Answer Monday! (Part 4)

Imagine the excitement Oct. 15 when former USC wide receiver Vidal Hazelton and Cincinnati squares off against ex-USC linebacker Jordan Campbell and Louisville.

Q: alreadygone said:

Is USC still going ahead with the plans to use the intramural field for new football offices & new weight room ?

A: I know there are blueprints for the new facility that administrators are using but things seem to have hit a delay. There are still plans to build the facility but it looks like it will take longer than expected to get it going. Maybe by the fall.

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  • Sam Gilbert

    Campbell vs. Hazelton. Almost as exciting as Jarvis Jones vs. E. Moody.

    Or for the bear cubs, Josh Shirley vs. Simon Adebisi.

  • Trojan Conquest

    Jones is the only one of these who impressed me. This is a no win for SC. He moves on and plays well and it looks bad, or he breaks his neck and everybody loses.