal John

    Coach wooden achievements have been recognized by The President of The United States, the U.S. House of representatives, College Basketballs most prestigious Award is Named after the man, A PUBLIC SCHOOL in the area is Named after Coach Wooden, many. many more honors, including having A UNITED STATES POST OFFICE Named after him, but all you SUC pukes decide to throw dirt at a man who’s accomplishments are well recognized and respected by most of Society.
    You are surely in the desperate minority on this one.

    Continue to ignore the facts about your very own “institution” and those who run the place. You, yes YOU were among the more VOCAL supporters of CHEATY during his reign, ignoring everyone else that knew what was really going on. You are a BORE!

    In closing…I have 2 words for you to PONDER…”JOE MCKNIGHT”. Wait till the ncaa finally looks into that one….You think probation is Bad…it’s going to get a lot worse.

    I won’t even speculate on what LAME is going to bring to your little party on Violations, but if his past actions are a clue…”So Long Chief”.

    I rest my case.

  • TraddiesPitchers

    I think Stanford91 should get a medal for the post of the week.

  • tomslyck

    I don’t think most Trojans are asking for sympathy from the Appeals Committee – just a fair hearing based on the facts and not how they personally get along with anyone at USC. Maybe it would be a Bruin’s approach to kiss someone’s butt to get a different result. That’s not a USC trait.

    For those people who don’t like Mike Garrett personally, get over it. No AD would have micro-managed Pete Carroll or Tim Floyd. You don’t pay those guys millions of dollars a year and expect them to need micro-managing. They knew the rules.

    I like Mike and hope he continues as AD. I like that he doesn’t need the spotlight. And I like that we don’t know what he says to the coaches who work for him. I wouldn’t want to have an AD second guessing a coach in public. Think about it.

    Save your anger for Reggie Bush and Tim Floyd.

  • SECTION 12 ROW 52

    Not a Garrett fan at all, but I tend to agree that alot of it was NCAA ego…..remember Tark the Shark? The NCAA ended up paying him a little $$$ when they went over the top as well.

  • spedjones

    ThaiMex – don’t be so hard on SC and Lawyer John. While Wooden was recognized by a President etc., SC’s cheating staff was just recognized by the NCAA. That’s about the same thing, right?