• spedjones

    haha…hoho…haha…ooohhhhh…haha. calling datrout, where’s your boy’s phone now?

    Lie ON!

  • Medneggler

    HAHAHAHA! Way to go Slow Lane

  • sdog

    Garrett apologized to Florida, but what about the other schools?

  • DixieTrojan

    Hats off to Spedjones. He had it figured out the whole time.

    The news gets worse and worse for SC. It’s pretty tough to keep reading these clips.

  • ThaiMex

    Typical of the BRAIN SURGEONS….Brilliant, absolutely fUSCking Brilliant. Why does Kiffy remind me of BAGDAD BOB….(there will be no sanctions=we are not being invaded…Dillon was contacted/Apologize, Dillon was not contacted)..Put a muzzle on it already.
    When’s/Who’s the next guy leaving the program, and when does he change from being a Prized PLAYER (Seantrel, Malik, Glenn etc.) to a Piece of Crap(Seantrell, Malik, Glenn, etc.) Mercy Nurse!

  • spedjones

    wondering if this means I’ll have to stop asking where Baxter’s phone is… apparently it was in his hands the whole time – only things lost over at SC are MG’s mind and the school’s control of the football program.

  • mike chat

    sdog said:
    Garrett apologized to Florida, but what about the other schools?

    They were sent out via text message through Baxter’s cell phone.

  • sureshot

    According to the story you linked, SC only retracted one school from their claim (unless other letters have gone unreported). While this does seem irresponsible (to have claimed contact of Florida) it doesn’t mean the other schools didn’t contact him.

    Just another lazy report from Scooter.

  • RodneyGuillory

    What a Mickey Mouse operation over there.

    Typical Slow Lame Kitten trying to stir something up when nothing is there. Let me guess…Lame can’t wait to sing Rocky Top…er…Lame is going to turn Florida in for an alleged recruiting violation while speaking with boosters…whoops, it wasn’t a violation. What a clown.

  • W.E.B. Dupree

    Brothers and Sisters,

    Listen to me now. I tell you, for so many years I lived in darkness. I worshipped at that temple of cheatin’ they call the Coliseum. That’s right!

    For so many years, I was happy to ride on that bandwagon — the devil’s bandwagon! A devil named Pete Carroll. Uh-Huh!

    I couldn’t resist — the Trojans were winning so good, and the Coliseum was so close to our Normandie Lord of Zion church, my Cadillac practically steered itself right up THAT TEMPLE OF LYIN’ AND CHEATIN’ AND CASH-MONEY HAND-OUTS!

    But the Lord saw fit to light a candle, to show me the light, TO LIFT ME OUT OF DARKNESS, to help me say, “USC, I renounce you! Get behind me, Pete Carroll! USC, I am done with you and your devilish ways!” PRAISE THE LORD!

    Let us come together now and pray. Let us pray for the soul of young Brother Dillon Baxter, who already has fallen so far into depravity — yes sir! Let us pray for Brother Garrett, that the Lord will let the scales fall from his eyes so he can see and be born again!

    Let us pray for all the Trojans out there, that they may repent of their wicked ways and turn to the Lord to lift them out of the darkness! HALLELUJAH, AMEN! PRAISE THE LORD!

  • spedjones

    you want a separate link for each school, sureshot? Let’s start with Alabama: and Alabama: http://blog.al.com/bamabeat/2010/07/usc_athletics_director_apologi.html

  • spedjones
  • DFWTrojan

    So, Florida is clean, but others are guilty. It is smart to err on the side of caution and protect your athletes first. You can always apologize later for jumping the gun. Good work, Mike!

  • UVD

    So far Florida, Alabama, Oregon and Washington have all been contacted or received letters from Mikey saying I’m sorry.

  • Sy

    Wolf, this one you blew! Baxter never told the exact schools. The press picked up leaks. This one leak was incorrect and Baxter confirmed that himself. The USC compliance confirmed that several schools did contact him. The names of those schools are not to be released unless the NCAA decides to release them after they conclude an investigation. Reporters will continue to guess though. You should not put down Baxter without knowing any of the facts!

  • Malibu Grad Student

    As Gilda Radner’s character on SNL used to say…”never mind…” Wow, it’s just that easy for SUC. Just say, “never mind…”

    Seriously, is there any trogan fan or alum who isn’t even in the slightest bit embarrassed by this?

    Have they no shame? Would be sad if it wasn’t so funny.