Urban Meyer On Kiffin

The Florida coach was interviewed by Paul Finebaum today, who asked Meyer about Lane Kiffin.
“I have a lot of respect for the new guy at Tennessee,” Meyer said.
Finebaum then asked Meyer if he would miss Kiffin: “Oh, I gotta not answer that because that will be front page in US tomorrow.”

6 thoughts on “Urban Meyer On Kiffin

  1. Come on, Urban. You can comment on Kiffin because of doctor’s orders…your shrink forbade it. Or was it God who spoke to you?

  2. Jag, how can Urban talk to himself?

    Kiff will show everyone. He’s the real deal.

  3. GAG: what’s your deal?? Urb diplomatically sidesteps a loaded question about Kiff, and you respond with cheap shots against his health and his faith?? yikes! you must have a huge balance in your Karma account to heave stones at someone like that!

    such uncouth behavior. i am shocked! and appalled.

  4. The Elder Gods, the Ones Who Lurk Beyond, shall speak to everyone in voices which will melt minds and make the thunder seem a whisper, when I unlock the secrets of the Necronomicon to unleash their unfathomable, ageless tentacles upon all those who stand against USC.

    NCAA, prepare to stare into the face of the formless darkness.

  5. KNOBS – what exactly is he the real deal at?
    Going 4-12 or 5-11 with the Raiders?
    Or going 7-6 with the Trogans?
    Or carrying the jockstrap of Cheatey?

  6. NOBS,

    Don’t believe all the words of Dillon Baxter, or those of your parole officer either.

    You’re welcome.

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