Exodus Watch

Fullback D.J. Shoemate, who never wanted to be a fullback, is transferring to UConn. We hear wide receivers Travon Patterson and Brandon Carswell are weighing their options.

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  1. It seems like everyone that would not have seen much, if any of the field are leaving. So if Kiffin suggesting that these guys leave to open up roster spots or are they doing it on their own?

  2. All I remember of Shoemate: one good special teams hit and a TD catch from Aaron Corp in a blowout of San Jose State.
    Good Riddance!

  3. oh yeah sure…all the players who are leaving are bums! who needs ’em?? we never wanted you any way! just go! go on, leave!! (sobbing)


  4. DJ was always misplaced by Pete and I hope he shines at UConn. So far it is scary and I can’t wait until the season starts. The key is that SC has yet to be weakened by any of the players that have left. None were likely to get any substantial playing time without significant injuries to those ahead of them. CJ and Marc will be interesting to watch as they are unlikely to see serious time and need to make their mark too. So far the departures have been in SC’s favor as they have opened up much needed recruiting spots that will help us load up for the two year drought (two years as we will be allowed mid-season recruits making next year’s limit of little consequence. The following two years will be very difficult unless we have a large and talented class this year. Hopefully no starters or key backups will leave. We have to painfully wait and watch…

  5. Sy,

    Thanks. I have seen this comming for a long time. The overstocking of RB’s and WR’s. For What?

    Fight ON! to all those misplaced, overstocked, sold out players that want to leave to get some on-field time in their natural positions. With these openings we need to stock up on some good OL’s and LB’s from the JUCO’s.

    Not to worry we will field a quality team and a consistent team on the field. Our players will florish because they won’t becoming out of the game after one play.

    Fight ON!

  6. Like Charley Bucket says, ‘typical’ response from Trojan fans. You guys have no loyalty, if not for sanctions I’m sure they would be staying. On the flip side, with fans like you, who would want to come to USC? I’m almost stating to feel sorry for the “Trojan team” not only because of the sanctions, but specially for having the worst backstabbing fans in college football. I bet you morons are the same idiots booing your team at the coliseum…”good riddance”?? – how sad! From what I read there are two more players that should be announcing they’re leaving as well…and I heard Tyler and Gable might be saying good bye as well

  7. Sounds like sour grapes BruinRob. You’ll jump on anything to push your Brubabes, however you need a decent football program first. You talk about loyalty, wanna talk about how your esteemed university handled Ken Norton Jr? Let’s keep the name calling out of this and talk about success on the football field. Oh sorry, your school hasn’t had much. We understand.

  8. There is no way to spin this positively. The reason USC was so dominant from 02-08 was great coaching and play calling in the early years combined with amazing talent among the first string and solid talent among the second AND THIRD strings in latter years. Not only did that second and third string talent perform FOR USC, that talent did NOT perform for other Pac-10 programs. So, USC’s roster included the cream of the crop on top and backups who could probably start on other teams in the conference. USC appears to be on the verge of losing that advantage. And don’t tell me about opening up spots on the roster. DJ Shoemate is talented. He has performed well when called on–he just hasn’t been called on much. He knows the position–a very versatile one in USC’s offense. How is a FR FB going to be any better? And don’t forget, Havili is a 5th yr Sr.

  9. I will NEVER feel bad for the Trogan players. I will never forget the way they laughed and jumped around mocking the Bruins at the Coliseum…especially Matt Barkley saying “scoreboard” to UCLA players when they got pissed.

    None of this will feel better until CRN continue his dominance over the lying SCum bag that is Lane Kiffin. Only group of fans in the entire country that think Lane is a good guy are SC fans. Everyone else realize he sucks.

  10. @Rich K…I agree on In Jr…however, I’m I’m talking about fan loyalty here, each time one of our player leaves we the fans don’t bash themz we wish them well. As for success on the field? Your success shall be remembered along the same lines as Barry Bonds, Mark McGuire, and Roger Clements – tainted by cheating…proud? more like shameful.

  11. If a young man wants to leave to pursue his dreams elsehwhere, then I bear him no ill will. I just don’t have to root for him as a former, left-the-program Trojan.

    The current defections are not good for the program. The loss of the whole is greater than the parts that are leaving. It is likely to affect the performance on the field. The guys who left or are leaving contributed something. Some were back-up starters. If USC goes through its’ normal injury pattern or worse, we will feel their departure.

    I hope Kiffin and staff can recruit adequate replacements; but they will have to do it on short notice, and deal with the stigma of sanctions (the effect of which is crippling in the court of public opinion, but yet unknown on the field.).

    Coach ’em up, Lane!!

  12. Yeah,

    I agree the players that were not going to see that much playing tine are transferring. But by doing this they are losing out on a degeee from one of the best institutions in the nation that carries alot of weight. They think that by leaving because they were on the USC football team that they will automatically start somewhere else. They could end up on same spot on the roster which is watching from the sidelines.

