Morning Buzz

Matt Barkley chose himself when ESPN asked him who would be the All-Pac-10 first team quarterback next season. Washington’s Jake Locker also chose himself. Stanford’s Andrew Luck chose Locker. Arizona’s Nick Foles chose Locker and Luck.
Barkley also picked Washington to win the Pac-10 when the QB’s were not allowed to pick their own team.

Kiffin Surprised

Lane Kiffin said today in New York he was surprised the Titans are suing him according to the Associated Press.
“(It) was done no differently than any we did at SC or Tennessee. I didn’t anticipate this. No one would have.”

Clouds On Horizon

I wondered about that half-empty stadium in the media guide cover (scroll down). But an astute observer said the dark clouds surrounding Lane Kiffin were entirely appropriate.

Dueling Flights

The Pac-10 coaches fly back from their media tour tomorrow for Thursday’s media day. But who cares when Real Madrid also flies into Los Angeles tomorrow with Coach Jose Mourinho and superstar Cristiano Ronaldo among those arriving. We’ll let you guess which gets more media coverage.


The Pac-10 officially announced it would become the Pac-12 with the addition of Colorado and Utah. No word yet on how the divisions will be split but the athletic directors meet Friday to discuss it.

Collector’s Item


The football media guide cover is revealed! Maybe USC will offer a sticker to revise the national titles, bowl victories and heisman winners following NCAA sanctions.

BCS Decision

Not exactly news, but BCS executive director Bill Hancock, the guy who will do anything to oppose a college football playoff and hired political spinmasters to fight a playoff, said USC would vacate its 2004 title if it loses its NCAA appeal.

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