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Q: djk1998 said:

What are the long term implications of the NCAA’s USC ruling for all member institutions? (ie are schools now responsible for tracking “runners/agents” like they now track boosters)

If so, this standard significantly increaces the compliance burden on NCAA schools. Does this play into USC’s appeal at all?

A: I think schools that have elite athletes are going to have to significantly increase the size of their compliance staff in order to monitor every detail. It’s a thankless task for compliance officers. I don’t think it will affect USC’s appeal one way or another.

Q: Zumberge Era said:
Do you have hope that one day people will come to regard the USA not just merely as a soccer powerhouse but a great place for commerce and trade?

A: Baby steps, sir. One day, the USA can aspire to be a juggernaut like Ghana.

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  • bushwhite


    Just 1 Q..sorry I am late maybe you can address this in a later forum.

    USC has just accepted the bowl ban for this year..and
    are preparing their I am assuming their
    strategy is, “We are going to win (at least some) of the appeal or if not take it to the court and sue the NCAA, therefore, we will only end up with a 1 year bowl ban which we are going to get taken care of now and uh..we can
    take mid year players and do other things to get around
    the other sanctions”

    Do you think this is true and if so, don’t you feel it’s a bit arrogant?