Answer Monday! (Part 3)

And some non-NCAA questions make an appearance.

Q: The Coach said:
Who are some out of state recruits that USC has a chance with despite the sanctions? Also, any out of state vistors who have came to USC?

A: At USC’s recent Rising Stars camp, there were quite a few out-of-state recruits, including
tailback Kenny Hilliard of Patterson, La., linebacker Anthony Wallace of Dallas, Texas, wide receiver Hakeem Flowers of Greenville, South Carolina and linebacker Lateek Townsend of Bennettsville, South Carolina.

Q: sobayquail said:
Is there any hope at all that a coaching change will be made for the baseball program? Successive years of mediocrity capped with a last place finish, coupled with Coach Savage’s great success at Ucla should spur Garrett that new blood is needed for Trojan baseball, if it isn’t already too late.
Interestingly, Savage was once considered to be in line to replace Gillespie.

A: I’ve heard there are two reasons that Chad Kreuter keeps his job. One is that Mike Garrett does not want to pay off Kreuter and then spend a lot of money to hire a new coach. The other is that he doesn’t really care about baseball right now because of the NCAA sanctions.

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  • spedjones

    haha, love an AD who only cares about one sport. The coaches of those “other” sports at SC must be secretly laughing their arses off at the football sanctions.

  • Trojan Conquest

    Seriously, Garrett needs to go.

  • Trojsteve5

    Second the motion that Garrett needs to go by resigning or retiring by July 1st. A lot of money can be saved w/o paying Garrett’s salary estimated at 1.1 million according to Wolf in a prior review of USC salaries in the athletic dept. Giving Kreuter a two year extension at the end of year three was a joke. School saved some money with Carroll leaving/hiring Kiffin. Interested how much current baseball coach is making each season.