Answer Monday!

More answers on a Monday morning.

Q: marc said:
If USC were to lose their appeal, can USC sue the NCAA in court and basically, get a stay and tie up this case in the courts for several years?

A: I’ve heard some legal scenarios but I’m skeptical because I’d have thought Alabama or Florida State might have pursued legal remedies if there was a valid case.

Q: Rex Griswald said:
With Taylor King leaving Villanova, is there any chance that USC may go after him?

A: My understanding is USC is not interested in King this time around.

Q: TrojanAnnenberg2001 said:
If Ed Orgeron had known about Reggie Bush’s shenanigans while at USC, do you think The Big O would have laid the smack down? By the way, do you think from now on, Orgeron’s official nickname on this blog can be The Big O?

A: I don’t really envision an assistant coach laying a smack down on Bush during Bush’s time at USC. We don’t really know for sure what all the assistant coaches knew or didn’t know but there was no smackdowns from anyone, including Pete Carroll. But the Big O is not a bad nickname.

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  • Karrillo

    Yeah, but you have to keep in mind that people in Alabama and Florida only know the inside of the courtroom as the place they go to get married to their sisters.

    I like the Big O nickname for Coach Orgeron… as long as it doesn’t get confused with the Big Zero – Rick Neuheisel’s nickname until he beats USC.

  • The Don Key

    POLICE: UCLA Bruins players arrested for purse theft

    The Donkey thinks Rick is a superb evaluator of talent.


    Hey — Alabama and Florida both have submarines named after their schools. Does USC have a submarine named after it? I doubt it!

    Big zero for you!

  • datrout


  • USC Anteater

    I think we need to give Rick some credit for what he has accomplished. UCLA has gone from 104th out of 109 in takeaways to 3 before the season even begins. I say Mission Accomplished Bruins. Trojans will need to hold onto the rock in the crosstown rivalry. TMB keep an eye on the instruments. Some Bruins are looking for some payback.