Answer Sunday! (Part 3)

It’s a Sunday, as this question will prove.

What will JORDAN CAMPBELL (the ex trojan transferring) do to his USC football tatoo on his right arm now that hes heading elsewhere???

A: He will have a B placed above the S and remove the C. That’s why he said he will try to transfer to Boise State.

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  • Trojan Conquest

    I love the way Fox Sports on the internet keep mentioning this guy as “USC star linebacker transferring”.

  • datrout

    Any truth to the word on campus that he was popped for failing (3) drug tests at SC?

  • Sy

    That would not surprise anyone as he was missing practices and classes. In fact, he was basically off the team before any of this. I believe he was also about to forfeit his scholarship due to not meeting his responsibilities and probably thinks he hit the jackpot when he got the opportunity to transfer. The problem is no school needs a problem like him. He is another sad waste of talent. Oh well…