Just Sayin’

Does anyone think that legal document on who attends practice will pertain to, oh, say, the Fat Booster?

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  • aShark

    Um, last time I checked, the Fat Booster wasn’t the problem. I have zero issue with big boo$ters watching practice.

    Wolf, your continued pot-stirring is becoming a bore…

  • NOBS

    Scott, a “heads up”, I hear the Fat Booster is looking to punch you in the face before he leaves town for Seattle. Just sayin’

  • devildoc

    Ok,remind me again who is the Fat Booster?

  • BoscoH

    From http://blogs.dailynews.com/usc/archives/2010/03/answer-monday-68.html

    Q: $uckaFREE said:
    Who is the “fat booster” I hear you talk about from time to time?

    A: He is the booster who nearly received an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty against Stanford in the famous loss to the Cardinal (clearly shown in the Versus telecast) and was banned from the sideline the rest of the season.

  • Fat Booster

    I’ll answer that. No, it doesn’t apply to me. Eat your heart out, Scott.