  13. Most of these players are not transferring because of the sanctions, but because of the opportunity the sanctions give them. This may turn out well for all concerned. The kids will get, hopefully, more playing time, and the Trojans can stock up on “need” players with the 2011 class. But this , so far, has hurt at LB, and Tyler and/or Gable would be a big loss. Injuries, and the play of the 2010 class, will be the determining factors for success this season.

  14. “you guys have no loyalty”……what? So you’re loyal to your woman when you catch her with another man? Cleveland should feel loyal to LeBron? What are you thinking?
    This is what I was afraid of. Unhappy bench players leaving. This will hurt depth and if any starters get injured (or when) it will really hurt.

  15. Shoemite = Bench… Open Bench spot = another 4 star recruit in Jan.

    Bring it.. losin Rob…

  16. Most of these kids are not tranferring because of sanctions, but because sanctions provide an opportunity for them.

  17. @Edward – totally agree.

    I also agree that not a single one of these defections on its own makes a difference, but taken as a whole it may. This will lead to less depth and a greater vulnerability to injury. I really hope Tyler stays. He could be the star(ter) in 2011 (or this year if Bradford should falter or get hurt.

  18. BruinRob,
    You really think USC is the only fanbase to say “good riddance” to players that LEAVE THEIR SCHOOL?
    NEWSFLASH moron: players that were on the bench and NOT GETTING PLAYING TIME are leaving because an opportunity opened up for them!
    DJ Shoemate? Byron Moore? Have these guys seen the field? No.
    You’re an idiot. Oops, I mean a ucla fan.

  19. @Monopoly is OVER, quit crying! the sooner you admit your cheating empire has crumbled, the easier your life will return to normal.

    What I find funny, is that 95% of the posters do nothing but bash the players leaving. It’s what happens when greedy coaches recruit four 5-star players playing the same position, the same year…look what’s happening now, the heart and soul of a winning team is the OLine, USC has zero depth there, and zero depth at LB, with hardly any depth at the DB spots, and not very much depth at the DLine why? because “RB U” and “WR U” were the focus from your greedy coaches that did not want to see those players go anywhere else…now USC will play the concenquences.

    Even without sanctions this team would have been hurting…the fact that these juniors and seniors are leaving IS in fact because of the opportunity they are being offered somewhere else, and are being told they have a 90% chance of starting wherever they go.

  20. For a change, there were more SC comments than ucla on the SC blog, and many were quite insightful. When I see one of the usual ucla suspects’ monikors I don’t even read it. I wish the Trojans here would adopt the same tactic.

  21. Bruin Nob – woops I mean Rob. C’mon man where did YOU go to school? I have asked this three times so apparently you are too embarrased to answer, I am assuming that you actually did attend a 4 year college.
    So…let everyone on this blog where you went so we can all have a BIG LAUGH going in to the weekend. Living vicariously through the Bruins, wow, what a poor phucq.

  22. Funny how all these bRuins are commenting, before the season starts. Bragging rights come when you win… Beat us, then you can talk about us. Until then, you have nothing to say.

  23. K. Odowd + A. Bradford = 1,000 yard rushing season…

    Losin Rob + New Weasel = 4-8 season and hurt cry babies looking for some schadenfreude

  24. This was Shoemate’s statement:

    “I have much love for USC,” he said. “The school is great, the fans are phenomenal and I’ll be a Trojan for life. This was a business decision. When the sanctions came, the opportunity came to go. Playing running back is what my passion is and at UConn I will have an opportunity to play right away and hopefully contribute to an up-and-coming program.”

    Uh, no, DJ, you won’t be a Trojan for life. Not after bailing on the team, the fans, and your friends to make a “business decision.”

  25. That’s right Troxans, UCLA is going to teach you all about Monopolyism — there is only one God, and his name is Rick Newheisel.

    Every day this week you guys have lost a player, like rats getting off an airplane going down in flames. How are you going to compete when you can’t put enough guys on the ball-line?

    I think the problem with you Troxans and your scandals is you guys just can’t control the voices in your heads. When the voices in my head tell me to do bad things, I mostly just ignore them. Or I say, “No thanks, maybe later!”

    Have you guys tried that?

  26. Uh-oh, don’t ask BruinRob/Maze where he went to school or he’ll go run into his closet and curl up in the fetal position crying “Immabruinimmabruinimmabruin”

    Prove me wrong Rob K, let’s talk about your college… what are they called, the Falcons?

  27. Uh-oh, don’t ask BruinRob/Maze where he went to school or he’ll go run into his closet and curl up in the fetal position crying “Immabruinimmabruinimmabruin”

    Prove me wrong Rob K, let’s talk about your college… what’s their mascot again, the Falcon?

  28. @troGan 70, I’ve answered your question before, apparently once the blog disappears from the front page you’re assuming it’s gone forever, just as you will assume I never answererd your same question again, because by the time your check this blog it will have disappeared again…click on the search button next time for this blog and you will find all the topic discussed on the blogs.

