Barkley Joke

Lane Kiffin made a comment to Matt Barkley about returning to USC for his senior year with the two-year bowl ban.
“We’ll see. Hopefully,” Barkley said.

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  • norcaltroy

    Gonna jump in here for the Gipper to save him some time…

    Barkley won’t come back because Teo will rip his face off, err-ah and wear it all day as his own, err-ah. Then Barkley will have no face, duh…err-ahh. Teo will then pray to sweet Jesus and Mother Mary claiming he did it all for the Holy Trinity.

    So says the Gipper, you ladies.

  • The Gipper

    the fear
    possum can smell

    voices and/or voices and/or voices and/or voices


    Coach says

    thats not what Coach said!

    cant breathe locked in this shed

    possum in the corner by the tackling dummies


  • scinsc5

    gipper- are you hearing the voice of your god? seriously, do you need some help? let us know. maybe we can pull together and get it done.

  • scinsc5

    gipper- this may not help your state of mind, but i have a question for you. what was 3-9 like in 2007? i understand, frosh QB…oh wait, usc had a frosh QB last year and went 9-4 (9-3 with frosh QB).

    at least you have reason for some fresh hope this year…

  • sureshot

    Brian Kelly is a much better coach than old number 8, but I don’t know how good the Irish will be this year.

    Any more impromptu outdoor sessions with the sacrament, Gipper? I know that Touchdown Jesus Juice can be pretty tempting for the young sisters of the flailing irish.

  • The Gipper

    yellow light
    through newspaper on the window, too far too small

    sun going down outside
    voices fading, silent, gone

    all night in this shed?

    possum restless, black eyes stare

    possum up, hissing through its fangs

    Coach! Coach! Coach! WHY?

    must use helmet

    window red with sunset
    hands red with sunset

  • NOBS

    I think the Gipper has been eating too many tacos with la la crappy and ThaiBean. Too many cervezas as well.

  • scinsc5

    glad to know you are okay gipper. best laugh i got all day. i guess all trolls are not useless.

    but gipper, don’t force it so much. let it flow bukowski style.

    can you write a poem re: 3-9 in 2007?