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Here is the new USC football practice policy following NCAA-mandated changes.

University of Southern California
Football Practice Policy

Football team practices shall be strictly limited to men’s football team student-athletes and coaching staff, necessary Athletic Department personnel and guests pre-approved by the Vice President or Associate Vice President of Athletic Compliance. Media, immediate family members of student-athletes (i.e., parents, legal guardians, grandparents, siblings, spouses and children of student-athletes), USC Executive Employees (as defined below) and their escorted pre-approved guests, and other pre-approved guests may attend practice by requesting and receiving permission to do so from the Office of Athletic Compliance, at least 48 hours in advance of a practice. Media should initially contact the Sports Information Office to request pre-approval to attend practice. Immediate family members of student-athletes should contact the Football Office to confirm the family member’s attendance at practice has been approved by the Office of Athletic Compliance. Once initially approved by the Office of Compliance, the immediate family of football student-athletes and media need not separately seek permission to attend a practice. Football student-athletes must contact the Office of Athletic Compliance to update their list of immediate family members. USC Executive Employees should request pre-approval for guests by completing the appropriate form and submitting it to the Office of Athletic Compliance.

All pre-approved guests authorized to attend a practice shall not have any contact with prospective student-athletes; and, they shall not have access to the team locker room or other athletic facilities while student-athletes or prospective student-athletes are present.

All guest entry to practice facilities shall be limited to a single secure point of access with a check-in and wrist band issuance procedure to verify and confirm pre-approved attendance. All guests shall be informed of rules regarding conduct at practice and prohibited contact with prospective student-athletes; and, they must agree, in writing, to abide by such rules upon check-in and before admission to the practice field. A separate point of access and practice viewing area will be provided for authorized prospective student-athletes on official or unofficial visits.

Under NO circumstances will the following individuals be permitted access to practice facilities: agents (such as athlete agents, marketing agents or financial advisors to athletes) or their employees, representatives or affiliates (including “runners”). Prohibited individuals, limitations regarding guests, practice viewing locations, and other practice related issues will be monitored, reviewed and may be adjusted on a periodic basis by the Vice President and/or Associate Vice President of Athletic Compliance in consultation with the Athletic Director or Sport Administrator.

As used herein, “USC Executive Employees” shall mean the following: President, Provost, Senior Vice President for Administration, Senior Vice President for Development, General Counsel, Athletic Director, Senior Associate Athletic Directors, Vice President and Associate Vice President of Athletic Compliance, all Office of Athletic Compliance staff and the Head Football Coach (provided that any pre-approved guests of Head Football Coach are escorted by a Senior Associate Athletic Director).

The list of guests authorized to attend practice shall be maintained by the Office of Athletic Compliance and provided to the Athletic Director. The list shall be reviewed weekly by the Vice President or Associate Vice President of Athletic Compliance in consultation with the Athletic Director or Sports Administrator. USC reserves the right to restrict the number of guests and viewing locations at practice. Further, USC reserves the right to deny entry to any individual.


By accepting a Practice Wrist Band Pass for USC Football Practices:

1. You understand and agree that USC may limit, suspend, or terminate access to the football practice USC field and revoke your football practice wrist band pass.
2. You agree not to violate any NCAA, Pac-10 or University rules.
3. You agree not to have any contact with any USC prospective student-athlete (or their relatives or friends) while at a USC Football Practice. This includes in-person contact and written or electronic communications, either directly or via a third party.
4. You agree not to arrange, provide or promise to provide any benefits to any current USC student-athlete (or their relatives or friends) from yourself or on behalf of anyone else.
5. You agree not to arrange, provide or promise to provide any benefits to any prospective student-athlete (or their relatives or friends) from yourself or on behalf of anyone else.
6. You certify that you are not an agent (e.g., sports agent, marketing agent or financial advisor to athletes) or any such agent’s employee, representative or affiliate (including “runners”).
7. You certify you have not triggered the definition of a representative of USC’s athletics interests by 1) making a financial (cash or in-kind) donation to the USC Athletic Department or one of its booster organizations; 2) participating in or becoming a member of an organization promoting USC’s athletics program (e.g., Cardinal & Gold, Trojan Club); 3) assisting the Athletic Department in the recruitment of prospective student-athletes; 4) assisting (or have assisted) in providing benefits to enrolled student-athletes or their families; or 5) being involved in promoting USC’s athletics program.
Access to USC’s football practice field may be revoked at any time if you do not abide by NCAA, Pac-10 or USC rules. Failure to abide by any of the requirements above may result in immediate action, the forfeiture of the future opportunity to observe or participate in any USC Athletic Department activity and the forfeiture of any other privileges, including the opportunity to purchase season tickets.

Print Name:_________________________________________________________________


Date:_____________ Driver’s Lic./Picture I.D. _______________________________

Phone Number: _________________________ E-mail: __________________________

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  • 13-9

    Sounds like a fun atmosphere.

    Cheat on!

  • BoscoH

    The NCAA sucks. Talk about ruining the sport.

  • miguelito

    boo hoo

    cry on bitches


    Which agents met with Reggie Bush at or during practice? Which boosters have met with the student-athletes to influence their decision to accept money from sports agents or marketers? This is insanely stupid so it must be directly from the NCAA, Paul Dee, or someone actually on mind altering drugs. Will the Freeh Group also be running background checks including fingerprinting everyone entering the Goux Gate? Maybe facial recognition software will be available before the first practice.

