Havili held out of practice Friday

Stanley Havili wasn’t around for meetings or practice Friday, and Lane Kiffin said he doesn’t know how long this punishment will last.
“I don’t know yet,” Kiffin said. “We’re still thinking about it. I know it hurts him, and it should. He should be accountable. T.J., who had really finished spring strong after a slow start, put himself in position to compete for a starting spot but was set back a little.”

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  • spedjones

    stop me if you’ve heard this one… So two trogan football players walk into a bar. One of them punches the other one in the face for no reason. That’s it.

  • So a Bruin is sitting at a bar and is about to tell a trOJan joke to the guy next to him…the guy stops him before he tells the joke and tells the Bruin fan “my friend here is 6’2 225 lbs, the guy next to you is 6’3 235 lbs, my friend next to me is 6’4 260 lbs, and I’m 6’6″ and weigh 320 lbs, and ALL FOR OF US ARE TROJANS now, do you still want to tell that joke?” the Bruin says “not if I have to repeat the joke 4 times” BUAHAHAHAHA trOJies really ARE dumb.

  • troganfan

    any legal ramifications when a guy breaks another guys face?

  • troganfan, there are no ramifications at USC, it’s everything goes. At USC the prisoners run the asylum.

  • scinsc5

    calling von albertson, esq. for free stanford legal ramifications answers…

  • troganfan

    indefinite suspension

  • osezno

    And while the two Trojans are fighting, every purse in the bar disappears. Later that evening RIck Neuheisel and the freshman class are seen dining at Spago’s. That’s it.

  • spedjones

    funny, but UCLA kicked those kids out in a matter of days. What has SC ever done in the way of discipline? Only reason Stan’s out of practice now is because the media’s on this.

  • osezno

    Are we talking about athletes named Stan with anger issues?

    I hear UCLA couldn’t hid Hasiak’s illiteracy from the NCAA and finally had to suspend him.

  • Spedjones, CORRECTION Kiffin did not suspend Havili from the practice because the Media was all over it, he kept him out of practice because Havili has had an injured hamstring. I wouldn’t even call this punishment. Now, if Kiffin would suspend Havili for a game or two, then I would call that punishment, but this? BUAHAHAHAHA!!Kiffin’s actions are truely laughable. And to read his quotes LOL did the guy even graduate from high school? not very bright.

  • NOBS

    BruLoser, I’d rather be dumb like Kiff (and filthy rich) than a smart poverty stricken ahole like you.

  • Sam Gilbert

    bruwin, brings up education once more.

    When did you go to college again?

    “Not very bright,” indeed.

  • Ralph Von Albertson, Esq.


    Scinsc5, since you asked, I will answer. Had young Bryant actually called the police and reported the punch, it is possible that Havili could have been arrested and eventually charged, perhaps with misdemeanor-level battery. But it seems that neither Havili nor anyone else ever called the police.

    True, the crime has now come to light, but the authorities are not required to investigate and prosecute every last fool who’s thrown a punch. That’s called “prosecutorial discretion”. Otherwise, the LADP would spend all its time investigating bar-fights and and tracking down brawlers, especially with the Bruins and Trojans all lurking within the city limits.

    So if Bryant and his parents do not want to pursue the matter, I doubt anyone will pursue it, because the authorities are busy with more important things — not because the Trojans “own the police” or some other absurd Bruin conspiracy theory.

    Best regards,

    Ralph Von Albertson

    (Yes, my secretary has Saturdays off, so I typed this myself).

  • spedjones

    of course you’re correct, bruwin. I should have said Lane’s only “pretending” to punish Stanley because it’s in the media. My bad.

  • Sam, what do you mean “When did you go to college again?” I don’t remember ever posting my education, it’s a Cal State school, why is that relevant? My guess is you didn’t attend USC either, you’re just a fan like I am.