With Pat Haden in command, Mike Garrett’s administrative assistant was removed, which means the new athletic director will have his own secretary.

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  • jamfan

    Glad we got that cleared up. I’ve been on pins n needles waiting for the update on who Hadens secretary will or wont be. I’ll sleep well tonight.

  • USC’89

    Finally! Damn. Now USC can get back to winning titles.

  • Cafe 84 Pizza

    Surely not even Bucket would label this one a “sweeeet scoooop”.

    Maybe next we’ll learn who gets MG’s parking spot.

  • Flyerz73

    A big “DUH”. Will the name tag outside Pat’s office be changed, too?

  • SECTION 12 ROW 52

    I understand the Tennessee Titans have an excellent secretary….maybe Haden can hire her.

  • dtksr1

    Well Scott,
    judging by the other postings on this “news flash” about a secretrial change in the new AD’s office (big surprise), that you must have a lot of time on your hands…

  • Free_Thinker

    Gosh, it must be a scoop since no other news outlet broke this monster story. Keep on scooopin Sweeet Wolfy. The Times and ESPN got nothin on you scoooper boy.

  • NOBS

    Big “D” is a great person. Scott, you are truly an @$$hole.

  • Trojan Conquest

    What a friggin joke. Kind of like this site’s technology. Does anyone else get annoyed that you can type a comment, and then it tells you that you need to sign in again? And it takes forever for a post to show up.

  • Gnossos

    TC, this site’s technology is 19th Century, go to CC for modernity.

  • Ghost of Charlie Bucket

    geeez Louise, if other sources have the story, it’s not a sweeeeet scooop. if wolf nabs a sweeeeet scoop no one else has, than it’s not news worthy! whattha??

    wolf, you are the most underappreciated journalist in the history of sports!! (with the possible exception of Howard Cossell)

    thanks for suffering these nattering babobs, and keep oooooooon scoopin’!!!!

  • Sy

    Hi Cafe 84 Pizza,

    You are obviously incorrect about Bucket!

  • Trojan Conquest

    How about keeping comments about the story, and not some tool who craves attention?