Find The Coach, Part II


Lane Kiffin’s glad to blend into the woodwork at NASDAQ.

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  • 13-9

    Lane has the charisma of a trash bag.

  • sureshot

    Where do you get these crappy pictures and who cares if CLK blends in or is blocked out by some yahoo in a iphone photo?

  • NOBS

    More important question: Where is Scott Wolf?

  • Trojan 70

    This is such nonsense. I looked at the UCLA blog with Jon Gold today. All he does is answer questions and provide what he presumes to be honest, solid answers. Doesn’t be try to be controversial or a pain in the ass like SW. He actually gets interviews with UCLA players who sit down and answer questions… What a concept! When was the last time Matt Barkley sat down with SW for an interview? When was the last time anyone sat down with SW? Maybe his wife but I doubt that as well. SW, this is a Hollywood gossip column with the design to create controversy and stir up bullsxxt. You my friend, are total asxhole. No wonder bucket, jones, and cerritos rob think so highly of you. It is the company that you keep…

  • Gnossos

    No one wants to talk to this idiot.

  • Ghost of Charlie Bucket

    another sweeeeeeep scooop!!

    wolf, how do you get these sweet shots? you must have the sweeeetest hookups in the business.

    and for the nattering nabobs who try to bag on wolf, how many of you nabobs are on a chummy basis with Erin Andrews like the wolfman is?? i didn’t think so. while you all drool on yourselves, wolfman has her on speed dial.