    Now your question, NO I DID NOT go to UCLA I am only the biggest UCLA fan on the planet, but do have a son that’s will start there in the Fall…there, happy? šŸ™‚

  29. Dear UClA Fans

    What is your team doing to get better? How will your team compete next year? Who is your QB? How do you see yourself at the end at the season?
    It’s funny ucla fans can only be excited about the success of there team on the backs of what they think is the fall of Troy. Remeber you guys have a had lot of talent come through there and not mention the mad genuis NORM CHOW, and still have nothing to prove for it.


  30. @NostraSam & trogan70…why would it matter where I went to school? do you think that everyone on here went only to USC or UCLA? freakin arrogant dooshbags.

    NostraSam, Falcon? how did you know?? yes!! UCLA – University of Cerritos Left on Alondra!! very gooooood!! Go Falcons!! Go Bruins!!

    I never thought I would be getting so much attention from you tools. LMAO

  31. yes, we need OL help. losing these people hurts a little, but may help in the long run. now we can go get some OL’s and LB’s.

    too bad all of ucla’s wonderful offensive linemen could not be “the heart and soul of a winning team.” oh, i forgot, they were a winning team. 7-6. who ever said the “heart and soul” line is a fool. you’ve got to have the playmakers fool!

    we are not cheaters. one fool went for the money. stop being a fool. kiffin is a relentless bulldog who is already increasing the monopoly despite tremendous odds. oh snap! did i say that. suck on that fools.

    it’s a great day to be a trojan, now let’s go get some OL’s and LB’s…and don’t forget those playmakers…

  32. LAWYER JOHN said it best that there are some great SC comments on here. In the past I have engaged the UCLA fans, but it’s a waste of time. Skipping over the posts from the same suspects really is the way to go.

    Edward made a very good point that these players have a great opportunity to leave without penalty. As a result they can go to where they think they can get the most amount of playing time. We will see if this works out for them, as it often times does not.

    The NCAA really was unfair to leave the deadline open for players to transfer with no penalty. They should have capped it at 2 weeks. Now Lane has to continue to try to focus on plugging the leak and pulling double-duty. No other coach is facing that.

    None of this news is very good. And frankly, our athletic department is an embarrassment. For as much as I have not been a fan of Lane Kiffin, he does not deserve this. Nor does the football team deserve this. Lane would be kicking some major tail at USC if it weren’t for this. I have never been cheering harder for someone to succeed more than I am for Lane Kiffin now (assuming he stays at USC).

    Hang in there, fellow Trojans. God will grant us victory in the end. Fight On!

  33. I have read your responses to this heading. Everyone has a spin and reason. My initial spin is these players who want to move on have reasons they feel benefit them first. These players mostly have been coddled since they began showing some athletic skills and they only know one thing… I should be playing 1st string. When this doesn’t happen as they move to the next level for whatever reason, it is everyone else’s fault. So do you want this attitude hanging around your team, especially now when they have a handicap like NCAA sanctions trying to pull them down? I say let those type players go and wish them well!

  34. BTW before some of tools start your sh!t…let it be known that even though I did not attend UCLA, I’ve been a 15-seat season ticket holder for 12 years and donate to the program, I know many of the players and some of the players’ parents personally…and when I refer to UCLA as “we” or “our” I feel I have the right to – unlike some of you tools that talk the walk but don’t walk the walk…you bandwagoners. LMAO

  35. I really like DJ and hope he does well at UConn. I never saw him happy at fullback and it always seemed unnatural for him. He was a five star recruit and could have played in several positions. It is natural for him to leave as he is very talented and would not have a reasonable shot at going pro if he stayed. We will miss him.

    As for CJ and Marc; CJ is a great guy and a spiritual leader (alone with Matt) on the team even leading a church service for the team on Sundays. Marc is extremely talented (as was his father) and would make a great starter, but is too far down this year on the depth chart to reasonably expect serious playing time. Both players will not see enough playing time to go high in the draft this year. Marc may next year, but has to beat out Dillion and Curtis or share time with them. I think he will do well to stay. CJ is a senior and it will be a very difficult decision for him.

    As for SC, we have five great running backs left and more coming in next year. If two left we would still be deep at running back. Fullback is thin and DJ was important. We will miss him(!); however, he just doesn’t like that position and running back is not possible given the depth we already have. His best bet would be defense and he is now too bulked up for the fullback position to easily transition to safety where he has experience in HS. Possibly the coaches should have considered linebacker for him. Don’t know if he would have been interested.

    The next place to be concerned for defections will be the receiver corp. Paterson is very good, but cannot make the field and with Prater and Woods coming in his chances will not be improving. Carswell is another similar concern.

    As I said before, so far our team has not had a first string loss. Two of the defectors were already off the team for all practical purposes and Byron did not leave due to sanctions as such all three would not be contributing anyways. Strategically only DJ has been costly, the others will help us deal with a long-term void with the limited future scholarships as we are able to replace older players that are not currently critical with younger incoming players in Jan. that can play for years. Let’s hope and pray that no more critical players or near critical players will leave.

