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Reggie Bush said he is unhappy USC is distancing itself from him according to Pat Yasinskas of
“I think I’d be lying if I said it didn’t (bother me),” Bush said. “Obviously, it does, but at the end of the day it is what it is. All I can really do now is focus on the New Orleans Saints and just try to move on. It bothers me and it sucks.
“The whole situation is terrible and nobody feels worse about it than I do. But, at the same time, I can’t dwell on the negatives because I do have a job to do and I have a whole organization and a city riding on my back, not necessarily my back, but the team’s back.
“I hope someday at some point it can be repaired. We’ll see what happens. That’s all I can do.”

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  • I DIg Go Go Girls

    Hey Reggie, read the NCAA report, they want SC to distance themselves from you and your scumbag familia, not surprised you don’t get it.

  • Trojan Conquest

    REGGIE, you low life scumbag, there are consequences for your actions! You will NEVER be welcomed back, and I hope this ruins your endorsement deals.


    Sorry to be contrary, but without Bush SC perhaps does not win national championships (A.P.) in 2003 and 2004, and those titles are a great source of Trojan pride (the last one was 25-years prior in 1978).

  • MBA07

    Bush only has his stupidity to blame, this could have all been averted had he settled like any sane criminal with a lot to lose would.

  • DT-89

    Sorry to be contrary to Lawyer John, but your comment resembles many of the shallow missives you (rightly) criticize. Reggie Bush was a marvelous player, but he’s also a liar, a user and caused the school far more damage than good.

    Don’t let that cutback against Fresno State could your normally sound judgment — Reggie Bush and his grifter family stand for most of what’s wrong with college sports. I wish we’d never met him.

  • “The whole situation is terrible and nobody feels worse about it than I do. But, at the same time, I can’t dwell on the negatives because I do have a job to do and I have a whole organization and a city riding on my back, not necessarily my back, but the team’s back”

    What an arrogant SOB, how can a third-string RB have an entire organization and city riding on his back? he’s just a small tiny fish swimming in a big pond. That SOB is as delusional as some people on these blogs.

  • devildoc

    Hey LAWYER JOHN, You do realize that is was bush and his low life family that did more damage to the university and the football program than any opponent has ever done, right? QUIT THE BALL WASHING!!!

  • devildoc

    Hey LAWYER JOHN, You do realize that is was bush and his low life family that did more damage to the university and the football program than any opponent has ever done, right? QUIT THE BALL WASHING!!!


    Fair enough DT-89.

    This will not excuse Bush’s behavior, but he could have prevented the public discovery of his family’s mess if he had only settled up with the extortionists in the beginning. The cost to him would have been comparatively minimal. I and others were begging him to do it, but oh no, Reggie had to do it his way. As usual.

    And as I have said before, Bush and Mel Gibson have enough money for several lifetimes. But I wouldn’t want to be in either one’s shoes.

  • Trojan Conquest

    I would love for an honest interview with him where he’s asked why he didn’t settle right away with Lake? And why he thought it was OK to steal from this guy? Yes, Reggie broke the NCAA rules, but he and his family used this guy and his money and then thought he could just hang him out to dry. I know Lake is a low life also, but I really believe he would have gone away if Bush had paid him.

  • Ghost of Charlie Bucket

    hey TC! i’m here, and i’m….here! now get used to it!!


    Check out you Troxans discussing the finer points of cover-ups and criminality, and how Reggy Bush should have gotten away with it.

    Like I said before, Westwood Rob’s First Rule of USC Athletics is criminality = USC.

    Here’s another equation I’ve come up with, I’ll call it my Second Rule of USC Athletics:

    USC’s spot in the polls is equal to the number of dirty late hits by USC defenders multiplied by the number of students taking money from agents, divided by the number of mediocre USC running backs operating by committee, minus all the players who have transferred out, plus the number of lawsuits filed against USC and Lane Kiffen.

    And here’s another equation for you: 13 minus 9 equals the 4 points that cost you a chance at a national championship.

    Taste it!


    Since we’re suddenly on the subject of spiteful highs from our usual gracious ucla brethren, one of the most exciting games I ever saw on t.v. was Miami over ucla, what, 45-42, that deprived the bruins of a sure national championship the following week.

    1998 was the year, and that turned the ucla football program around, never to be heard from again

  • oregon111

    captain obvious reporting here:

    the “system” is making an example of usc

    and usc making an example of reggie bush…

    if reggie was smart, he would just pass the blame on to someone else – like the guy who paid out the $$$

  • Trojan 70

    Hey Cerritos Rob – Just what exactly does UCLA football taste like? I’ll let others fill in the blanks. Hey Cerritos Rob what does 28-7 taste like with your defensive backfieled and your coach with their head up ther ass? Head up your ass – taste that!
    I am sure your football team can’t wash that taste out their mouth it has been in their so long.

  • Trojan Conquest

    What a tool

  • SoCalMAB

    Lawyer John is right on here, Bush’s failure to acknowledge that Lake had him by the short ones, his arrogant self-righteousness likely the cause, and settle the matter, gave Lake reason to blow the matter up into what it became, in order to extort more $$$. Blame Bush, Blame his disgusting family, and Blame his stupid lawyers who were nothing but bandwagoners, wanting to capitalize on some publicity and rake in more $$ by prolonging the matter.

  • Sy

    JUST ONCE it would be nice to hear Reggie say he screwed up and that his step-father was a crook and he caused everyone that cares about USC tons of trouble and pain. Reggie is always the victum talking about how he feels being removed and criticized. He never talks responsibility!

