USC And BCS Rankings

The BCS announced its policy on ineligible teams (USC) and the computer rankings. USC will still be listed in computer rankings but will be removed for the BCS standings and other teams moved up one spot.
Full release after the jump:

The 11 conferences that manage the Bowl Championship Series (BCS) today announced that teams that are ineligible for post-season play will be removed from computer ratings for the purposes of determining the BCS Standings.

Each of the six computer rankings providers have notified the BCS group that ineligible teams will still be included in the individual computer rankings during the regular season to ensure the integrity of the data and in fairness to opponents. But, for the purpose of determining the BCS Standings, ineligible teams will be removed from each computer ranking and all others below it moved up one position.

“Basically, we will take each computer ranking, remove the ineligible teams, and move all the teams below the open position up one spot. It’s fair, it’s consistent, it’s simple, and it’s transparent,” said Bill Hancock, Executive Director of the BCS.

For example, if the ineligible team is ranked No. 10 in a computer ranking, the No. 11 team would move up one slot, as would all teams ranked below it, preserving the integrity of the rankings. The process would be followed for all six computer rankings. The rest of the formula would stay the same–the highest and lowest ranking for each team will be discarded and the remaining numbers averaged to create the team’s computer ranking.

The average of the six computer rankings is one-third of the components of the BCS Standings. The three components are averaged to create the Standings, which include only teams that are eligible to participate in post-season play.

The USA Today Coaches Poll and the Harris Interactive College Football Poll said earlier this summer that their polls will not include teams that are prohibited by the NCAA from participating in post-season play.

Thanks to the BCS, the top two teams have played each other 12 times in 12 years by BCS measurements and nine times in the last 12 according to the AP poll — including the last six years in a row.

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  • SoCal Native

    “Thanks to the BCS, the top two teams have played each other 12 times in 12 years”… what a load of self-serving bs!!!!

  • BoscoH

    This could make a mess out of the BCS. And it could make the AP poll look especially good. The question is whether AP voters will penalize a team for being ineligible for a bowl game.

  • Dr. Jack Best

    Hi, everyone. I am Dr. Jack Best from Madison Center in South Bend, Indiana, and I am here to apologize for the comments posted on this blog by one of our patients. Apparently he was posting under the name The Gipper, and possibly other names as well. His real name is J.R. Randy Randanovich, and for a number of years he has suffered from a personality disorder which causes him to confuse himself with both George Gip and Ronald Reagan. In reviewing Randys posts on this blog, I have also seen a few comments attributed to an NDLarry, but I do not know if these are from Randy as well.

    Here at Madison Center, we have a building we refer to as the Sunshine Clubhouse, in which our patients can use the internet to look for part-time work to help ease their transition back into society. Apparently, Randy started using our computers to search the internet for news about Notre Dame football. Bad news about Notre Dame football tends to be very upsetting for Randy, so for the past couple of years I have tried to keep all Notre Dame news away from him, for obvious reasons.

    Randy had been making steady progress, but it seems that when he got access to the internet and learned about how the Irish have been doing, he regressed rather severely. How he found his way to this blog, I have no idea, but it seems that he has been posting disturbing fantasies about a Notre Dame player causing harm to USCs quarterback.

    I assume that Randy must have somehow found a way to discard his medication as well, because in the past 24 hours, it appears that Randy regressed even further, and began posting descriptions of his own semi-coherent flashbacks to a traumatic incident in his past, when his high school football coach punished him by locking him in a shed. As I understand it, the coach forgot that Randy was in there, and Randy was left in the shed overnight, trapped with a possum. Randy suffered a psychotic breakdown in that shed, bludgeoned the possum to death with his own football helmet, and by the time Randy was found the next morning, he had constructed a crude altar, upon which he had placed the possums corpse. I hope that explains a few things about his bizarre comments.

    The sad thing is, I thought we were really making progress with Randy, and I even hoped that if Coach Kelly turned things around for the Irish, I might be able to let Randy watch Notre Dame games again. In the wake of this incident, I am afraid that will not be possible for some time.

    If you see The Gipper posting on this blog again, please just gently remind him that he is Randy, not The Gipper, and that he needs to quit using the internet and to resume taking his medication.

    Thanks, and I am sorry if any of you were frightened by Randys disturbed comments. He is really a good guy, I believe that some day he will be well again.

  • norcaltroy

    Scott Wolf’s blog has officially entered into the 5th dimension.

  • sureshot

    “Thanks to the BCS, the top two teams have played each other 12 times in 12 years”

    Except when they didn’t… like following the 2003 season when the #2 team played the #3 team – and the AP voters saw through the farce and pulled their poll forever more.

    Of course, the AP still lets Scooter vote, so nobody’s perfect.

  • UCLA Dynasty

    Your 2003 title is a joke, bought and paid for by SUC. Reporters don’t make much and were paid for that vote, but football coaches make a lot of money and can’t be bought by your robber baron trust fund alums.