  36. @BruinRob, Congratulations on your son’s acceptance into UCLA, a first-rate university on a beautiful campus. I am sure it will be a rewarding experience for him.

  37. Isn’t SC down to about 70 players on scholarship? Given the facts of sanctions and that additional players will transfer and/or not qualify, even the most myopic SC fan must realize that the future looks very tenuous. On the other hand, if SC can maintain its high level of play (excepting last season) over the next 3-5 years it will have to be recognized as an incredible achievement–perhaps one of the most impressive in the school’s history.

  38. I love it – “these guys are not leaving b/c of sanctions, but b/c of the opportunity the sanctions provide…” WHAT??!!! You guys are hilarious.

    And I especially like the “but they’re also leaving one of the best academic institutions in America, and that carries a lot of weight…(wah, wah, wah)”…c’mon, be serious.

    Oh, and of course, there’s the “they’re just benchwarmers & wouldn’t have seen much PT”…yeah, b/c the starters last year were SOOOO good as to end up in 4th place, and the vaunted Emerald Bowl…ooohhh!!!

  39. Cerritos Rob – did you graduate? 15 tix at the Rose Bowl? Oh I get it, it must be like your JC experience watching the bruins play in a half filled stadium. USC has probably won more time in the place over that last ten years then the bruins. Lastly, the attention you get is because you are a fool. Sort of like a circus act, laughable and forgettable. Go Falcons!

  40. @ Nostra Sam Gilbertus…would you also like my SS# and my home address? — it’s none of your freaking business…all you need to know is I didn’t go to UCLA, at least I’m not a bullshytter like most of you that claimed you went to USC yet have never even stepped inside the campus.

    @ NJ Trojan, thank you sir, I appreciate that…I wish some of your fellow Trojans were as classy as you and Sy.

    Since when do you have to be a trojan to post on the SC blogs?? when you stop posting your crap on UCLA blogs is when I will quit posting here, hypocrites!

  41. BruinRob/Maze

    Here’s the thing. If you’re going to troll, don’t link your facebook profile to your handle.

    It’s been said before and I’m sure it will be said again:

    You. Are. The. Stupidest. Troll. Ever.

    Your email address, phone number, full name etc.

    Now I don’t know if Trojan alum Anthony B. and Leslie C. are real friends or just people that are on your friends list like those bruin football players your fantasize about – but I’m sure they’d be disappointed to see what kind of pathetic troll you are.

  42. Too bad BruinRob’s son is 99% a complete dork and his dorkness will only be enhanced with 4 years in dorkville.

  43. Malibu, you can’t really be that stupid, can you?
    Making fun of SC for winning the Emerald Bowl?
    Your team went to the freaking EAGLE BANK BOWL! The WORST one possible, and you just SNUCK IN!
    And this was a DOWN year for SC.
    It was a NORMAL year for FUCLA!


  44. @BruinRob, Most of the fellow USC alumni I know personally ARE pretty classy. Even the Trojan fans who post frequently on this and other blogs are pretty classy when they’re not responding to remarks that are designed to incite ugly responses. I have a great deal of respect for UCLA. I applied to USC, UCLA, and Cal State Fullerton. Ironically, only CSF rejected my application out of Cerritos College. Go Falcons!

  45. The players leaving due to the sanctions clause probably will not open up spots for next year. If more than 15 scholarship positions are vacated this year due to end of eligibility, transfer, injury, etc. those spots will not be filled as there will only be 15 scholarships available. On average there are 25 scholarship positions available each year and the NCAA allows for 25 scholarships a year, (a roster can have a max. of 85 scholarship players and USC will be loosing 10 scholarship positions each year for a max. of 55 after 3 years). This year USC most likely will have more vacancies, (25 on average + sanction transfers), being created with less scholarships, (15), available to fill them. With only 15 scholarships available per year and any additional attrition over the 25 per year average will result in less than 55 scholarship positions filled at the end of three years.

  46. I think Sam Gilbert misses me…he mentions me in every post. Not that it’s any of your business, but my name is Jason, and I went to UCLA for undergrad and for my MBA. I’m hetero, btw…sorry to disappoint you.

    Lust on!

  47. The players leaving due to the sanctions clause probably will not open up spots for next year. If more than 15 scholarship positions are vacated this year due to end of eligibility, transfer, injury, etc. those spots will not be filled as there will only be 15 scholarships available. On average there are 25 scholarship positions available each year and the NCAA allows for 25 scholarships a year, (a roster can have a max. of 85 scholarship players and USC will be loosing 10 scholarship positions each year for a max. of 55 after 3 years). This year USC most likely will have more vacancies, (25 on average + sanction transfers), being created with less scholarships, (15), available to fill them. With only 15 scholarships available per year and any additional attrition over the 25 per year average will result in less than 55 scholarship positions filled at the end of three years.

