Stanley Released

As expected, JC linebacker Glen Stanley was released from his letter of intent.

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  • Sam Gilbert

    Would have been nice to have him but it seemed silly to hold him if he didn’t want to come to USC.

  • spedjones

    wow, that only took what, 6 weeks and a lawyer? Sanction ON!


    Another Troxan rat getting off a plane going down in flames!

    Kiffen is going to have to suit up himself, at this rate. Maybe he could practice running routes while Sark throws him a few passes for old times’ sake, while they’re hanging out in New York.

  • NOBS

    He wouldn’t have played anyway. Who cares? He’ll end up being a scrub somewhere else, won’t play in the NFL and have a great job scooping fries line Wesswood Boob and Slowj.

  • Typical response from Mr. NOBS, laughable.

  • NOBS

    NDloser, you are laughable. As is your team. Hold the onions.

  • ThaiMex

    nobs favorite food….SOUR GRAPES of course..

  • Sy

    Stanley is a very real loss to a thin group. The only upside is that we can replace him with a four year guy (he has only two years of eligibility left). Knew this was coming, but it still hurts! He is the last holdout though. We shouldnt have any more changes at this stage.

  • NOBS

    Actually, Thai, it’s Mexican Jumping Beans.

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    Knew this was coming for a least a month now. Stanley is from Florida, and famility issues are making him want to transfer to FSU. Dude can’t be that good if he’s a JC transfer. No loss. Opens spots for Tre Madden and that other dude we drafting. Sprinkle in a little Devon Kennard and Bruins are getting knocked out at the line of scrimage!!!!