The Other USC

From SEC Sports: “Take a look back at USC’s memorable baseball season,with tribute video review of the championship year in Columbia”

4 thoughts on “The Other USC

  1. SW – come on, you can do better than this. We don’t read your blog to hear about South Carolina sports. This is more ridiculous than your endless baby qb postings. Enough already about “the other USC”. We get it already. Ha, ha. Can we move on now?

  2. then don’t read the blog norcal…it’s pretty simple…don’t you want to know about better baseball programs in the nation than the current USC on the West Coast one?

  3. Have you ever met a person who told a joke and got a few laughs, and because the person got a few laughs they kept going on and on with the joke? Well, here is a prime example.

  4. kind of like posting the same thing over and over again…a prime example of obsession, huh Malachi?

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