  48. Hi pdxsiskiyou,

    55 is not the correct number. We will have a limit of 75 throughout the three year period. The thing is we cannot at more than 15 new scholarships to recruits over that period and we cannot exceed 25 between early enrollees and fall enrollees for 2011. As such we can still be as high as 70 by the end of the sanction period. With redshirting, etc. we hopefully will be OK. I have yet to see if we can fill up the remaining open scholarship limit to keep us at 75 with walk-ons; however, it is my understanding that we can.

    Hi @BruinRob,

    Thank you for the classy compliment! I grew up loving both UCLA and USC, but chose to go to USC. I do love being a Trojan, but I still like seeing UCLA do well in basketball, etc. and hope they get a decent football coach as I have little faith in Rick.

  49. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Carswell leave since he’s buried on the depth chart and Ambles and Woods aren’t going to make it any easier for him. But I’d be surprised to see Patterson leave. Isn’t he in line to be the first receiver off the bench at the Y position? Kiffin will probably call a few more running plays than Bates did, but Kiffin’s passing schemes should be more vertical, so Patterson, who can fly, should have a chance if he avoids the drops. Especially if he’s working against NBs and Ss.

  50. When I said 70 I was referring to adding 25 + 15 + 15 + 15 = 70. This does not count the incoming freshmen that will redshirt at some point during the next four years as they probably will be balanced out by players leaving early for one reason or another (i.e. NFL, injury, transfers, discipline issues, poor grades, etc.).

  51. @samGilbert, maybe you don’t associate with anyone outside of your trojan “circle” I have many friends that have graduated from USC…including some within my immediate family. I don’t have to worry about looking over my shoulder…as I’ve haven’t made any threats to anyone here. The only thing I’ve done is defend myself from your attacks, and smack talk…do you find that offensive?

  52. Why all the hand wringing over scholies!
    The NFL has an in season limit of 53 roster players and 8 player practice squad, stop worrying, USC will do quite well.

    Be Happy, don’t Worry

    This situation has a good side, the Trojans have for a number of years had a arrogant/superior attitude and it was apparent to all the nation…now however, after the sanctions and defections, those left and the coaches have to face the prospect of being underdogs and will no doubt hoist a very BIG CHIP ON THEIR SHOULDERS.

    This could bode very badly for all the PAC10 competition.

  53. What’s this about 15 UCLA tickets? Is there a sale at Costco?

    DJ’s transfer is the first one that could have a big impact. He’s a key back-up. Tough to blame him for taking an opportunity to run the ball. Kids don’t want to play fullback. Who, aside from Havili, has gotten much if any national recognition as a fullback in the past several years?

    I imagine there are plenty of players at other schools who are buried on the depth chart or are unhappy with their assigned positions. But they can’t transfer without sitting for a year.

  54. @ scinsc5…now you’re going to insult my family? be a man and take your shots at me, my son’s not here to defend himself…coward. In my experience on blogs, when someone begins with family insults or becomes spelling or grammar police, it’s because they’ve lots the battle. Punk.

  55. CerritosRob,

    I very much doubt that you have actual friends in any circles. I’m sure you believe some of you fellow hate-filled trolls are friends but I don’t see any of them rushing to your side supporting you as as being a “true bruin.” I’m guessing a number of them are actually relieved that you don’t have any connections to the university.

    You come here to instigate and draw attention to your sad existence. Stop trying to play a victim and say you were defending yourself. Our scorn is what you’re begging for, you feel it somehow will bond you to the real Bruins.

    And contrary to your little promise, that’s why you’re never going to stop posting on Trojan websites, Outside of the ones that laughed at your condom slurping jokes, they’ll never except you.

    So just keep begging. Beg for their love. Beg for our hate. Beg for us all to acknowledge your existence.

  56. And also in my experience on blogs, sometimes the words on the screen just won’t hold still, and they start to speak to me in voices… the voices of the dead… sometimes the voices tell me to do bad things… or they say they know about all the bad things I already did, and they’re going to tell EVERYONE.

  57. @sam gilbertus, what’s your beef? what’s up with all the anger?? you need some anger management classes dude. I even changed my name just to please YOU!! LOL

  58. hey west Hollywood rob, I think all those lonely Friday and Saturday nights on Santa Monica blvd. are turning your brain into mush.

  59. nOMG!!! such venom from the trOJies!!

    the infraction wounds are deep, i sense.

    herh herh herh.

    to my fellow UCLA trolls: do you believe for one nano-second that the Paralegal and Dixie NEVER read our posts?? HAH! pure lies! Sith Lord Garrett is incapable of telling a bigger lie!! the Truth is, they live for our posts!!

    see, Southern Cal fans are demonstrating classic self-loathing behavior. they are hurt and betrayed by Southern Cal’s treachery. they feel like fools for being taken for such chumps by Darth Carroll and Floyd Sidious. but because they are too stubborn to admit it, they need us to punish them with our clever, yet pointed barbs. kind of perverse, but they need us to beat them up: deep down they know they deserve it, but they just don’t have the strength to do it themselves.

    trOJies: we are here for you.

  60. Ouch, bruinrob (or are we all calling him cerritos rob now?) took a real lashing today.

    Poor old man isn’t going to be able to sit down for the rest of the weekend.

