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Linebacker Jordan Campbell is transferring to Louisville. I mentioned this before and I should again. He was suspended in the spring because of concerns over a car he was seen driving that allegedly belonged to a roommate.
And Lane Kiffin never officially reinstated him to the team following spring practice. So this departure has little to do with the NCAA probation. In truth, Kiffin probably wants the scholarship to try and use before the scholarship reductions go into effect in 2011 because Campbell was never projected to play much.

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  • El Capitn
  • Trojan Conquest

    It’s a joke the way Fox Sports on the internet makes it seem like this guy is a star and is transferring because of the sanctions.

  • NOBS

    SW, like you really know. Dbag

  • osezno

    Yeah, they have to use his high school stats to make him look good.

    I wonder if the other schools he mentioned really gave him the opportunity to “consider” going there.

    Maybe the SEC schools, their zero-tolerance policies are about at the same level of UCLA’s.

  • sdbob

    Jordan who? Did he ever play a down or make a big play…I think not. Goodbye and SCs gain is Louisville’s loss I bet.

  • kptrojan

    As a Trojan stuck in Loserville (Louisville), I have to tell you how comical it is to hear all of the Card fans talking about Jordan landing in the Ville. You would thinks it’s the second coming about to occur. Here’s an example of the myopick comments that are running wild: Well…this is great for UofL football whether youre a Uk or UL fan you can’t help but notice the winds of change are blowing new life into UofL football it wont be long tell we are back in the hunt for BCS trophies gotta love Charlie Strong!!!!” My god “Loserville”, there’s a reason why Jordan is “NOT” playing in the Coliseum any longer, and believe me, Jordan doesn’t solve your problems at QB, DB, OL, … well, in other words all of your problems.

  • Ralph Von Albertson, Esq.


    Ah, Louisville. The bourbon. The horses. The blue grass. No doubt young master Campbell will find it more to his liking than the “colorful” neighborhood around USC. I hear that many years ago, Watts had a torrid affair with Compton, and their illegitimate love-child became the home of USC.

    But enough about real estate. It has been brought to my attention that some persons on this message board doubt that I am a real person — as if I were a mythical being, such as bigfoot or the Loch Ness monster. This is nonsense, but since you bring up matters of cryptozoology, I believe there are two imaginary creatures of some relevance USC’s current state of affairs — and neither is a unicorn.

    First, there is the legendary and elusive Reggie Bush. In the olden days, it is said, Reggie Bush was frequently seen in the vicinity of USC, and was even caught on film. But when his university was on the hot seat, put on the rack by the NCAA, why, Reggie Bush fled into the Lousiana bayous, never to be seen again! Even now, I am told, Yahoo Sports investigators sometimes believe they see his footprints in the mud, but the creature has kept far away from the university where he once dwelled.

    The next mythical creature we should discuss is the Trojan Who Believes in Accountability. For many years, this beast was assumed to exist, and he came roaring out of his cave some years ago to fire Paul Hackett, but it seems he has vanished into the mists of time, to be replaced by a disgraced athletic director who has kept his job, a assistant coach and convicted animal abuser who has kept his job despite being the link between Reggie Bush’s misdeeds and the coaching staff, and an assortment of deviants on this message board who believe that USC should be able to weasel out of the sanctions which the NCAA has justly imposed.

    Perhaps inspired by their most illustrious alumnus, OJ Simpson, the Trojans have come to believe that one may be acquitted for even the most obvious and ham-fisted crimes. But the law eventually caught up with Mr. Simpson, and the NCAA has caught up with USC. Will justice ever fasten its iron grip on the elusive Reggie Bush? Only time will tell.

  • Evil Robot

    I do enjoy the juxtaposition of “in truth” followed by complete speculation.

  • 3rdandlong

    Evil Robot – Ha! you nailed Wolf perfectly the guy has no clue, yet continues to print this crap! He also makes it sound like Kiffin is doing something sinister. The kid clearly had discipline problems, SC is on probation now so you need to be careful with anyone with character issues, yet in all this he makes in sound like Kiffin is F’n the kid over. If he was a good hard working kid, he would be re-instated, plain and simple.