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  1. Yes, SUC is usually a no-brainer. This year is no exception. No brains has been the hallmark of the SUC athletic department forever. Lame carries forth ‘no-brainer’ mantle quite well. Exhibit 1? Titans v. SUC, Kitten, et al.

  2. Wolf asks a question, in no time bRuin maggots respond. Nice to see the envy still runs rampant. UB, Spedjones, Bucket, and the rest of you pieces of crap, if you were starving I wouldn’t feed you the corn out of my feces. Back to the shallow end of the pool… In case you lost it your blog address is insidesocal.com/ucla. Good luck with that.

  3. Count Blah……..you’re giving these tools exactly what they want, attention. If I hated something so bad, I sure as hell wouldn’t think and write about it all day long. I don’t read their comments because I know what they’re going to write. And I’m sure if you met them in person, you’d wonder why you wasted your time on them. I’ve already wasted 30 seconds just writing to you about these tools.

  4. Wat caused the change was the build-up of corruption inside the Troxans’ program. Like a volcano filling with lava, all that sleaze and cheating under Pete Carol and Mike Garet finally just caused to much pressure, and the whole thing blew up in your faces!

    Taste it, Troxans!

  5. Or was it the fact that sports “journalists” often have no clue?

    the fact that someone gave fucla a first place vote shows just how uninformed some people are.

    Does anyone think that fucla’s porous OL will lead to a Pac-10 title? give me a break

  6. Obviously, Wolfe was just bating the ruin trolls, who swiftly took the bait. Oregon is defending conference champ, so they deserve the nod. If they still had Masoli, the vote would not have been close. The sanctions will have no effect this year. Maybe SC is rated too high, but the ruin certainly are. They’ll give New Weasel a raise if he can hang onto 8th place.

  7. despite the following nationally ranked recruiting classes per scout.com: ’10 – #8; ’09 – #5; ’08 – #10; ucla is predicted to finish #8 in pac-10. plus they are staring down the barrel of a 3-9 season this coming year.

    neuheisel’s in deep trouble and i cannot wait to hear him all year spin it. truly a weasel.

    hey fools–when you go 9-4 the previous season you don’t get the pre-season favorite nod. but we are going undefeated baby!!!

  8. by end of season, Notre Dame will outrank all these pac-10 teams, and utah and colorado besides.

    Notre Dame will demolish usc in every possible way. crist will grab that trojan guy off his horse and give him a good rogering. the coliseum sod will be watered with trojan tears. our players will have their way with your sisters. i will use the coliseum restrooms, and i will not flush.

    i hear the voice of the dentist again

    spit spit spit spit spit

  9. hey gipper–maybe you can tell these bruin trolls what 3-9 feels like? i feel for you buddy. when is manati (whale) going on his mission?

    i admire your optimism. just like me believing usc can win ap title this year.

  10. Whoa, there Gipper boy! Too much laughing gas at the dentist? Let’s see your Neutered Domers beat a ranked team — any ranked team — before we get carried away.

  11. ND–we love our rivalry with you. please just step up your game so we can strenghten our schedule. we’ve won eight in a row. my memory is short and i place emphasis on the present (8 straight). maybe urban meyer will finally save your pathetic team. how’s bryan kelly doing anything better besides making the offensive players skip between plays rather then walk?

  12. Preseason polls are meaningless. If they did have meaning, a #2 ranking could be considered a vote of confidence for a USC team that finished #5 in the Pac-10 last season.

    Likewise, the #8 preseason ranking for UCLA, which has to have at least the #2 or #3 ranked roster based on recruiting, doesn’t mean much either. Slick Rick will have the opportunity this season to prove to the voters he isn’t as crappy a coach as they think he is.

  13. I think the previous season has more to do with the ranking than the two options you gave, wolfie. USC is ranked pretty high considering how they finished last year.

  14. It’s better to have lower expectations placed on the team. We rollin to number 1 pac 10 and AP poll this year. Hataz gon hate!!

  15. I REALLY want to know who gave UCLA their #1 vote. I mean, seriously. If they’re anywhere near #1 I will eat some serious crow, but the fact is, Rick Neuheisel-coached teams have perennially nose-dived in his third year. And since their schedule is nothing to sneeze at, I don’t see them getting through their nonconference uber-healthy.

    Also, am I the only one who thinks Zona is ranked a little too high? I think Cal will be better than the Wildcats this year. I’m not impressed by the desert cats.

    I look for SC, Oregon, and Oregon St to be the class of the conference. I also think Stanford will be formidable and Cal, Washington, and Zona will be decent. ASU? Maybe okay. Ucla and Wazzu will be pulling up the rear. The Cougs have an excuse (no talent) but the gutty little ruins? Just plain poor coaching.

  16. So the Gipper is suggesting that the Irish QB is gay? Don’t get me wrong, I could care less whether the guy likes to roger women or men (assuming the rogerees consent, of course).

  17. Both the Irish and the Bruins will kick the trOJans teeth in this year. USC is way over rated they have nobody even worth mentioning as a potential All-American and their defense will be giving up 20+ points per game and I just don’t see their offense doing much with a depleted OLine and a Quarterback that throws for more interceptions than TDs. Barkley will be running for his life all year, you better hope you have no injuries to your OLine. Sorry fellas, that’s just the way it’s coming down this year for you trOJans. Irish will dominate.

  18. ndloser, you have a big mouth. leave me your email. i’m willing to bet you $10k both slugs do not beat SC. Of course you are chicken $hit so Mouth On.

  19. I hope Neutered Dame Fairy’s prognostication ability is better than her spelling. In any case, they should rename the team the Iwish. The Iwish we could beat Navy.

    BTW, my sources say it was Wolf who voted SUCLA #1. Seriously folks, think about it for a minute. Is there a bigger media boob than Secondhand Wolf?

  20. this is Oregon’s season to claim it right from the start

    they have ALL their players back (who were not injured last season) except for QB & tight end

    Masoli was erratic at best passing and TE is no problem, the backup played like a starter last yr

    USC had a pro team in ’08, but lost the D in ’09 and now the offense is gone – and now they have to go thru the process of getting a new coach to jell with the team (Kelly already was the OC for the Ducks)

    the only reason the voting was that close is because Oregon has to travel to its most difficult games

    I predict that USC will struggle to win games, but will still pull them out while Oregon blows away a lot of pac10 teams

    USC will come in second at best this season – and may be even lower than that because Barkley is not that good and the USC offense needs a nfl caliber QB to make the offense click

  21. NOBS, let’s make it $100K that Notre Dame will beat the trojies put YOUR money where your mouth is, leave your email so we can make arrangements, we can deposit the $$ in a trust account of a good friend of mine that owns 7 franchises of a world famous grill & bar, I trust him. Let me know, big mouth.

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