Answer Monday! (Part 3)

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Q: Trojan Conquest said:
Is the appeal an all or nothing thing? Can they win some concessions and not others? If so, what do you think is more likely, a reduction in the number of scholarships lost or only a one year bowl ban?

A: I’m not optimistic about anything when it comes to the NCAA. But I think a scholarsh
ip reduction is more likely because the NCAA would not look like it was backing down as much as if it reduced the bowl ban.

Q: Zovoz said:

Scott, obviously there is still a load of top talent and starters still sticking around.

What kind of positive talk and general (but honest) sentiment is coming from this strata of players, and specifically from whom? What are they saying; what are you hearing? And, are there any common threads?


A: The players are positive about their prospects this season. A lot of them want to play and prove themselves and the fact their is a bowl ban is not going to keep someone from playing hard in a game. The key will be Lane Kiffin’s motivational skills if there is some adversity during the actual season. I mentioned this many times before the sanctions but it will be even more important now.

Q: The Promenade said:
Do you think there should be a new Lily Collins weekly update feature?

A: Yes, I do. I don’t know if she will attend USC this year with her acting career going well but I think you should help start the weekly updates.

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  • Ghost of Charlie Bucket

    geez louise…i see all you trOJies crying for wolf to “move on” and “let it go” when it comes to Caesar, but when it comes to the sanctions, this denial and fantasy persist!

    listen, you are not going to succeed in any appeal! the NCAA already said you got a HUGE break by not having a TV ban! that means “dont even try to appeal” but with all of Southern Cal under mass hysteria, the foolish appeal continues.

    hopefully, the new president will have the decency to end this foolishness for once and for all. wolf you are not helping things by encouraging these people!


  • charlie buckets mother

    Settle down little Bucket… What did I tell you about trying to sound smart? It only proves everyone’s point that I should have given you up for adoption…