Pac-10 Poll

Oregon edges USC in the narrowest voting in the history of the Pac-10 media poll.

1, Oregon (15), 314
2, USC (12), 311
3, Oregon State (3), 262
4, Stanford (1), 233
5, Arizona (2), 222
6, Washingtton (1), 209
7, Cal, 175
8, UCLA (1), 134
9, Arizona State 81
10, Washington State 39

  • uscfd

    Looks like the ‘ruins will be defending their 8th place finish.

  • Are you Kidding Me?

    Someone is having a good laugh at giving UCLA a first place vote. Rick will proclaim UCLA has officially taken over LA as a result of that vote.


    Is this a ranking of who lost the most players in the off-season?

    Or who has the most criminals on the roster?

  • Chiete76

    W ROB,

    If it was most criminals on the roster you would be at the top; oh wait, those 3 coming in didn’t last long enough to make the roster LOL!


    Sounds about right.

    But SC does get the Ducks at the coliseum, which should be helpful

    However, I don’t like those road games with Stanford’s Luck and of course the Beaver jinx at Oregon State.

  • Globe

    Did the people who voted for Oregon overlook the fact that Masoli’s gone and they actually have to play some road games this year?