The Number

This is an important figure to remember. As of today, USC can sign as many as 10 players in January. It might be hard to find that many, especially high school seniors who will graduate early like Matt Barkley did two years ago.
But it does create some flexibility in bringing in players before the official February signing period.
It would also mean USC could sign as many as 25 players even with the NCAA scholarship reductions.

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  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    That’s right baby. Scolie ruductions smucktions… Eye on the goal.. 25 signed by start of 2011..

  • Sy


    USC has already announced some time ago that they are taking a voluntary 5 scholarship reduction for this year to be consistent with their appeal. The most they will take is 20 to keep with their commitment.

  • scinsc5

    sy–i think you are wrong about that. i thought usc was selectively self-imposing only certain sanctions.

  • DFWTrojan

    Scott, you’ve been wrong on this for weeks. USC self-imposed a 5 scholie reduction and is appealing the other 5. It is highly unlike that the appeal decision comes down pre-signing day.

    So, USC can take up 10 Jan EEs, and up to 20 Feb LOIs for summer in some combination of 29 so as not to go over the self-imposed cap of 80 players for 2011.

  • spedjones

    It doesn’t matter. There aren’t 10 high quality guys who can come in early anyway, let alone 10 high quality guys who can come in early and actually want to be part of the debacle that is USC football right now. Sanction ON!