Nice article about Kiff in the L.A. Times by, get this, T.J. Simers. It countered the rather negative and silly piece by the “other” Times’ writer, stating that Kiff was arrogant because he kept his sunglasses on. Come on.

    It is interesting how Simers liked Carroll, likes Kiffen, and dislikes that ucla coach, Neu-something.

    T.J. likes it real, and Coach may be a bit immature at times, but he has got heart and he wants to win. He just might fit right in at ol’ SC.

    And what is this talk about SC not having a chance at a piece of the national championship this year?– If SC runs the table and is the only undefeated team at season’s end, then the AP voters would be hard-pressed not to vote SC No. 1. Granted, not likely, but mathematically possible.

  • Free_Thinker

    LJ — I saw it too and had similar thoughts.

    The Mikey who hates everyone. The equal-opportunity hater, TJ Simers likes Lane Kiffin! Mr. I-can-sniff-out-B.S.ers wrote a positive piece on LK!

    So, just for the record, we have two positive USC stories by the real newspaper in town and the usual negative drool from Secondhand Wolf.


  • Ghost of Charlie Bucket

    Heavens, Kool-Aid for breakfast? for shame!

    and maybe Barks will win the Heisman, Kiff the COY and Southern Cal will be voted #1 University!! and then the Paralegal can get some lumber, Slow-Thinker can sew the costumes and we’ll put on the best damn play ever!!!!

    wolf, you continue to be on the very top of your game!!! this is one sweeeeeeeeeet scooop!!!

    but after reading the above, it appears the only bowl the trOJies will attend this year is the Hyperbole!

    (get it trOJies, hyper-bowl?) oh, Chucker Bucker, you’ve done it again!!!!


  • Ghost of Charlie Bucket

    next thing you know, Barks (aka the Cherub) will guarantee victory over UCLA, sealing the trOJies fate!!

    what’s in that Kool-Aid anywhow, cough syrup???

  • UCLA Dynasty

    The only reason Slimers would write a positive piece about Kiffykins is if you rich SCum alums paid him. I prefer Plashke, he was right when he said LA is a UCLA football town.

  • ThaiMex

    Extolling the virtues of Simers? Really? So you think this guy likes it “REAL”. Yea, right Grocery Bagger/Pencil Pushing Paralegal..Simers is much like your current Football Coach…Not the best, but he’s what you’re stuck with at the current moment. SIMERS? Look at the guys who have worked at L.A. Sports Sections before him (Adande, Wolf, Penner, Ostler, Furillo, Hall,Durslag, Healy, Krikorian, Malamud, Keiser, and ,I almost forgot him, Murray (easy to forget…when compared to Simers).
    BTW..it’s also MATHEMATICALLY Possible for a Meteorite to penetrate our atmosphere and land on your head…granted not likely, but mathematically possible. SIMERS? I won’t bother to reference recent pieces from SPORTS ILLUSTRATED on the state of the program.

  • The Gipper

    randy, pass interference
    i friggin told you

    in the shed!

    if i had done like Coach said
    possum would be alive
    died for my sins like jesus

    broken wood in here can make
    an altar
    possum on high, radiant

    praying in the dark

    clean air door open Coach?

  • sureshot

    For some reason, I like Charlie Bucket’s mother better than his ghost.

    And gipper? I’ve got a stat for you:
    8-0 with and average score of 40-15

    And as far as Rudys go, I prefer Huxtable to Ruettiger.

  • Free_Thinker

    UCLA Dynasty. LOL, now there’s an oxymoron.

    Simers fits right into the pantheon of L.A. sports writers. Besides, anyone who smells the BS Neuweasel dispenses cannot be all bad.

    Plaschke is an idiot also known as hysterical Harry because he is always…hysterical…and I don’t mean funny.