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Rey Maualuga’s got his hands full dealing with teammate Chad Ochocinco.

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  • Ghost of Charlie Bucket

    Ha! Fata-luga getting manhandled by a receiver! well that’s understandable, since Fata-luga’s big hits come against a guy who is five yards out of bounds with his back turned!! or sucker-punching some pip-squeak at a party and running away, or dirty dancing behind Erin Andrews back while she is working!

    Fata-luga, the epitome of the Cheatey-trained doooosh trOJie!!



    Ochocinco went to USC also? Well that just figures. All the biggest showboaters, thugs, busts, and criminals in teh NFL were Troxans, from Reggy Bush to Matt linart to Michael “the Juice” Vick to a certain alleged rapist.

    Which alleged rapist, you ask? Thats my point!

  • BoscoH

    Chad is the greatest honorary Trojan of all time. He’s like Keyshawn squared, and it’s all good. Fight On Chad!

  • spedjones

    It’s ok, I think Ray was drunk.