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Some good questions in this segment on Todd McNair and the NCAA committee on infractions.

Q: uscmike said:
Why did you report that Todd McNair was fired, when, in fact, USC did not renew his contract?

(You had back-to-back posts on 7/1 that stated: “If the NCAA committed factual errors in its investigation, as alleged, regarding Todd McNair, why was he fired?” and “Do you think it makes sense to fire Todd McNair today instead of earlier?”)

A termination is different legally and factually than a decision not to renew a contract. Why not correctly report the facts?

As always, thanks for the forum, Scott.

A: You ask a great question. And I would say there is a difference between spin and facts. You fire an assistant football coach in June. You might do it by not renewing his contract, but that is legalese. Todd McNair was fired. Why wasn’t John Morton’s contract also not renewed? Because USC did not want to fire Morton, who coincidentally was not a key figure in the NCAA report on rules violations involving Reggie Bush.
I’ve never yet covered a team where a coach whose contract was not renewed was not actually fired. Maybe letting the contract run its course prevents a lawsuit, but why should I play the games the university does in these matters? I prefer to call things as they are.

Q: Pop Goes The Weasel said:
As of when you answer this, are all of our recruits in summer school now, [except for Henderson, and, I guess, Jackson] and, if not, do you see any trouble qualifying for any of them? Thanks a lot, and thanks for the forums and your time too.

A: Yes, there will be issues for a few. Notably, Soma Vainuku is someone to keep an eye on.

Q: One Pete said:
Do you find it as laughable as I do that the COI intimated that a TV ban was “seriously considered” in their report? Do they say things like that just to create the illusion of not being concerned about TV revenue? We all know damn well that the “not-for-profit” NCAA would never give up one of their #1 TV cash cows….Isn’t it interesting that the “not-for-profit” NCAA essentially declared USC a renegade program that is an embarrassment to the “not-for-profit” NCAA yet they are willing to continue collecting TV revenue that USC produces?

A: I find a lot laughable about the COI and I would say that if we were discussing another college and not USC. It’s also disgraceful that Notre Dame’s Missy Conboy was a key member of the committee and then Paul Dee claimed she was “present but not speaking” during the TV ban discussion, which directly impacted Notre Dame.

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  • sureshot

    Missy Conboy = Lori Nelson