    Hi Lawyer John,

    Reggie was not the chief factor in ’03-’04 & ’04-’05 seasons. He really became a star in ’05-’06 season when he won the Heisman and we barely lost to Texas in the Rose Bowl for the BCS Championship. Matt was the star prior with great receivers and a solid running game, but Reggie was good, but just one of the players.

  • Free_Thinker

    Ghosts ought to be invisible..especially when they’re lame.


    You could be correct, Sy, but two games especially stand out in my mind.

    2003 ucla at the Rose Bowl, and the bruins are putting up a legitimate and scary fight. Troy needs that game to get into the Rose Bowl to play for the national championship (or at least a part of it). Bush has two great runs for touchdowns.

    And then wasn’t it the first game of the 2004 season at tough Virginia Tech, the game looked a little bleak for our boys, but Bush had a couple of touchdown runs off of bubble screens.

    Now, I am not saying Bush is a man I would like to have a drink with, but as a college footballer he was a once-in-a-decade dude (and the same could be said for O.J.)

  • incalos

    Wow Reggie, Good retraction on U carrying the Saints. I now see how much u thinks of urself. You were lucky to be running behind 5 NFL caliber O-lineman. I wonder if the Texans not making you the overall number one pick in the draft. I wonder if the Saints regret making you the 2nd pick.

  • Topher

    Funny how he’s upset about it, but the one concrete action he can take–filing an appeal with the NCAA–isn’t happening.

  • NJ Trojan

    @Sy: I think your statement is a little overblown, but just a little. People forget about all of that offensive talent from 03-05 not named Bush. Still, Bush was a dynamic factor that had to be accounted for on every down he was in the game. His presence made the team better. Of course, his presence really messed things up for the program down the road, eh?

  • SoCalMAB

    Never can forget that self serving, attention seeking, touchdown costing, likely championship costing “lateral” in the national championship game against Texas – a window into Bush’s psyche, and a shrink could probably say it was a window into his cupability for the sanctions mess too: all about him disregarding everyone else and all he had been taught. Hindsight really is 20/20, just saying….

  • Hey trojan70, please stop mentioning my name in your replies to Westwood Rob, although I agree with everything he says, it does not make me him or him me, please leave me out of your comments. I’m still on the road cruising the country.

    Thanks NOBS for your food suggestions, I managed to attend a Cubs game at Wrigley and WOW what an experience!! unfortunately, I was only able to take a tour of Fenway Park (no game) but it was an awesome experience as well. See you guys soon! :p

  • Sy

    Hi LAWYER JOHN & NJ Trojan,

    I agree Bush had his moments in ’03 and ’04, but was not special. His yard averages were in line with the top runners. In ’03 he had 3 touchdowns to White’s 13 and White was averaging the same yards per carry. Reggie was the #3 running back that year. In ’04 Reggie was the #2 running back and his yards per carry were better than the previous year, but no better than Havili or McKnight was last year. He had 6 TDs in ’04 compared to White’s 15 TDs. In other words, a typical SC running back making 6+ yards per carry. He was not the lead running or most productive running back in either year. In both years Matt was the star. He got outrageously good in ’05 averaging an insane 8.7 yards per carry and scoring 16 TDs (White still had more with 24 TDs and averaged 6.6 yards per carry!). That year Reggie was the #1 running back for the first time and truly a star, but so was Matt who was a top three finisher for a second Heisman trophy!

    My two cents worth…

  • WhatAMoron

    Really, Reggie, that is all you can do? Of the top of my head, how about falling on the sword, being a man, and taking responsibilities for your own actions? How about being more forthcoming to NCAA?
    Hopefully, in coming clean to the NCAA, you can make a point of how much you and your family covered up the sordid affair from USC, making it impossible for them to know the nature of your dealings with the would be marketers, emphasizing how no one at USC was in a position to know about what your family was doing a hundred miles away from campus.
    Maybe you can also help corroborate the testimony of your position coach, Todd McNair, whose career is in shambles because of your relationship, not his relationship, but yours, with the would be marketers. He may not be able to coach in college again because the NCAA accepted the testimony of ex-cons over his. If you could have helped support his story, he would not be out a job this season.
    Maybe you could have listened to your original agent, Micheal Orenstein, who told you to settle immediately, instead of firing him and having this whole thing come to light.

  • Sy

    Hi “WhatAMoron”,

    Totally agree!

    As I’ve said from the beginning, USC should sue Reggie, his step-father, Lake, Michaels, the Indians who funded them for this scam and anyone else involved. If they don’t (and I know they won’t because they will worry about what else may come up that they don’t know about…) there will be no punishment for those who do all of the damage.

    Further, the NCAA has proven unable to be affective. Outside of their pathetic system of discovery and punishment (neither fare or consistent by any stretch of the imagination) they do nothing about those who are breaking the rules.

    If the colleges make a deal with the NFL, MBA, MLB, etc. for all major sports to setup college organizations (multiple – one for each major sport and then an NCAA substitute for the rest of the sports) they can have the power to ban athletes and agents who do not follow their rules. Instead of the schools being punished when they did not contribute (such as in the case of SC), the real offenders will be punished. That is so much more effective, fair and logical. The NCAA has proven to be incapable of doing their job in any way shape or form.

  • NJ Trojan

    @Sy: Thanks for the actual stats. Too often people pop off without backing up what they’re saying. Your arguments are very credible since you support them with actual facts. But on this one, the facts cant’s account for the number of yards White gained or the number of catches Smith and Jarret made because Bush was lined up in the slot, was covered by a safety, and was drawing attention from at least one linebacker.


    Cerritos Rob is telling the truth. I have been saying this since the begining — him not me, me not him.

    But I do support the efforts of Robs everywhere to tell the truth to you Troxans about your cheating program.

    Also, I did actually go to UCLA.