The Truth Comes Out

Here’s a quote that was largely lost during the HBO Real Sports piece on Pete Carroll.
“I couldnt get back in the NFL until I did something worthy of getting me back,” Carroll said.
That should erase doubts that he always wanted to get back to the NFL while he was at USC.

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  • Free_Thinker


    I think its fair to say that no knowledgeable sports fan expects homer, rah-rah coverage from alums who work in the press. There are numerous examples of broadcasters, reporters and commentators who provide balanced, accurate reporting and information about athletic programs with which they were once connected.

    Sadly, Wolf is neither competent nor fair. Aside from the overtly negative, often hostile and unashamedly vindictive tone of Wolf’s articles, a main problem is that they contain very little properly sourced information and are devoid of thoughtful insight. As a reporter, a major part of his job is the development and fostering of sources. It is evident from the recurring lack of firsthand attributions and direct quotes fro high-level personnel that Wolf has no real base of contacts within USC’s athletic program. While writers at L.A. Times and others regularly get access to star players, coaches and senior administrators -even Mike Garrett-, Wolf does not.

    It’s not hard to imagine that his unpleasant and vitriolic approach has turned him into a pariah within USC’s programs. The baseless infantile personal attacks against Pete Carroll are unprofessional and ,were it not for the latitude the press has due to the PC’s public persona, would be considered libelous. Without even mentioning his frequent blunders of simple fact, Wolf is at best incompetent and needs to be replaced with someone who can report accurately and show some balance.

  • bruin_nine_one

    its going to get worse for you guys, wait til the hammer falls tomorrow. Owning up to your mistakes is first step towards recovery…big news coming from $C

  • Ghost of Charlie Bucket

    bru91: this sounds like a sweeeeeeeeeet scoop!!

    isn’t it funny how the trOJies cry about wolf’s “reportage” (sounds French when you say it like that!) but the simple fact is, wolf has been right all along about Cheatey and only now is everything he said being proven beyond doubt!

    wolf, don’t worry, your reportage has been right on the mark, and it doesn’t go unnoticed just because a small population of Kool-Aid guzzlers don’t acknowledge it.

    wolf, you have been raising the bar even for you in these past 90 days! keep it up!

    guys: when i say scott you say wolf!


  • Free thinker, I suppose you have more connections and know more about what’s going on at USC than Scott Wolff? I don’t think so, I’ve been reading Scott Wolff’s “reportage” for several years, and he is doing a marvelous job covering USC. His job is to bring us the readers the truth according to the way HE sees it, not the way WE see it, or would like to see it.

    Scott Wolff, keep up the great job.

  • norcaltroy

    I think this is a fair comment by Wolf. But what’s the problem here? So what if getting another crack at the NFL was always in the back of Coach Carroll’s mind? Most professionals foster their careers this way.

  • USCfan

    USC is like the only college job in the land that actually prepares you for the NFL. it’s weird, their’s no other university like USC that prepares. look at past coaches, John Robinson and John McKay. Probably Lane Kiffin. we all didn’t wanna believe it in the glory days but it happened.

  • Trojan Rewind

    and yet Free Thinker you come back (probably after going to Pete’s book tour) and keep obsessing over Scott’s blog that you worry so much about protecting Pete’s “positive” image when the fact is he cares more about himself and keeping a steady paycheck.

    Your boy Pete bailed on USC at a time where they could have used him, but he had to placate his ego and go back into the NFL where he has failed twice as a head coach.

    Go ahead and read all those other newspapers. It’s a free country, but it’s obvious that you only care about reading the Daily News all the time and I’m sure the editors just LOVE readers like you.


    Geez Louise, this is news?

    Take that leech Ugly Bucket for one. (Yes, I have resumed reading him because if you can’t chase away a fool by ignoring him, then you may as well teach him something if he is going to hang around). He aspires to be not just a pain in the behind, but the biggest one of alltime. Of course he will fail because how can one take seriously one who recycles the same rubbish, or as Bucket would write, the same rubbage, day after ad nausem day. I mean, Kool-Aid, Southern Cal, ooooouuuu etc. Is that the best he can come up with? zzzzzzzzzz

    And how about Scott? I better tread carefully here because I think he is preparing to knock off some of the more vicious anti-Wolf posters on his blog. Doesn’t any paid-to-write guy want to write the great American novel?

    And more importantly, how about us? Don’t we all aspire to be the best at what we do, whether it is being a dentist, a home-builder, or a janitor?