  61. Man, a lot of you guys talk about a lot of stuff that has nothing to do with USC.

  62. @ osezno, yah I took a brutal pounding!! you are so right!!!! LMAO your fellow troGies are such bullies!! if only you morons had the class of Sy and NJTrojan have, this blogs would get so childish…I see nothing but paranoia here, specially from Sam Gilbertus, he’s been swearing up and down that I’m “Maze” and “UCLA ROB” and “Westwood Rob” so I thought I would give him one more “Falcon Rob” and and several of you have suggested “Cerritos Rob” sure, I’ll change my name again, but be assured that “Rob” will always accompany my moniker so you’ll it’ always moi.

    Sorry to dissappoint you troGies but, I’m Bruin Rob and I don’t have a facebook account yet, but if any of you that do have one and care to add me just let me know, you may send your invites to lovablerob63@gmail.com and I would be more than happy to chit-chat some more since you all seem to love me so much. hehehehe

  63. Thanks for being there for us “Count” Douche. Your comments are so enlightening. Just keep reiterating the same things….

    And don’t forget, 13-9!!!

    Hold on to the past Trolls… Hold on…

  64. your players are running away like crying little girls

    the days of players like Cushing and Sanchez are over

    now USC is going to have to ‘fight on’ on more even terms with the rest of the pac10

  65. SoCal fans, call your shots instead of waiting for players to bail, and then trashing them.

    Which other players would you like to transfer from the team? Which other players don’t contribute?

    Too bad you don’t have a problem with the players that cheat, but put up good numbers.

  66. Give those poor ‘ruin posters a break since they lost their beloved phony idol John Wooden recently. Wonder why these losers are not flooding their own board with adulation for woman’s gymnastics and softball while defending the three amigos purse stealer s. It is just plain jealousy on their part that the Trojans are out of reach for them for whatever reasons that they grow a hatred towards this university. Now that Westwood has become a crime infested area even surpassing the areas surrounding USC and academics have become virtually even the luster of that highschool has diminished seriously. In response to oregon111 you are a total idiot if you think the top players in the country will stop coming to the Trojans. Sanchez was not that special in his days here until the Rose Bowl which turned out to be his last game in Cardinal and Gold.

  67. I noticed that Rick did not kick the three purse thieves permanently off the team. They were merely suspended until Jan. when I guess he thinks the press will have forgotten about it. Probably not one of his better decisions and he missed an opportunity to set a proper example. Not sure any of these coaches will have the nerve to set an example given how hard it is to be competitive these days. We’ll have to wait and see how the purse thieves pan out over time.

    As for kicking off players that cheat; according to the NCAA records, the first time SC supposedly knew about Reggie was in ’06 when Lake called McNair for 2.5 minutes during the night (according to Lake and his girlfriend only!). This was after Reggie played his last game and already had declared eligible for the draft. The only other incident since Pete arrived was Joe’s McRide… As soon as Pete was informed by the compliance department he suspended Joe. Joe never played another game including missing our bowl game.

    So the real issue isn’t actually USC knowingly playing cheaters it is UCLA knowingly playing purse stealers, which is currently what Rick is intending to do next year.

    Let’s all stop throwing stones as no one has a house not made of glass…

  68. Sy, RN dismissed the three player from the team with conditions the players must meet before they are considered to be eligible to play again for UCLA. If the players meet those conditions and are willing to come back after being completely humiliated by the incident, then that reallys speaks volume of the players and it will show how truly sorry they are for what they did – for most people including adults it is easier to never come back and face humilitation. We will wait and see what happens.

    Keep in mind – and you seem to be pretty level headed person – that Pete Carroll met many of the same situations while coaching USC, and not one of his players ever go suspended even for a practice, unless you can prove me wrong, but I doubt it.

    Rick also suspended Stan Hasiak last year, a player UCLA could have really used, a 6’8″ 330 OLineman. He suspended him for bad behavior, uncontrollable anger and fighting in practice and a bad attitude…RN may have a bad reputation from his past, but this is a new Rick and so far we the UCLA fans, could not be happier having him as our coach. Suspending the players – specially Shirley, show a lot of balls on RN’s part, and we the UCLA fans applauded him for his decision, and we stand behind Rick 100%.

  69. Hi BruinRob,

    I’m not condemning what Rick is doing, just pointing out that coaches are human and have to make decisions to keep the team successful. As for Pete, the only incident that comes to mind is Joe who was our top running back. He immediately suspended him and never let him play again. He had to go pro earlier than he wanted to as he was not going to be let back on the field. That mistake cost Joe a fortune as he would have gone much higher than fourth round had he been able to complete his senior year.

    All I’m pointing out is that the coaches did not know about Reggie according to the NCAA findings while Reggie was playing for USC. They had no reason to suspect either. Reggie ate at commons with the other players. He never had money and his car was very cheap and used (I think he paid $4300 total). There were no red flags and the coaches never cheated. The rap given SC is not fair at all and neither were the penalties imposed by the NCAA.

