Matt Darr, the punter who committed to Pete Carroll and then was cut loose by Lane Kiffin, signed to play with Tennessee. Darr signed with Fresno State but was released from his letter of intent.
Wonder if Tennessee fans think Darr for Kiffin was an even trade?

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  • I DIg Go Go Girls

    Matt Darr = MORON

  • Not even close to being an even trade…Tennessee got the better end.

  • robear20

    So Lame passed on the 3 star 6’2″ kicker from Bakersfield for the 0 star 5′ 11″ kicker from Bakersfield? How does this make sense?

  • in sheep’s clothing

    what the hell? the whole matt darr affair has been strange from the beginning. first from kiffin not keeping him when USC needs a punter to being released from his hometown school to now going to the vols? odd.

  • Edward

    It looks like USC screwed up here. Darr was not only a 1st team HS-AA punter, but a outstanding LB (93 solo tackles as a junior, 96 as a senior on a 11-2 team). Also, 4.7 forty, 3.9 GPA, outstanding shot and discus man, and almost won MaxPrep HS Athlete of the Year award. He would have really helped with limited scholarships. Heidari is considered a top punter and placekicker. Tennessee used two scholarships for P/K’s, though.

  • tfl

    I’m just curious if any of you have actually seen either of these two players in action. I’ve seen both play in person on many occasions and there is no comparison between the two. Darr is a much more accomplised punter than Heidari, but Heidari is head and shoulders better than Darr as a Kicker. His kick offs are ridiculous. Darr is not a D1 LB. Wasn’t even the best on his HS team.

  • BoscoH

    @tfl… Lane made the right choice in opting for the place kicker rather than the punter. We will need the placekicker at least 7 times per game, while we might need a punter that many plays all season.

  • Edward

    Darr is in the 2010 class of which USC only signed 19 players. The two deep roster shows seniors at both P and PK. Heidari is an outstanding commit for the 2011 class. A couple injuries at LB, and maybe they could have made Darr into a D1 LB if he didn’t make it as a punter. But, I know it is all hindsight.