    And so Carroll, in a profession that values NFL success as being the pinnacle of football coaching excellence (sorry colleges), is it any wonder that he dreamed of returning to his old stomping grounds to prove to the world and to himself that he is the best?

  • NOBS

    I’ll bet NDLoser keeps copies of the LA Daily News on is jet in CARLSBAD. hahahahaha

    SW does not have the pipeline you’d think he has. His “scoops” are usually second hand. Gary Klien gets way more info than he does.

  • Ghost of Charlie Bucket

    i hear Cheatey’s book signing at the LA ESPN Zone yesterday went over like free swine flu shots. 3 books signed in 2 hours?? ouch.

    wolf, no need to thank me for the sweeeeeeet scooop! i want to be the best i can be from NOW ON!!!

    you have acheived the ultimate level of reportage, but us posters have a long way to go to match your level of excellence.

    hey wolf, remember a few months ago when one idiot used to put in post after post claiming you were posting under psuedonyms including the ChuckerBucker? Ha ha, hard to believe huh? what a turkey!!

  • Ghost of Charlie Bucket

    hey NUBS: gobble-gobble

  • Hey Mr. Nobs, why the hostility towards me? your nasty attitude is not going to get you a free flight to South Bend next year, aboard my private jet.

  • Ghost of Charlie Bucket

    trust me, NDL, he would wet the seat on your jet. if you must have him aboard, have someone on your staff tape down a plastic bag or something.

  • Username

    Regardless of how one feels towards USC, UCLA, Pete Carroll, Rick Neuheisel or anyone else, Scott Wolf is a poor reporter.

    He was like this when he worked the high school beat in the San Fernando Valley. NO high school coach wanted to talk to him because he had his hidden agendas and he would set people up and stab them in the back in a heart beat.

  • W.E.B. Dupree

    Brother Wolf is just a prophet tryin’ to get you fools right with Jesus, by preachin’ the truth about that white devil Pete Carroll, and the wickedness that has sat-chur-ated the USC program!

    When USC lost to Arizona last year, that was God sendin’ us all a sign, and I saw the light. I’m glad to see that Brother Trojan Rewind has seen the light too!

    As for Brother Nobs, Brother Free Thinker, and Brother Trout, wherever he went, and all the rest of you — if you want the scales to fall from your eyes, come down to see me, the Rev. W.E.B. Dupree, at Normandie Lord of Zion, and I will get thee onto the True Bandwagon — the one where Jesus holds the reins! I SAID PRAISE THE LORD!

  • Trojan 70

    Wolf – apparently your intention in attempting to trash PC is to appeal to ucla trolls on this blog. Look at the response on these threads? Please for everybody’s sake, move on and discuss something else.
    CB, who was the last head coach from ucla to be offered a pro job? Maybe never. What does that say about your football program?


    Troxan 70, Karl Durrell now has a pro job with the Miami Dolphins.

    Taste it, sucka!

  • Trojan 70

    Cerrritos (Living vicariously through a second rate football program) Rob – I thought we were talking about HEAD football coaching jobs?? Your crap program only produces asst. coaches? Taste that, butt wipe. Apparently at Cerritos, you failed to learn how to spell as well!!

  • sureshot

    Let’s have Scooter go out and dig up some info regarding “Pat Haden to take over as AD beginning August 3rd”. I just heard it on ESPN radio and there’s no mention on this blog. How does ESPN radio scoop Scooter for the biggest story in a month???

  • Cafe 84 Pizza

    Bruin Nine One, if the Haden news was what you meant when you wrote “its going to get worse for you guys, wait til the hammer falls tomorrow,” then I say bring us more such hammers!

    What will we be “hammered” with next? A new baseball coach?


    Troxan 70, I keep telling you guys, I am not Bruin Rob or UCLA Rob, but I support the efforts of Robs everwhere to tell the truth to you diluded USC fans. Bruin Rob went to the University of Cerritos, but i actually went to UCLA.

    Your the one who talked about “pro jobs,” and that’s what Durrell has got. Meanwhile, Keffin won’t be allowed back in teh NFL unless they need a new puke-mopper in the stadium.

    And I am not “living vicariously,” but I bet your living bicuriously. Get it?

    (It’s a good thing Mother doesn’t know I post on this blog!)

  • Westwood Rob, it seems trOJans are very paranoid, they think every Rob is the same person. funny, I tell ya.