  70. Sy, same classy guy.
    NOBS, same dooshbag.

    Sy, according to the findings USC did know about Reggie. He registered the new vehicle in Dec. 2004 and there was record of calls placed by McNair to the at least one of the agents…and there is also a picture of him and the agents together at a night club.

  71. Quack Quack.

    Its too bad to see two proud california programs bickering amongst yourselves. Good Luck against the Ducks and Beavers. Your gonna need it.

    Quack Quack

  72. Hi BruinRob,

    The Dec. 2004 has been corrected by USC and is part of their appeal. The car was registered in the spring of ’05 after the association initiated between Lake, Reggie’s step-father and New Era Sports. The Dec. ’04 date was one of the many errors that the NCAA made. What was interesting is the date was corrected before the final decision and the NCAA ignored the correction.

    As for the picture, McNair is not near Lake and Michaels. They are in the background. Also, the picture that was presented by Lake was clearly altered. For one thing the background was removed and the format changed from a jpeg to a bmp. Lake refused to present the original unaltered picture. In itself the picture was worthless, but after seeing that it was clearly altered it is a disgrace that the NCAA used it and gave it value.

    The three calls were all one minute each and on a night when Reggie was supposed to help recruit a kid making an official visit. Reggie gave Todd the number of Lake as he and his family were having dinner with Lake that night. Lake never answered any of the calls. There were no calls received by either in 04 or ’05 and only one for 2.5 minutes in 06 (Lake claimed, but no proof of a supposed conversation also it was after Reggie was no longer playing for SC). That was the only time that Todd called Lake. It would be laughable if it was not so serious that the NCAA took this thread thin information and made something of it.

  73. bRuinBoob, try to be a little more specific than “USC” knew about Reggie. IF McNair knew and did not tell Pete or the Athletic Dept, USC DID NOT KNOW. I know it’s hard to pull our head out of your a$$, but try.

  74. NOBS, it is you Lad, that needs to pull your head out, you’re still in some serious denial.

    McNair was a USC employee and if he knew, so did USC as far as the NCAA is concerned. McNair knew very well, what was going on the whole time, the report showed he did, if you want to belive otherwise, well that’s your choice. Besides that Bush and his family never did a damn thing to disprove the allegations my Lake and Michaels, and neither did USC, they just kept quiet and kept doing stupid things as to make a mockery of the NCAA rules.

    Michaels claimed in his book that he has a recorded telephone conversation with Carroll in which Carroll instructed Michaels to make sure the paperwork for the Bush’s home is straight – meaning the lease for the home. If that wasn’t true, Carroll and the university would have sued Michaels for slander and damages, their silence is an admittance of guilt.

  75. First of all BR, with regards to Pete, prove it. You’re going to take the word of a convicted felon? Ok, figures. Does your boss’ boss know what YOU are doing? i.e. Bush (you), McNair (your boss) Pete (his boss)and even MG (Pete’s boss). You’re full of crap. When you were in college (it’s obvious you weren’t), would you have asked your parents where they got the house, how much is the rent, what is the market rent, and who set it up? Doubt it. You’re on a witch hunt because you, and the bRuins, are jealous AND two levels below Troy. So get real and smell the coffee. Let me know when you want to come over to SC and view our FOOTBALL national championship trophies AND Heisman’s.

  76. NOBS, once again – Carroll knew about it, it’s in Michaels book, why hasn’t Carroll sued Michaels if it wasn’t true? McNair was also at the party in San Diego thrown by the chargers’ player.

    As for you National Titles, I would rather be at UCLA admiring all 106 National Titles there then to be looking at “tainted” titles, and “tainted” Heismans…look at you Heimans won.
    1. Mike Garrett – joke
    2. O.J. Sipson – Murderer
    3. Charles White – cocain addict (clean now)
    4. Matt Leinart – getting minors drunk in his jacuzzi, and getting beat by an old man for the QB job and now warming the bench.
    5. Reggie Bush – cheater and soon to have his trophy taken away, and hasn’t done shyt in the NFL…Maurice Drew has run circle around him, and also Drew had better stats than Bush in college.

    7. Carson Palmer – CLASSY, AND ROLE MODE.

    Truth hurts, don’t it? sometimes it is best to keep you pie hole shut, or else you force other to expose your true colors.

  77. BR, were you at the party? Right, you could care less about football titles. SURE.
    1. MG- Heisman & Super Bowl winner
    2. OJ-Last I heard, he was found not guilty.
    3. CW-Agree
    4. ML-Multi millionaire with talent, got beat out
    5. RB-True. Much better college player than Drew.
    6. MA-agree
    7. CP-agree

    Yours are exposed. You should keep your pie hole shut or you’ll get ANOTHER you know what in your mouth. Like you wife does.

    Bottom line: You have proved NOTHING. AGAIN.

  78. NOBS, you are right I have not proven anything that you already did not know…BUT you have proven what a a$$hole you truly are…my wife passed 16 years ago, thanks to drunk driver. Thank you.

