Memory Lane

No one ever said basketball was a strong suit of former athletic director Mike Garrett. A few famous stories: When the job was opened in the mid-1990’s, then-Purdue coach Gene Keady called to express interest.
“Who’s he?” Garrett reportedly said.
USC offered the job to Tommy Amaker, who asked to speak to his wife before making a decision.
“What are you? A (wimp)?” Garrett reportedly said.
Then there was a USC-UCLA game a few years ago when then-coach Steve Lavin said hi to Garrett.
“What’s his name again?” Garrett said.

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  • Trojan Conquest

    We all know guys who we can’t figure out how they got their jobs, let alone keep them.

  • Malibu Grad Student

    Garrett was like Sgt McCluskey in The Godfather…corrupt, and the perfect figurehead to allow all the shenanigans to go on b/c he had no desire to police it.

    In the end, they both got what was coming to them.

    What a dope.

  • DixieTrojan

    I’m as happy as anybody that Garrett is gone. However, why are these stories just now being reported?

  • dtksr1

    I do not appreciate anyone hitting a man when he is down, especially when he gave his all to the job like Mike Garrett did. Some did not like his methods, but they accomplished where others failed, OK? That cannot be taken away from him from cheap shot attitudes. And evidently,some can not understand some “dry” sense of humor when they see or hear it. Come on Scott Wolf, you can do better than this.

  • oneillwatch

    I’m beginning to think he can’t, dtksr1. If Scott had all of this information in the past, what good was his reporting and what good is this blog?

    In the end, you cannot deny Garrett’s accomplishments or his commitment to the University. Garrett also is not a crook or a cheat. I suspect that, had Garrett run the athletic department the way the NCAA envisions, Garrett would have been both sued and fired for spying on students and their families.

    Again, I was not a big fan of the way he ran the athletic department, but I agree with you that the piling on and sudden revelations are revisionist and lame.

  • I DIg Go Go Girls

    Too bad these stories didn’t come out earlier, maybe the quota minority hire could have been canned years ago. Oh wait, Slide Rule Sample couldn’t find Heritage Hall and wouldn’t know a football from a baseball.

    Garrett was/is a walking gaffe, much like Obama, both are the most unqualified people in any room they are in.

    Keep em coming Wolf, they are toooo funny.

  • JimmyConway

    @Dlg Go Go Girls,

    If an ivy league education and a law degree from Harvard make you the most unqualified person in “any” room, hate to see what you think of somebody with a degree from USC. And this comment is coming from someone with a USC degree.

  • NOBS

    Did you hear this story?

    MG: Who’s the little twerp with the big mouth?

    PC: A reporter for the LA Daily News.

    MG: The what?

    PC: Daily News, you know, the rag you dog craps on every morning. The guy’s name is Scott Wool.

    MG: Who? He looks like an @$$hole.

    PC: He is.

    MG: Thanks Pete

  • I DIg Go Go Girls

    @ Jimmy ” On My Knees in Front of Obama” Conway.

    He got into Harvard because he’s black, nothing more, if you don’t know this that you’re a bigger moron that I think you are.

    Obama, like Garrett, have never run anything in their lives and it shows. Obama is a disaster like MG.

    Where you get a degree means zippo, if you’re unqualified, you’re unqualified, period.

    When the country stops hiring people based on race and quotas we’ll all be better off.

  • NOBS

    Jeezzzz goo goo, I agree with some of your comments. I don’t think MG was a disaster. Obummer is. At least MG won 23.

  • LanceKiffin

    I call BS on Keady calling up and offering his services to USC in the mid-90’s. Keady was coming off three consecutive Big 10 championships and USC was coming out of the Charlie Parker era. Keady has exactly ZERO ties to the west coast…. why exactly would he call SC??? Sorry Scott, this doesn’t pass the smell test and is likely a complete fabrication.

  • usctrojanmarkus

    lol, yeah “I DIg Go Go Girls”…

    and EVERY OTHER president won an election because they were white.

    go suck on one, bruin troll!