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Hey, what’s Pete Carroll thinking about his first day of practice?
“Today it’s really just a day about feeling blessed and fortunate to be part of a franchise like this and an opportunity like this. (I) feel pretty, I don’t know, just happy about it and just kind of blessed by the whole thing.”

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  • NOBS

    1. Is anyone else tired of hearing about Pete?

    2. Is anyone else tired of getting the “Jet Strip” drop down so SW can get a free lap dance?

    Just sayin’

  • I DIg Go Go Girls

    Thanks for “blessing” USC dickwad, maybe you should have been tending to business at SC instead of trolling the hood and banging your co-ed in MB.

  • NOBS

    Holy $h!t, I agree with goo goo again. It can’t last.

  • USC’89

    Nice background music Pete! Just confirms you are the NoCal hippie I always knew you were!! So glad you are gone. Ill always remember you for the titles you lost (2005, 2007, 2008) rather than those you “won” (1/2 of 2003, 2004) Oh, well, guess we can kiss the 2004 title goodbye so now USC has never won a “BCS title” (the official title to college football) and the little candy dish that goes with it. So make that half-a-title you “won”.

    So enjoy grungeland where you can play your bongos, toss your frisby, sing kumbaya and eat all the tofu and granola you want.

  • 13-9

    Love the money clip in the background.

    Cash money.

    Cheat On!

  • Nemesis

    I beginning to think Pete is a little bit of a narcissist. No?


    Of course he is right about one thing, that this case would have been thrown out of any fair court in America for lack of substantial evidence.

    However, the NCAA is not bound by rules of court, and apparently is able to nail you if there is even an appearance of impropriety.

    I think we have seen the last of Pete Carroll talking about this, it is becoming yesterday’s stale news. He has a pro team to run, time to move on.

    In the long-run this will not hurt SC, at least publicity wise. Nobody cares about SC’s troubles in Seattle and the Northwest according to the papers (they love Carroll), and I bet nobody really cares about SC outside of SC, except for some no-counts who root for ucla.

    It will all eventually be forgotten, a mere blip on the extraordinary SC football heritage that began in 1888.– And there will be more National Championships in the foreseeable future that will increase the 11 previously won.

    SC football– there is nothing like it!