  79. BR, no wonder you are a bitter ahole. Sorry about your wife. Not you. Your a d!ck.

  80. NOBS you’re by far the bigges a$$hole on these blogs…on the bright side I just sent your wife home with a big smile on her face, I hope you enjoy the Bruin juice, as you slurp it all up…youfag.

  81. Since moving back from Sacramento two years ago, I began to read these blogs for pure entertainment, and I must say I have never been so compelled as I am right now about posting a comment.

    As a Trojan Alum, I’m disgusted and ashamed to be associated with this coward called NOBS. NOBS must have been raised by gorillas and/or abused as a child, because no human being can be as classless as this bandwagon fan.

    Truly and without a doubt this thing called NOBS could not possibly have have attended USC, let alone graduated from there. To call NOBS a donkey, it would be an insult to the ass.

    In behalf of the Trojan family, I would like to apologyze to bRUIN Rob for NOBS insensitive comment regarding the passing of his wife. NOBS is a poor excuse of a human being, and does not in any way shape or form represents the views of the Trojan fans or Alumni.

    Fight On!

  82. 79, oh that hurts. Glad you’re back from Suckramento. Where now? Bet it’s not the beach cities. You and BR have a nice time kissing tonight.

  83. BTW BR, my wife just got home and I’ve never seen her laughing so hard. And she was only gone 5 minutes.

  84. NOBS, she was laughing hard? try not answering your door naked next time. She did tell about your little pecker, she said your belly button is bigger than your winnie.

    Trojan79, thank you sir. I already know not to judge all Trojans by the asinine comments of a few, as the Trojans I associate with are classy. I doubt it very seriously NOBS ever went to USC or any college for that matter.

  85. hahahaha Nice company you keep 79. Let’s see, it’s ok to call someone a phag, “do your wife”, little pecker, tool, idiot, etc. hahahaha You two deserve each other. BTW, I DID go to SC and DID graduate. I’m positive neither of you have a degree. Back to the pity party.

  86. NOBS, you started the childish crap, with the wife comment, and gave I you a chance to retract and apologyze and instead you called me a dyck…I’m a man and I can talk as much trash as anyone on here. However, when you start bringing in members of one’s family it shows immaturity and lack of class…and really it shows you have nothing constructive to say.

    The real dyck is you, and even your fellow Trojan 79 can see that you are a disgrace…pity party? sure, you can feel free go back to it, it’s you the one crying because the team you worship is on probation.

    BTW, STFU, you never attended USC (maybe you visited the campus), you don’t have .009% of class compared to those that I know graduated from USC. Loser!

  87. BR-You’re full of crap. I could care less. You are a dick. I’d bet everything you had on my degree from SC, but I don’t need 50 cents. You are the true loser.

    Oh, I forgot your intitial attack:

    BruinRob said:
    Sy, same classy guy.
    NOBS, same dooshbag.

    You are so mature to keep attacking USC athletics when you know nothing other than what you read, or is read to you. You’re so classy, you and 79. xoxoxoxo

  88. Yeah, what I know IS from what I read, do you know something that hasn’t been reported? I think not! I wasn’t there and neither were you…freaking moron…I bet you also think OJ didn’t slash two throats, right?…he should slashed yours instead.

  89. NOBS, “Oh, I forgot your intitial attack:
    ‘BruinRob said:
    Sy, same classy guy.
    NOBS, same dooshbag'”.

    MY REPLY: One post before your above referenced: NOBS, “RN is stellar. New Rick, same stupid bRUIN boob”

  90. To BruinRob and NOBS,

    First, I’m sorry to hear about your wife BruinRob. Losing a loved one can be crippling to say the least. As for the posts; it is fun to debate over issues and teams, but personal insults do not belong and neither of you should in dignify yourselves to the other through these posts. I’m sure you two are not the persons that you come across over these posts. NOBS, if you did go to USC you are not making any one of us proud of our school when you represent yourself and us in this manner. Just stick to the issues and ignore the rest.

    Please don’t “FIGHT ON” this time!

  91. Sy, sorry you disagree. I feel the same way you do about other “posters” that you fell about me. Just the way it is.

  92. wow. is there any way to get Charlie Buckets back on this blog? classy, funny, always a gentleman. ahhhhh the good ol’ days!

    this blog has become like the Lockup show on MSNBC where the old cons lament about the new classless inmates who show no respect for anyone.


  93. Count Smuck, it starts from the top. Read any nice items from Scotty? Didn’t think so.

  94. I will be missing in action for about 45 days cruising the country with my grandchildren and attending almost every major league Ball Park – Wrigley Field and Fenway Park are in my radar. I know some of you will miss me terribly, specially NOBS but I will be back – I promise, so please save the tears. Ciao.

  95. BR, let me know where to send you a “gas” card. Even though I won’t miss you, I will give you a tip. If you only go to two parks, don’t miss Fenway or Wrigley. Be sure to walk around and take a look from different vantage points. Dogs at Fenway are the best.

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