Equal Opportunity

Just in case you think The Gold Sheet is anti-USC, here’s another excerpt:
“There’s a little discussed but much-valued skill that only a handful of head coaches have ever been able to master. It’s called reducing expectations, and nowhere has the bar been lowered more deftly than at UCLA, where 3rd-year HC Rick Neuheisel has been able to convince a portion of Bruin football backers that he has the program on the right track despite winning only 6 of 18 Pac-10 contests (two of those victories vs. woeful Washington State) over the past two years.
“Some of the more wide-eyed UCLA honks even saw reason to celebrate last December’s EagleBank Bowl win over a low-profile Temple squad that was minus its main offensive threat (RB Bernard Pierce) for much of the game. But discriminating Bruin backers have yet to see anything different from predecessor Karl Dorrell’s failed regime, and they are running out of patience with Neuheisel’s teams that have lacked dynamism (and playmakers) on offense and have done little to recall past glories of UCLA football (including some of Terry Donahue’s Rose Bowl years in the ’80s when Neuheisel played QB) that a new generation of local fans, weaned on the recent successes across town at USC, might never know existed.”

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  • Sy

    I was very surprised that they fired Karl Dorrell when they did so for Rick. Karl was making real progress including beating USC the year earlier and was in the process of obtaining the #2 recruiting class in the country when they fired him. UCLA was tough to beat again and heading in the right direction. Rick seems to have a huge ego, but not much to back it. It would be nice for UCLA to find another Terry and bring back the rivalry. As long as Rick is there I can’t see UCLA being a contender for the Pac-10 (soon to be the Pac-12?) championship.


    And this explains why bruins hate SC, much as the ugly step-sister hates her beautiful older sister.

    Keep the insults coming bruins, we get it.

    And there is nothing like attending a National Championship football game with your school in it, something bruins will never taste.

  • scwins

    This is the funniest, yet most accurate story of the day.

    It’s so indicative of UCLA football.

    As much as I like Chow, he simply hasn’t done crap over there in BruinNation and we must ask why?

    Why? Rick, that’s why.

    The fact that they still don’t have a viable QB is a good measuring stick for why they haven’t changed where the “monopoly” is.

    Three years in isn’t a ton, but it certainly isn’t the beginning.
    This smells of Charlie Weis. This smells and feels and looks very similar. A program NOT really improving. A program resembling some very positive moments and players, at times, but hardly a different program by any real means. Price lifted the Defense and now he’s gone. They have some talent, but they don’t have a coach to help them sustain it.

    I need only look at the QB position to see the trouble they have. Chow, an expert in the area of QBs is still not enough to warrant talent to come to Westwood. It’s not good if you’re a Bruin because according to most, Chow is likely the most positive aspect of bruin football.

    There are so many gaps in this team I can’t imagine Bruins actually believe the gap has closed. Rest assured though Bruins, you will always have something to root for….even if it is SC losing or receiving sanctions or being painted in a negative light.

    Living vicariously though SC must feel…interesting.

  • scinsc5

    hey trolls-how is softball recruiting going?

  • DrewB

    No Lawyer John, it is the arrogance and holier-than-thou attitude which your post exemplifies that everyone hates. How quickly one forgets the 1990s/Paul Hackett era. It is this same arrogance that just got your school the harshest sanctions of any program in recent memory. Speaking of which, what national championship are you talking about? According to the NCAA, that never happened…

  • Karrillo

    It is curious how the bruins have given neuheisel such a long leash while they were so quick to turn on Dorrell.

    I’m not saying they should turn on slick rick (personally, I’d like him to stay there forever) but in the very least they owe Dorrell a huge apology for how they treated him.

  • DixieTrojan


    Even if they take away the BCS trophy (which USC won in big fashion in front of millions of spectators on national TV)there’s still the AP championship. BCS trophy or no BCS, it still counts. In fact it even counts more than 2003 since SC will be the only champion on record for that year.

    Fight On!


  • El Capitn

    The Richardsons and Shirley KO-FB by FUCLA:

  • scwins


    A few things…

    There’s no denying that SC deserves some sanctions for some lack of institutional control, but even the most biased fan can certainly see these sanctions were too severe.

    We are talking about a case in which one player was involved in football. One. In cases that relate to these sanctions both the Miami and Alabama cases involved two major,major differences. These are just the facts. In those cases multiple athletes in football and other sports were paid by either boosters or University affiliated associates. These two cases were classic pay-to-play.
    In USC’s case we’re talking about unscrupulous parents and an unscrupulous athlete.
    There is a distinct difference between USC’s guilt and those of the other programs who received similar penalties. I believe in one case there were over 50 athletes involved.

    Also- with regard to the NCAA and “it never happened.”
    ok, semantics…but if you want to play by that logic there is no NCAA mens football championship. There’s only an AP/Coaches and BCS Championship so by your logic, to date, we’re still champions.
    Forget too that we won on the field plain and simple.
    As a fan of your school you’re welcome to play your championships inside your head or on paper or through the NCAA, but over here we won on the field of battle.

    We’ll never forget the Hackett era and Bruins will never forget their failed run in a late run resched of Miami during the McClown days, the last time they were relevant. Both schools have something in common…they’ll both never likely happen again for either school.

    Arrogance, if you say?
    I say confidence and excellence.

  • SoCalMAB

    The thing about the Hackett years is they are far behind USC, which has steadily improved since then. Even understandable fall-offs from unbelievable heights in the mid-2000’s will not fall back to that level since Carroll re-established USC as a national powerhouse, and highly desired school by top prospects due to its national TV exposure. UCLA’s history looks like an up and down rollercoaster, never once achieving the level of USC in the past 10 years. What you B-ruins perceive as arrogance is your own vision clouded by envy.

  • usctrojanmarkus

    why did they fire dorrell after he beat a pete carroll SC team that year?

    i just don’t get it!

    not much good news coming from westwood.

    1. they got an “ass-whooping” in college baseball by a “USC” (lol, the irony).

    2. three football players were kicked off their team for felonies?!?

    …i assume that bruins are talking about these issues on their blog. oh wait, lol, i forgot…they’re on OUR blog.