Kiffin Surprised

Here’s a stat that Lane Kiffin said he never expected:
“The crazy thing is, it shocked me. USC led the Pac-10 in scoring defense last season.”

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    That is beyond surprising, shocking is more like it. Didn’t our boys give up nearly 100 points just in the Oregon and Stanford games?

    But 2009 is behind us; somehow 9-4 seemed like a losing season, although if they went 9-4 over at ucla they would have to close off Wilshire Boulevard to make way for the bruins’ alcohol-riddled parade.

  • NJ Trojan

    @Lawyer John: Try to keep it in perspective. All time, SC’s winning percentage is 0.70. Over the past 20 years, it’s 0.69. Over the past five years it’s 0.84. Last year it was 0.69. Last year may not have been as good as the last five, but beating both UCLA & ND is always special. (No reason to have a parade though šŸ™‚


    NJ Trojan:


  • Malibu Grad Student

    Yeah guys, I’d be talking smack too if we’d won that illustrious Emerald Bowl and finished 4th in the Pac-10…and oh, those next two years are ta’ die for! Only it’s “like death without dying”…

  • sureshot

    No, you guys rooted for Army to lose (you commie pinkos) in their last game of the season so you could Neuweasel into a fourth-tier bowl game against the perennially awful Temple Owls, to whom you almost lost!


    Malibu Grad Student, amen. These Troxans are always talking smacked, and what has SUC done lately, except get sanctioned? Meanwhile, UCLA is running a clean program, and just got ranked 8th in teh nation.

    Taste it ,Troxans!


    Earlier this week I asked Jon Gold, the blog-owner for ucla, why he thought the ucla posters on the SC blog “state commentary that is rude, crude, exaggerated, boring and repetitive.”

    He responded, “I just think it’s a lot easier to be angry when you’re coming from behind. Right now, UCLA is coming from behind.”

    You should have seen how infuriated the ucla posters were all day, not only with me but with Gold.

    Can you figure out why?

  • NJ Trojan

    At Malibu Grad Student & Westwood Rob: Talking smack? All you guys do is talk smack. In fact you’re whole reason for commenting on this blog at all appears to be to talk smack. I don’t mind it too much though, when you’re not being down right nasty, you’re kind of funny. Well at least some of you are.

    By the way, Mlibu Grad Student: Why do you post under the name of a young woman that was allegedly getting rogered (thanks for that one Gipper) by PC? Is it some weird Freudian thing?

  • charlie buckets mother

    Malibu Grab Student and WestHollywood Rob…

    Next time you guys have a slumber party, I want you to remember how you guys made your bowl game last year. Then I want you to think how happy you would be with a 9-4 season and what a disappointment that same season is for USC.

    And somewhere during the time when you start taking off each others pajamas and start feeling each others breasts, I want you to both realize what USC and UCLA will have in common next year. Neither one will play in a bowl game… for obvious reasons.

  • Free_Thinker

    Westwood Slob cannot read. The poll picked UCLA to finish 8th in the PAC10, not 8th in the nation. Maybe Slob and Dynasty should start a club.

  • SECTION 12 ROW 52

    That’s why the Pac 10 got clobbered in the Bowl Games….same as the Big 12 in 2008. No defense anywhere last year.