Fisher-Kiffin Relations

Lane Kiffin said he does not mind media criticism but did mind Tennessee Titans coach Jeff Fisher’s critical comments of him last weekend prior to that lawsuit over the hiring of Kennedy Pola.
“When Jeff said that, I did take it personally,” Kiffin said. “Not just because he is an SC guy but I have a lot of respect for him.
“(Fisher) feels differently now. Whether or not he can say that or not because of the lawsuit.”

Conspiracy Theory

Pac-10 commissioner Larry Scott said he did not believe the theory that Texas used the Pac-10 merely to boost its power in the Big 12 Conference and never intended to move west.
“I don’t believe that,” Scott said. “I think political forces were at work and prevented them from moving.”

The Number

This is an important figure to remember. As of today, USC can sign as many as 10 players in January. It might be hard to find that many, especially high school seniors who will graduate early like Matt Barkley did two years ago.
But it does create some flexibility in bringing in players before the official February signing period.
It would also mean USC could sign as many as 25 players even with the NCAA scholarship reductions.

Regarding Realignment

Pac-10 commissioner Larry Scott said there pretty much no chance that any plans on how to split the new Pac-12 would be decided tomorrow when the athletic directors meet. He did admit a growing feeling that the L.A. schools rivalry with the Bay Area schools needs to be preserved. That would seem to favor a North-South realignment.
But right now everything is on the table. Scott said he expects the Pac-12 to still play a nine-game schedule.