Regarding Realignment

Pac-10 commissioner Larry Scott said there pretty much no chance that any plans on how to split the new Pac-12 would be decided tomorrow when the athletic directors meet. He did admit a growing feeling that the L.A. schools rivalry with the Bay Area schools needs to be preserved. That would seem to favor a North-South realignment.
But right now everything is on the table. Scott said he expects the Pac-12 to still play a nine-game schedule.

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  • Trojan Conquest

    I thought it was reported that one of the stipulations for Colorado coming was to be with USC/UCLA?

    Also, a nine game Pac 12 schedule would be a huge mistake. This is why the SEC has a big advantage, having a weak 4 game non-con schedule.

  • SECTION 12 ROW 52

    Trojan Conquest: Let’s not lower the Pac 12’s standards to the level of the SEC.

  • Trojan Conquest

    SEC……..But why put your teams at a disadvantage from getting into a BCS game. Florida hasn’t left the State of Florida for a non-con game in something like 20 years. Play the 5 teams in your division, and 3 (half) from the other division on a rotating basis. I still like the “flex” divisions, or whatever they are called. Every team has a natural rival, and put these rivals in different divisions but always play them every year. Go by who’s “north” or “south” by the rivals. I believe it would be something like this:
    South: USC, UofA, Stanford, Oregon, Wash, Col
    North: UCLA, ASU, Cal, Oregon St, Wash St, Utah
    The only one that’s hard to tell who’s farther north is between Washington and Wash State.