  • charlie buckets mother

    I’m not sure what’s Gayer…. Powder blue jerseys or the name Miguelito.

  • UCLA Dynasty

    What’s Gayer? How about wristbands for visitors at practice? Fight gONe!

  • scinsc5

    ask me if i give a sh*t. F*ck no i don’t give a sh*t.

  • miguelito

    funny you bring up my handle. there is a girl at work, hispanic in her mid 20’s, she calls me miguelito. people at work call me mikey, in spanish mikey is miguelito.

    anyways, this girl has a douche bag spoiled sc boyfriend who is a pothead in his mid 30’s who welch’s off his parents (sc alums). this loser cant take care of his woman (if you know what i mean) so i lend my services frequently. she calls me miguelito, hence the nickname. true story.

  • scinsc5

    mikey–fyi–if you come here, you are a loser. explain otherwise.

  • miguelito

    im guessing you probably have a different opinion on what makes a winner in life, im sure you are probably very concerned with social status ($$$). honestly im the antithesis of that so you probably consider me to be a loser. but, all that been said, that story i wrote above is 100% true.

    and in a couple hours when said female is done hanging out with said sc douchebag and his mom & dad, she will be looking at my cieling for the rest of the night.

  • Free_Thinker

    Bucket’s Mother is right. Miguelito means Maricon. Gosh, I can’t imagine why the poor lady looks at the ceiling. Get a clue!

  • charlie buckets mother

    Hey Miguelito… Any chance this “said female’s” name is Robert?


    Let’s see now– you may be allowed to enter a football practice but you are not allowed to talk to any athlete’s family or friends.

    Whoa there. That’s as tough as an order to lawyers to lay off the jury. May not be practical for the football field, however.

  • Topher

    LAWYER JOHN, most of the restrictions are against contact with *prospective* student-athletes. You should be able to talk to current student-athletes.

    The rough part is that if you’ve ever contributed directly to the USC athletic department or one of the booster clubs, you can never go to a practice.

  • NJ Trojan

    @miguelito: I believe that scinsc5 referred to you as a loser because you spend time reading and commenting on a blog about a sports team you hate. Either you spend additional time on another blog about a team you like or you just spend your time on the blog you hate. Either way, it amazes me you find enough to roger another man’s woman.


    Good distinction, Topher

    Still, one wonders who will be “policing” all these folks. Perhaps we could recruit some of our noble little ucla friends who seem to take such a rabid interest in SC affairs.

  • barney

    Gee, one of the more interesting exchanges than one typically gets from you geniuses.

  • Trojan Conquest

    These sites are getting extremely boring……….I don’t care what a fucla tool has to say.

  • Sam Gilbert


    The fact that she won’t leave her “boyfriend” for you suggests a few scenarios.

    1. You’re really not satisfying her either.

    2. She doesn’t think you’re good enough for her, you’re just satisfying her sleeping-with-the-pool boy fantasy.

    3. She’s just a flat-out whore (which, if she’s actually banging two losers is safe to assume). That salty taste when you kiss her… well, that’s just a gift a few other men have left her mouth earlier in the day.

    Now tell us how it’s really YOUR decision that the two of your aren’t a couple. That she’s not ashamed to let the majority of her friends and family know about you.

  • Who in their right minds would want to attend a practice to see these losers anyway? You couldn’t pay me enough! If I want a good laugh, I’ll just sit here and read all the comments by these delusional trojan fans thinking they still have a team worth attending their games, let alone practice. No thanks.

    Go Irish!

  • Ghost of Charlie Bucket

    Mikey, the Chucker Bucker has had the same experience (several in fact) with having to fill in for an “impaired” trOJie!!

    there is no doubt whatsoever that there are thousands of trOJie wives out there who have a funny little grin on their face when their hubbys bad-mouth the Bruins during the big game every year.

    yeah trOJie dummies, check it out! oh you know it’s true!!!


  • NOBS

    NDLoser, still waiting to hear about a bet. Fing loser. I’ll bet you’re dating Mikey. ROFLMAO

  • NOBS

    Wow, I just ran in to the girl that cheated on her BF from SC for Miguelito. It is true. It’s also true she now calls Mikey: taco pequeo (“little taco”)


    Migeulito, what do you mean when you say “this loser cant take care of his woman (if you know what i mean) so i lend my services frequently”?

    What services do you lend her? I don’t get it.

    Do you mean you touch her in her private place? OMG!

    Its a good thing that Mother doesn’t know I read this blog!

  • NOBS, I responded already to your challenge, 10K is not worth my time, let’s make that 100K that ND will beat USC, leave UCLA out of it. Like I said on the other blog, let’s deposit the $$$ in a trust account with a trusted Escrow company in Orange County. 10K? LOL that doesn’t even pay for a weekend of fun, please step up the anti or STFU.

  • scinsc5

    larry–a weekend of what? i’m not sure the living god would approve of such spendthriftness

  • scinsc5, God has blessed me beyond what I’ve deserved in my life. 10K might be a lot of moola for NOBS but not for me. I’m a very charitable person with what God has provided for my family and I. God only knows, I don’t have to stand on a corner and tell the whole world what I’ve done for others, that is between God and I and no one else. Have a blessed evening.

  • NOBS

    So big mouth NDLoser NOW wants to leave Fucla out of the bet. READ YOUR POST LOSER. You are the one that shot your mouth off. Loser. I’d still take your 100k bet. It’ll pay my property taxes this year. Bless you @$$hole.