Joke Of The Day

Here’s another excerpt from The Gold Sheet:
“When the topic of trouble arises at USC, we can’t help but recall a long-ago comment by legendary L.A. area radio sports personality Jim Healy, who had his own unique take when the Trojans were hit with a rather heavy penalty back in 1982 (which included a two-year ban on bowl games) in the wake of a ticket-scalping scandal.
“I have good and bad news for USC football fans,” said Healy on the day the penalties were announced 28 years ago. “The bad news is the Trojans have been put on probation for the ticket-selling scandal. The good news is that they didn’t get caught for all of the other things they’ve been doing the past 20 years.”

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  • Karrillo

    Isn’t that joke recycled from when UCLA finally got their two year post-season basketball ban for some piddly nonsense instead of real penalties for the decades of filth that came before it?

  • I DIg Go Go Girls

    HAH, good old demented Healy, what did he have to say about Saint John Wooden and all of his transgressions that were overlooked by the NCAA? NOTHING !

  • spedjones

    overlooked by the NCAA or looked at and considered non-issues? I think the latter. Where’s my Range Rover? Sanction ON!

  • ROTFLMAFAO now THAT is only a great joke!! it was the truth then, and it is the truth today, about USC’s athletic program.

    IDGGG, the NCAA investigated, and found NOHTING…NOTHING…to incriminate the UCLA basketball program, quit crying!! whaaaa whaaaa whaaaa the hammer hurt my pinky!! whaaa whaaa whaaa Cry On! Suck On! Bite On! and do your favorite past time…Cheat On!! ya big cheating whining little girls!

  • LambdaChiTrojan

    I love how the NCAA, fans and some media have reacted like we’re having auditions for agents after practice. Like it was a ‘loose’ ship.

    Honest question, how many of you were there? I was lucky enough to go to SC practices. I’d take my young nephews. See old friends. Make new ones.

    A majority of the people there were family, students, alumni and kids. It was a great atmosphere and place for our youth to be and be safe. It’s where young men like Ricky Rosa and Jake Olsen would come and connect w/ something positive. ESPN would run segments about it. Don’t you think they’d see something off?

    These moments don’t exist with the NCAA ruling. It’s unfortunate the wrong people are being punished. College football fans. Every college fan should have the opportunity that we have/had. It was a gift to many. It’s something the NCAA should foster, not foil.

    Haters or homers a like, the NCAA decision set college football back from a fan perceptive. It’ll be years before the negative impact can be undone. Teams across the nation will now begin to pull back from their communities knowing the NCAA could overreact if they want.

    After four years of investigating, wouldn’t they come up with more than what they already had; Reggie Bush and OJ Mayo? Oh, sorry, the unearthed a foreign tennis player using a University phone to call home.

    In the end, it wasn’t the atmosphere that introduced Reggie to these agents, it was his fathers connection some 120 miles away.

    I know the haters are rejoicing. I get it. Heck, I get a little giddy when my rival fails. Unfortunately for all of us fans, the dust has settled and the NCAA took away a little something from everyone of us.

  • Globe

    Healy was a clown. It was 20 minutes of ancient sound bites and pointing out petty mistakes in other people’s inerview comments, all the while making his own mistakes, and at the end he claimed “That’s the complete sports picture”.

  • BoscoH

    Yeah, I get the feeling that me and Pete Carroll and LambdaChiTrojan all suffered from the misunderstanding that college football was special because it was really for the fans instead of the University presidents and bowl committees.

    Here’s hoping that Art Bartner will officially change the words from “UCLA Sucks” to “NCAA Sucks” this year.