Answer Sunday!

Who is jacked up for the pending release of “Win Forever,” by Pete Carroll?

Q: NJ Trojan said:
Who will start in Tupou’s spot at Hawaii, Casey, Simmons, Harris, Fangupo, or Uko (and if it’s Casey, who will start in his place)?

A: Based on the spring, DaJohn Harris would start with Hebron Fangupo in the rotation. But you could also see situations where Armond Armstead slides inside and then Wes Horton or Nick Perry (whoever isn’t starting) comes in and replaces Armstead at defensive end. Derek Simmons should also be in the rotation. George Uko could redshirt.

Q: superlaker24 said:
What are your thoughts on USC’s chances that the appeal will reduce the sanctions specifically the bowl ban and scholarships? How many scholarships will USC get back?

A: I like USC’s compromise plan (five scholarships per year instead of 10). What I wonder about is whether the NCAA will be open-minded (hmmm) and whether they are irritated by Mike Garrett’s comments immediately afterward. I don’t think it’s out of line to reduce the penalties. But does the NCAA want to rebuke its own committee?

Q: Bill said:
With all the creative ways being discussed to get scholarships and players, it seems like the potentially most harmful penalty is the 4-year probation, how long will it be before Baxter is living with Barkeley rent-free or Henderson is driving around campus in a new tricked out or Kiffin is sending the limo to pick up Baby Cheater for a visit? Kiffin is not known for knowing the rule book very well! Cheat On!

A: If you read the report (like me), you know that the compliance office is going to be forced to monitor a lot of things. I’m not sure how compliance will be able to continue without hiring more staff under these circumstances. And they will examine many things. I’ve already mentioned that coaches cannot make phone calls anymore without detailed logs to show who they are speaking to. So the scenarios you mention will be under scrutiny.

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    Who would honestly buy that garbage?