  • in sheep’s clothing

    i didn’t realize ucla alumni and friends were so poor. i’ve never seen them ranked on any poll.

  • NJ Trojan

    @UCLA Dynasty: The 03 NC was won after OK lost to KS St & LSU, LSU lost at home to FL & after SC beat #4 MI in the RB and won every other game except a triple OT loss at Cal.

    But I’m sure you just weren’t aware of these facts since I assume by your nom de guerre you must be a basketball fan recalling fond memories from the 1960s and 1970s. Man, that was a long time ago…

  • UCLA Dynasty

    @NJ Trokan My handle refers to the new UCLA dynasty coming in football… it’s going to be just like the 90’s, Kiffykins is the new Paul Hackett and I can’t wait for the game at the Rose Bowl, UCLA 45 SUC 3 Book It!!

    The only way you’re school ever won was by paying off pollsters and players… and now the NCAA revealed the truth! Did you guys really think you’d get away with it with Snoop Dog and Luke Skywalker handing cash and joints to Lendale White on the sidelines?!

  • Cafe 84 Pizza

    I think “UCLA Dynasty” is a hoax, as in, not an actual Bruin troll. Everything about this character is over the top:

    1. the absurd handle
    2. “trokan” — weirdest misspelling of “Trojan” yet seen on this blog
    3. the prediction of an incredibly lopsided score
    4. the accusations of bribing journalist-pollsters
    5. so many exclamation points
    6. when was Luke Skywalker of 2 Live Crew on the USC sideline? (my apologies if this really happened and I just never heard about it)
    7. the accusation that rappers were handing “cash and joints” to Lendale on said sideline

    This is someone going overboard on purpose, with the secret intention of parodying UCLA trolls. I think he also mixed up “your” and “you’re” intentionally, to make Bruins fans look foolish.

  • UCLA Dynasty

    I think your foolish and a fake. USC sidelines were covered with rappers, actors, judges and politicians all giving special favors out for the school. It’s all in the NCAA report. Now that the cheating was caught its back to the days of Rodney Pete and no Rose Bowls. Bruin Domination returns!

  • UCLA Dynasty

    By the way, “Trokan” was a typo, if you owned a typewriter you would know K is next to J. I got the score becaue I played NCAA Football on the PS3 and that’s the average score I would crush the Trojans by. Rick Neuheisel is a better coach than me, so that scoree will stand UCLA 45-3, count it!


    Video game results + Rick Neuheisel = victory in the bag!

    UCLA Dynasty’s logic is indesputable, Cafe 84!

  • Cafe 84 Pizza

    So UCLA will win this year because “UCLA Dynasty” was able to beat USC while playing NCAA Football on the PS3? That is the most nonsensical argument I have ever seen on this blog — and that is saying a lot.

    Here’s something that will blow your mind: all the hours I’ve spent playing “Modern Warfare 2” have not gotten our nation any closer to capturing/killing Osama Bin Laden. MIND = BLOWN.

    You and Westwood Rob are both posting such clownish comments, I think you are both doing some kind of performance art. Neither of you can seriously mean the absurd things you are saying.

  • charlie buckets mother

    Hey UCLA Dynasty… I thought you had to be at least 9 years old to be able to use this blog?

  • UCLA Dynasty

    You guys can make fun of me all you want, but admit it, you play EA’s NCAA Football too… except as SUC fans I assume you have the cheat mode on and pay recruits to win. Fight gONe, losers!

    Remember, even at the height of cheating with the players on the payroll you couldn’t beat UCLA and a coach that was so bad, we fired him. 13-9! Good thing Kiffin wasn’t the OC for that debacle…. oh right, he was!

  • Free_Thinker

    I think Wolf makes these identities up. No one can be as stupid as some of these “supposed: UCLA trolls.

    Bucket-of-Sh**, Neutered Dame Fairy, ThaiMelts, Westwood Slob, Yoda, Count Smackula and now somebody with the name UCLA Dynasty! You gotta be kidding.

  • hadenusc

    THese blogs are becoming childish and foolish…But whats new ? Scott Wolf has been talking BS too in many issues concerning USC. If he is a insider then I am Pat Haden ! Reality is I have had the Hadenusc callname for years and the irony is my alltime favorite player becomes the president of USC…FIGHT ON !!!

  • charlie buckets mother

    Hey FUCLA Dynasty… It’s not because you play NCAA football that makes me think you are 9 years old. It’s that your writing skills are that of a 3rd grader.

  • Boy oh boy, the rear ends of the USC fans must be really burning with the season fast approaching. They appear so irritable, specially freestinker and bucket’s mom. Hey folks, it’s not our fault your school cheated in order to win, now is it? You had a cheating coach, with an AD that told him to win at all cost! Now your school’s football team will be the laughing stock of college football for the next 7 years or so, and you it will rebound again, it’s all a cycle. Go Irish!!