NCAA Appeal Preview?

Former Southeast Missouri State basketball coach Scott Edgar lost his appeal before the NCAA’s levied last year by the NCAA’s committee on infractions.
This blog points out that Edgar’s case offers some possible bad news for USC’s appeal if key facts were indeed, wrong.
“It is the Committee on Infractions that is to determine whether the information presented to it, and upon which it bases its finding, is credible . . . and persuasive . . . .”
That could mean the appeals committee is extremely reluctant to overturn factual errors.

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No Problem


Hopefully the thousands of fans who attended last weekend’s Electric Daisy Carnival, or Rave, at the Coliseum did not damage the field too much.

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Equal Opportunity

Just in case you think The Gold Sheet is anti-USC, here’s another excerpt:
“There’s a little discussed but much-valued skill that only a handful of head coaches have ever been able to master. It’s called reducing expectations, and nowhere has the bar been lowered more deftly than at UCLA, where 3rd-year HC Rick Neuheisel has been able to convince a portion of Bruin football backers that he has the program on the right track despite winning only 6 of 18 Pac-10 contests (two of those victories vs. woeful Washington State) over the past two years.
“Some of the more wide-eyed UCLA honks even saw reason to celebrate last December’s EagleBank Bowl win over a low-profile Temple squad that was minus its main offensive threat (RB Bernard Pierce) for much of the game. But discriminating Bruin backers have yet to see anything different from predecessor Karl Dorrell’s failed regime, and they are running out of patience with Neuheisel’s teams that have lacked dynamism (and playmakers) on offense and have done little to recall past glories of UCLA football (including some of Terry Donahue’s Rose Bowl years in the ’80s when Neuheisel played QB) that a new generation of local fans, weaned on the recent successes across town at USC, might never know existed.”

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Joke Of The Day

Here’s another excerpt from The Gold Sheet:
“When the topic of trouble arises at USC, we can’t help but recall a long-ago comment by legendary L.A. area radio sports personality Jim Healy, who had his own unique take when the Trojans were hit with a rather heavy penalty back in 1982 (which included a two-year ban on bowl games) in the wake of a ticket-scalping scandal.
“I have good and bad news for USC football fans,” said Healy on the day the penalties were announced 28 years ago. “The bad news is the Trojans have been put on probation for the ticket-selling scandal. The good news is that they didn’t get caught for all of the other things they’ve been doing the past 20 years.”

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