The Number, Part II

I mentioned yesterday that USC could sign 10 players in January on mid-year scholarships. If the NCAA does not reduce its sanctions, USC could then sign only 15 players in February, which would be a total of 25.
The hard part is going to be finding 10 guys who can qualify in January. JC transfers would be likely but USC’s admissions make it more difficult these days to take a lot of junior-college players and a grade of D is not accepted (unlike at other Pac-10 schools, including UCLA).

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  • Malibu Grad Student

    RRIIGGHHTT! The Trogans’ admission standards are so high…yeah, that’s it. Wow, it’s only July and the excuse-foundation is already building…

    Maybe w/those 10 additional scholies, the Trogans can get 5 more RBs and WRs…someone has to replace D.J.Shoemate as the converted FB-once-WR.

  • sureshot

    Oh snap!

    Scooter just b!#%H slapped the bruins back to Westwood.

    “…a grade of D is not accepted (unlike at other Pac-10 schools, including UCLA).”

    You just can’t argue with facts.


    You guys are going to wish you hadn’t been so hard on Bruin Rob — he could have hooked you Troxans up with a pipeline of talent from Cerritos College.

  • Cafe 84 Pizza

    “…a grade of D is not accepted (unlike at other Pac-10 schools, including UCLA).”

    Sweeeeet scooooop, Wolf. Let’s have more scooooops of that particular flavor.

  • in sheep’s clothing

    that was a salad bowl of flan and a carafe of grape juice, wolfie. scoop it up with a ladle.

  • BoscoH

    Holy crap! Wolf not only explained the schollie situation, but also Charlie Bucket! Scott, FTW!

  • Jon

    Isn’t that the case with the general student population at UCs? Much easier to transfer in. Unsurprisingly, the Bruins who tout UCLA’s selectivity are often transfer students.

  • mtbiker

    like those folks in Downey say

    ucla = university of cerritos left on alondra


    As ucla’s Jon Gold said regarding why ucla posters are so crude and rude to SC:

    “I just think it’s a lot easier to be angry when you’re coming from behind. Right now, UCLA is coming from behind [SC].”

  • NOBS

    What’s shocking is that when “students” transfrer from Fucla to a JC, the JCs won’t take the kid’s “D”!


  • ThaiMex

    You guy’s are hilarious….I’m still laughing…Wolfie is on a roll…and Trogan followers are eating it guys got us this time.., though I gotta ask about Marquis Jackson…seems to me, he tried to get into U.C.L.A., but DID NOT QUALIFY AND WAS REJECTED…then re-applied to SOUTH SENTRAL, and was welcomed with OPEN ARMS. Just goes to show you…there’s GOOD “D’s” and bad “D’s”(or maybe it was those “Character Issues”?) at Southern Cal.. You guys are too funny!

  • Sam Gilbert


    Somebody has a UCLA education.

  • charlie buckets mother

    Hey WestHollywood Rob… speaking of “hooked”, how’s business been lately?

  • Free_Thinker

    WTF is a TiedUpMex?

  • ThaiMex

    Sam Gilbert…sorry…forgot I was dealing with one of the sharpest knives in the drawer and an S.C. BRAIN SURGEON…(clever name BTW)…Sentrel/sentrell/seantrel are various spellings, according to,, and sports illustrated (respectively), of your former #1 recruit HENDERSON…(get it?)..Comprende? “Somebody doesn’t have a sense of humor”.

  • Tirebiter

    wolf 1 trolls 0

  • Sam Gilbert

    Thai, you are a simple creature.

    Now convince me that your grammatical errors in your “BRAIN SURGEON” post are just intentional examples of irony.

  • Ghost of Charlie Bucket

    et tu wolf??

    please be advised that i find your comments unworthy of “sweeeeeeeet scooop” status inasmuch as a sweeeet scoop must first and foremost be accurate!

    wolf, your dagger is certainly incongruous with the often stated, and heretofore unrebutted, notion that UCLA has higher admission standards than Southern Cal. for example, the distinguished Brian Dohn often commented on this subject, and not a peep of protest was ever heard from any trOJies.

    i am hereby placing you on notice that my demand for clarification will form the basis of my next “open forum” question. oh, i am slain!!

  • ThaiMex

    Yo Sam Gilbert…..

    So what you’re saying is that you have a problem with my sentence structure….Wonder what your take is on 4*, 5* South Sentrall recruits who call themselves TROGANS?
    Fite on!

  • Sam Gilbert

    Oh Thai, you are struggling. Are you actually a bruin student or are you a cerritos rob type who knocks athletics but couldn’t even make it into westwood high.

  • ThaiMex

    Sam…you’re missing the point..weak attempt to deflect THE FACTS….Facts have been stated and confirmed…Haven’t heard your reply to the Jackson issue..Are you Petey’s son?…or perhaps related to Bagdad Bob?
    “D” students are “D” can relate. I hear “MONGO” from Blazing Saddles has a year or 2 of eligibility left. Maybe he can take one of those TRADE TECH Spanish classes and get cleared…Know what i’m sayin?
    Fite On Trogans!

  • Sam Gilbert

    Yeah, I figured as much. You’ve never seen the inside of a classroom at UCLA.

  • ThaiMex

    Amazing…You have me figured out, while over the last 6 months 1/2 the country has figured out the Stabber U has been running a football program based on Lying and Cheating. You’re right..the difference is…over the last 6 months I’ve gotten ZERO PUBLICITY….while your program has been ripped by the press, cleaned house top to bottom, lost a dozen prized recruits, been put on PROBATION, BUT, the good news is….you guy’s did pick up That Gay Bronze I guess, you win!
    Touche Douche

  • Sam Gilbert

    Cries about getting zero personal attention, homophobic remarks and an angry admission of never seeing the inside of a classroom in either of the two highest profile universities in the city…