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Here’s a quote from former Tennessee coach Johnny Majors on Lane Kiffin that USC highlights in its preseason notes.
“I was around him since he took the Tennessee job. I watched practice, talked to the
squad a couple of times, and spent some time in his office. And I believe he is a very good football coach. He’s very aggressive and well organized. He’s demanding and he and his staff attacked recruiting very aggressively. I think he is going to be very, very successful in
the long run.”

  • Sy

    Makes you wonder if Johnny Majors knows and approves of the comments. Anything from Tennessee should be with a full release. Pat cannot take over too soon!

  • jayc

    SC in the national press: This morning the NY Times has a piece on the Pac-10 and USC’s central role in the conference. The media guide is mentioned in the 4th paragraph. Several interesting Kiffen observations and quotes, among them one about not yet having any contract extensions with AD Haden.

  • JAG

    Johnny Majors is an example of how loyalty is rewarded in Tennessee. Both Majors and Fulmer (the two guys before Kiffin) had long and distinguished carreers for the Vols. Yet Tennessee didn’t hesitate to cut them loose when it suited their agenda. It’s ironic that Vols fans got so irate when Kiffin accepted a better offer, for twice the pay and at a superior program. In Tennessee, I guess loyalty is a one way street.

  • NOBS

    Sure, and Pat’s first comment on the lawsuit: no comment. Wonder what BS Garrett would have gotten if he’d said that?

  • Ghost of Charlie Bucket

    wolf, this is interesting insofar as it suggests that someone at Southern Cal has the capacity to understand the class of Johnny Majors standing up for Kiff.

    now Step Two is to try and emulate this behavior. can you picture “i-can’t-fill-my-gas-tank-without-making-3-enemies” Kiff having the awareness to make such a classy declaration knowing he will catch hell from the fans?

    another sweeeeeeeeeet scooop, wolfman!!!

  • Medneggler
  • Medneggler
  • The Gipper

    let’s see how great kiffin is with no quarterback. come november, teo is gonna slice barkleys face off and wear it like a mask. thus disguised, teo will rob banks across southern california, raking in the fat money, while barkley goes to prison without a face.

    so says the gipper, ladies.

  • SECTION 12 ROW 52

    The only reason the Tennessee fans are so upset at Kiffin leaving was that he was doing a great job. If they though otherwise….would they really give a damn? In 1 year, the Vols went toe to toe with Alabama & Florida. If USC can get back to 1 loss or less seasons with Kiffin’s mouth….the swagger will be back, the top recruits will return, and the SEC will need to continue to duck USC as they have the past several years.

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    Kiff is a strong coach. Almost beat Bama. SC aint gonna slip much at all. Then once scollies are back to normal, SC dominates for the next decade!!!