Who said USC baseball was dead? USC routed UCLA today in the College World Series. The University of South Carolina, that is.

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  • Trojsteve5

    Way to go other USC keep it going in game 2. Maybe the Trojans can entice the Gamecock coach to come out to sunny California next year.

  • dolphyfan1

    The same thing happened with TCU and we followed that up with a 10-3 bashing. Let’s keep it going Bruins

  • NJ Trojan

    For all you nasty Bruins who find so much perverse pleasure commenting on this blog: U-C-L-A, UCLA, UCLA, fight fight fight! Go Pac-10. Beat the SEC!

  • uscmike

    NJ Trojan: You are rooting for fUCLA? Whatever happened to: My two favorite teams are USC and whoever is playing fUCLA?

  • I DIg Go Go Girls

    Lets go COCKS !! Throw in a few bean balls while you’re at it.

  • OMG LMAO you guys are haters!! Win our lose, the Bruins are playing for the title, where are the trojans playing?

    Geez, c’mon guys!! whatever happened to city pride? Pac-10 pride? Pac-10 vs. the SEC? Even I would be rooting for you condoms if you were playing for the title.

    Your attitude really saddens this Bruin fan, and you’re gonna make my cry! :'(

  • OMG LMAO – it just hit me! I now why your guys are pulling for South Carolina to beat UCLA…LMAO the CONDOMS and the COCKS go “hand in hand” like sugar and spice!

    Now this is funny!!

  • spedjones

    SC’s baseball team has been at the beach for the past 2 months. Wait, does SC even have a baseball team?

  • NJ Trojan

    USC Mike, I understand where you’re coming from. I dated a very pretty Bruin (yes there are a few) back in the 1990s and she was insufferable during that unspeakable streak. I do feel that “there’s nothing worse than loosing to UCLA and nothing better than beating Notre Dame,” but our Pac-10 brother is playing in the college world series against an SEC team. We’ve got to root for him. It’s kind of like having a real little brother. You can punch him, and kick him, and push him around. You can take his food and cut in front of him, even tease and humiliate him in front of your friends, but if anybody outside the family does that, you better step up and punch them in the gut. (Then you can kick your little brother’s butt for making you come to his defense.) Besides, it’s easier to have less hate when you live on the east coast.

  • Karrillo

    It took this long for BruiinRobMaze to figure out the ‘cocks and Trojans connection?
    I know a lot of Trojans hoping for that match-up just for the t-shirt factor.

    I guess he’s never been accused of being the sharpest tool in the shed.

  • I DIg Go Go Girls

    Look at the little bears come out of their welfare assisted drunken/drugged stupors to rah rah their baseball teams try at their FIRST baseball NC. Now, get back to your burger flipping jobs you losers.

    GO COCKS !!!

  • Trojan Conquest

    Gamecocks? It’s a pretty weird mascot named after an illegal thing.


    Hey USC, watch out for Game 2, because your ‘COCKS are going to get caught in a BEAR TRAP!

    Get it? Bruins are bears!

    Mother doesn’t like it when I use bad words, but all the rest of you are doing it, so I guess it’s okay.

  • Karrillo, I’m a Bruin and 99.9999% of Bruins don’t have filthy and perverted thoughts…the T-shirts that I have seen at USC UCLA games are the most vulgar and low class anywhere. Only YOU, filthy condom would think of something like that. Shame on you!!

    Anyhoo, changing conversation 8) Rick Neuheisel has dismissed those three freshmen from the team, I wonder if if Cheat Carroll would ever suspend a player even for 1 practice?? Oh, wait a minute he had dozens of arrests of his players and he NEVER suspended a single player, much less dismiss them. Go Bruins!!

  • Sam Gilbert

    Westwood Rob, you’re my hero.

  • Karrillo

    Rob, you must be part of that small percentile that has dirty thoughts because you brought up the cock ‘n trojan condom comments. You must also be the only one who makes the dozens of different condom shirts that the bear cubs wear to games.

    Shirley and the Richardsons will be back in baby blue before the season starts just as sure as you’re stuffing your face with Cheetos as you read this post.

  • uscmike

    USC beats fUCLA…again. Bruins had to know they were in trouble when they had to get past USC to win the College World Series. USC wins the National Championship. fUCLA scores 2 runs in 18 innings…nice run for the bRuins, but alas, second place.